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Chapter 31: Broken Bond

The Emperor of Outworld listened intently on his spy's report. The godslayer dead, Earth's warriors weakened by grief, Rayden crippled by a broken soulbond; now was the time to attack. After the spy left, Kahn leaned back into his throne to think and plan.

"Why not just follow the rules?" a female voice spoke.

Kahn growled and grabbed his sword as he stood. A white haired woman, wearing a silver mask walked out of the shadows. Wearing black armor similar to emperor's own, she was a sight to behold. "You dare much, woman," Kahn growled.

Faster than he could blink, he was knocked back into his throne with twin swords crossed like scissors around his neck. "You are an idiot!" the woman hissed and drew back the swords some, causing the sides of the emperor's neck to bleed slightly, "Just follow the rules and I guarantee you'll win the next nine tournaments."

Shao Kahn tried to move, but she leaned her knee deeper into his chest and ground her foot painfully into his groin. "Why should I wait?" the emperor demanded, "And if I did, I need to win ten tournaments."

Leaning forward until her face was just inches from the emperor's, she said, "If you don't wait the Elder Gods will stop you. At least one of them is very concerned with what's going on in Earthrealm at the moment. As for the tenth win, "she smirked, "I can't do everything for you."

(Fifty years later)

In a nameless tavern, the God of Thunder and Sworn Protector of Earthrealm, sat nursing a mug of cheap wine. Despite being crowded, everyone made it a point to keep a respectable distance from the brooding thundergod. The only time anyone dared to approach was when he demanded another bottle.

A cloaked figured entered the room, and upon seeing Rayden loudly sighed. He approached the table and sat across from the drunken deity. Rayden's blood-shot eyes flashed with anger and he was about to blast the idiot who intruded upon his melancholy. The figure pushed back his hood, revealing the concerned face of Kronos. Seeing the Elder God, Rayden snorted and took another swig from his mug.

Kronos frowned and said, "You haven't answered Our summons in some time Lord Rayden."

The thundergod just blinked and continued to drink.

"You are aware that Earth has lost the tournament? That if the next nine tournaments are lost, then your realm becomes a part of Outworld?" Kronos said.

"Who cares?" Rayden finally spoke.

Kronos was about to continue when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Don't bother, "said a familiar voice, "Whatever you do or say will not change a thing."

Kronos turned and looked up to see the white haired woman looking sadly at the now frozen thundergod. She continued, "What he is going through is worse than a soulbond separated through death. If that was the case then he would still in some way sense her soul in the afterlife and would eventually get over her death or perhaps she might have been reincarnated thus returned to him."

"However, with her soul completely destroyed…"Kronos started to say.

The white haired woman interrupted by saying,"Huh? Destroyed? Why do you say that?"

"There has been no trace of her soul anywhere since she died, "said Kronos.

"Who said she died?" the woman said, "You should be proud having such a powerful time mage as a descendent despite her time-gift being awakened so late."

Kronos just stared at the woman for a few moments and then covered his eyes with a slap, mumbling, "How could I have been so stupid!"

"Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, "the woman said and then vanished. Kronos then found himself once again looking at the still mourning thundergod. With a sad shake of his head, the Elder God stood and walked around Rayden. "Sorry about this,"he said as he used his power to knock the deity out. Grabbing hold of Rayden's shoulder both of them vanished.

The End………..

Sneak peek into Mortal Kombat: Echoes of the Past

The Elder God of Air then vanished, to leave an uncomfortable silence between Fujin and the Elder God of Time. Kronos sighed before saying, "You might as well rise, there is no point having your knees go numb in a false show of respect."

Fujin stood up and tried his best not to glare at the Elder God of Time. Over five hundred years ago, it was this Elder God that sent Rayden's soulbond to her death. What was worse, he had ordered Fujin to ensure that the woman would go. Not a day has passed since that Fujin hasn't thought of that day or blamed himself and the Elder God for Althea's death.

"You might want to know, that Rayden has already taken it upon himself to send that same warrior into the Neatherrealm to reclaim what was stolen, "said Kronos.

"That's impossible, "said Fujin without thinking, "Rayden has been suffering from the broken soulbond since…."

"True, but it seems that he has had a miraculous recovery, "said Kronos trying his hardest not to let his own relief show, "Actually, its your brother's recovery that brings me to this task I wish you to perform."