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Summary: Tohru attends a culinary arts college and recovers from the traffic accident that left her comatose for a year after highschool graduation.  But her new life is plagued by dreams she can't control. W.I.P.

Post Date: 3-20-04


Mon Autre Vie

       With the laugh of a girl much younger than her 19 years, Tohru Honda slammed the door of her dorm room to drown out the party noises of the hall.  Still chuckling, she plopped down on her bed lay back with a sigh.  She counted the plastic stars on the ceiling, and thought about how much she adored college.

       Furinken School of the Culinary Arts was the third foremost culinary school in Japan, and gaining attendance to such a prestigious university was something Tohru felt thankful for every morning when she woke and every night when she slept.    She knew it had been a veritable miracle—being admitted after her accident and all, with the late application and the year spent out of school because of her illnesses.  It was too bad she hadn't been able to attend as an eighteen-year-old freshman like the rest of her classmates right out of college, but that's what being comatose does to a person.  Right now, she was grateful to be awake, grateful to be alive, and grateful to be finally starting the life of her dreams. 

       Oh, how she hoped her mother would be proud of her.  And her dear friends, Saki-chan and Arisa-chan too.  She hope they were watching her from heaven, and were proud of how hard she was trying, and how happy she was finally able to be.  Though she missed them dearly, she knew they would want her to be happy, because that's what she would have wanted for them.  She was determined now to live her life as happily and wonderfully as she could, and celebrate their all-too-short lives but living hers well, and honorably.  She'd completed high school, and was attending a university on top of that.  If she graduated with high enough marks, her culinary school would eventually lead to internships with chefs in the best restaurants, and after that, her own catering business.  For now, she had her own room (though it was small as a closet), a job in the kitchens of a nearby sushi restaurant, and enough money saved up to live a frugal but decent life.

       Slightly buzzed from the fruit punch in the party 4 rooms down, and hugging a pillow to her chest as she tried to remember the ingredient measurements for her baked fish quiz the next day, Tohru fell into dreams.


    Unnecessarily Long Author's Notes: And here we go, on the start of —yep, you guessed it— yet another unfinished WIP for Rashaka!

   This one is a bit of a mystery, and though it seems AU at first, don't be too hasty.  The title is French, and if you want to know what it means, find an online translator or any first year French student and they should be able to tell you what it means.  It will come into greater meaning later on.  I thought about doing it in English, but the French way is so much prettier, you know.  Not always, but for this it definitely is.

   My characterizations are based primarily on the anime, with FULL ANIME SPOILERS to come, and one particular cat/graduation-related spoiler from the manga, that I picked up from outside sources.

   I hope you enjoy this story and want to see where it takes you.  I can tell you that there will be romance (if you want to know who you have to read it, or do what I do and wait until 15+ chapters are out and read the ending first), and action, and drama, and many Sohma family members.  I'm going to rate it PG-13 for now, which might go up or down in the future.