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Epilogue - Taichi

"Look." Yama waves his fish around. "It's good food."

I make no reply for the moment, just stare at him. I've discovered so much more about him. His cooking talents, the way he can shimmer and glow when he's happy, the adorable blush over his cheeks whenever I tease him...

We've been out of our kingdom for three days. Each step away from that place wrings a tiny change out of him. He laughs more, and the always present tension in his frame drains away.

Ishida Yamato is stunning when happy.

"What?" He asks me, his eyes reflecting the moonlight and appearing bluer than ever.

I shake my head a little, then reach out to trace the curve of his lips. "Your smile..."

He gives me a puzzled look.

"I've never seen you smile like this," I explain.

He laughs at me, pushing the fish-on-a-stick into my hand, before turning back to the fire to cook one for himself.

We are following a small river, camping out in the safety of the woods at night, walking on the river bank by day, Yama snatching fish out of the waters whenever he pleased. And he calls me childish. Hmph.

"We could hunt for something else tomorrow," he says. I guess he's had enough fish, too. "Plenty of birds here. Maybe we can find rabbits. What do you think?"

I wrap an arm around his slim waist. "Whatever you want, honey. I'm only here to obey your every command."

He snorts most rudely, taking a bite out of his food and chewing thoughtfully. "We should go to a town somewhere, or even a village. I'm running out of spices, especially salt, and bread would be nice."

"Yeah," I agree. It's my job to agree. Whatever he says, goes. The little blonde has me wrapped around his finger. Please don't tell him that.

"What do you want to do?" I rub his side, and he snuggles into my shoulder.

"Finish my fish. Then I'm gonna sleep."

"Idiot." I tap his nose lightly. "I meant the future. The rest of our lives."

He tries to bite me, and I quickly withdraw my hand from his face.

Yama turns serious again with a sigh, tilting his head to look up at the stars. "Someday," he says dreamily, "I want us to settle by the ocean. We'll live in a stone cottage with a small garden, a fireplace, and a cat. We could support ourselves with fishing. Or we could take students, teach them the art of fighting. Money would never be a problem. We would be happy there."

"That sounds lovely," I reply softly, captured by his angelic beauty. "But why someday? Why not now?"

He gives me a dazzling smile that turns my heart to butter. "Now? While we are still so young, Tai? No way. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun. We should travel around, see the world, make some friends."

I grin back at him. "You sound so silly."

He rolls his eyes. "Whatever. You know I'm the brilliant one."

"And the beautiful one," I add. He looks up at my tone.

Heh, this is going to lead to some...interesting activities. Yama's not going to sleep as soon as he thought...

When we finally settle down for the night, Yama all ready asleep and curled up against my side, I think about what he said. Adventures with my Yama-chan? I can't think of anything better. After all, I've never truly lived until I met him.

We are going to have a blast, Yama. I kiss his forehead gently.

I won't have anything less.

End of "Enemy"
Beginning of "The Ishida-Yagami Adventures"


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