Well, my obsession with 'Secret Window' never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, I wrote this the day I saw 'Secret Window', March 13.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own 'Secret Window' or Johnny Depp's hottness. Damn...

I am no one, though I am someone

Three minds occupying my own

Thoughts contradicting my own twisted vision

For now, my house is not a home

It is but an asylum for my tainted thoughts

A prison where my sanity is behind rusted bars

I am able to break though, but I resist

For my own insecurity leaves invisible scars

I am bruised, though internally

Never to be set free from this evil bind

It's almost reassuring in an eerie way

For I am surrounded by my own kind

Behind my pallid face and calm expression

I am fighting against myself inside

To think I can trust no one anymore

Even to myself, I've lied.

Shoot her...he said to me calmly

I took that advice with an open heart

She was nothing more then a painful memory

What better way to forget then to part?

Part away from my innerselves

Look out my secret window and tell me what you see

Through the fog and blood scented air

The only thing here is me.