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Chapter 1 - Yamato

So this is hell.
What, cracking a joke? Talking to voices in your head? Not funny, Ishida Yamato, not funny at all.
I lift my head a little so I can see the guard dragging me down the hall. It hurts like hell, but I want to know where they are taking me.
Why hello there old chap, you look so bloody gloomy today. Why don't you tell me all the secrets you know so I can get out of here? Brilliant, Ishida, that'll go over really well.
So I'm a little sarcastic right now, more than usual, anyway.
I wonder if they teach guards exactly how to get on the prisoner's nerves.
Laugh hysterically if the person is about to be killed.
Comment on the sickly appearance of the person if they are about to be tortured, and tell them it will only get worse.
Remain silent if you are taking the person to see the king.
Of course they are taking me to see the king. I've known all along.
That evil, twisted, sick, BASTARD!
And right on cue we enter what appears to be the king's bed chamber; my heart sinks.
"Well, well, well," says his Royal Majesty, grabbing a fistful of my torn shirt and pushing me on to his bed, "all that effort, my pretty little doll, all that fighting, and you ended up in my hands anyway. It was hopeless. You knew that, didn't you? You are MINE, beautiful, and you won't ever have the chance to escape."
"Bastard," I hiss through my teeth despite the pain.
"Aw, is this any way to speak to your master? The torture chambers hadn't fazed that spirit of yours one bit."
He leans forward until his lips are inches away from my face, "and I want you now more than ever," he whispers hotly.
And I punch him, not very hard, I admit, since I can barely even feel my arm any more, but he is bleeding.
He only sighs a little, as if I am a naughty little boy who has gotten into trouble yet again.
"This is what I'm talking about, Yamato. I say I like you, and you nearly destroy my palace. I kill your mother to force you to submit, and you raise an army against me. I declare my undying love for you, and you break my face. But it's over, the revolution. It's over."
"It. Is. Not."
How dare he talk about my mother in that careless way, as if her life didn't matter, as if she deserved to die, when it was all my fault? I try to hit him again, but this time he restrains me.
"Really," he smiles, and I seethe with rage, "how do you think I managed to capture you at last?"
"Probably paid some little sneak a few gold coins to slip that poison into my drink," I say fiercely, "I shouldn't be surprised, coming from you. You are always one to use the lowest--"
"Not just some little sneak, my golden haired one, Sora. It was Sora."
And I freeze.
Not this not this, anything but this.
He reads the shock in my eyes and positively grins, "She did love you, beautiful. The poor thing, and you never loved her back, didn't even give her a chance. So insecure, she was, wanted you so so badly, and I took advantage of that."
"I seduced her," he continued, reaching out a hand to stroke my hair, "told her it was a love potion, told her it'll make you hers forever."
I jerk away from his touch, pouring as much hatred as I can into the glare I send him.
"Oh, don't look at me like that, beautiful," his voice drops down to a whisper, "you see, I knew how she annoys you, how you don't like her at all. So I took care of her for you."
His eyes are shining, as if he had just presented me with the world's most precious jewel.
And I have never wanted to hurt a person so badly before.
That's right, Ishida, just keep thinking of all the nasty things you can do to him, then you won't have to realize that yet another life had been ruined because of you, that once again someone else paid for your mistakes.
How much more blood will stain my hands, before I finally die?
I may not have liked Sora in that way; I may not have appreciated her efforts to deepen our relationship, but she is a friend, and I have betrayed her.
Just like I have betrayed my mother.
"Think about it, my love, your little band of outlaws are now without their precious leader. You can't guide them anymore, and they will turn on each other, destroy each other, so why isn't it over?"
For the first time since waking up in this hell, I feel some measure of calmness.
No, maybe I'm not there to lead the revolution now, but Takeru is. He has been with me since the beginning, has stayed by my side through the entire length of the bloody war. I know my little brother well, and he will take my place.
I just hope he isn't foolish enough to try and rescue me; I'm not worth that.
The king takes my silence for defeat.
"You shouldn't let them betray you like that, Yamato, the way Sora did. You shouldn't let them strike again..."
"So I have to make the first move," I murmur. Playing along for now wouldn't hurt.
He thinks he has me convinced, and brushes his lips against my forehead.
"I'll help you," he whispers in my ear, "just tell me where they are hiding, and I'll make sure they never bother you again. Beautiful..."
His grip on me loosens, as I knew it would, enough for me to push him back by the shoulder, enough for me to hit him yet again in the face.
He grabs me by the throat and slams me back against the bed, "What, do you want to go back to the torture chambers?"
"Sure," I grit out, "as long as I don't have to look at your face--"
"You think I enjoy hurting you, Yamato? Just tell me what I need to know and I'll--"
"You'll what? Kiss me good-bye and let me go? Yeah, no problem, I really believe--"
"I just want you to be mine! That's how this whole mess started in the first place, because I love--"
"No one. You wouldn't know what love is if it kicked you in the stomach, and you sure as hell don't love me."
We glared at each other.
"I'll force you," he stated in a low, dangerous voice, "I'll make you mine, and you will enjoy it, Yamato, so much that you will plead for more, so much that you will do anything, tell me anything, just for me to touch you again."
He releases me and gets off the bed.
"A different form of torture, beautiful, and you will talk. But of course that can hardly be carried out in your current condition."
"Take him to Captain Yagami," he says to one of the guards, "tell him to take care of my pretty little doll."
"I'll see you when you've healed," he blows me a kiss, "and then the real fun begins."
If Yagami has any mercy in him at all, I think as the king exits his room and the guards approach me, then he'll kill me before it's too late.


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