A/N: This is just a little fic I decided to write. Lysander of Crete is an entirely made up character, though the name is Greek. Hope you enjoy. Rated PG-13 for, well you'll see.

Circe's Destruction

My island has always been a rather interesting one. The wildlife tends to be overrun with pigs. This is partly due to my bad habit with men.

Let's start with Lysander, King of Crete. The sack of meal thought I belonged to him. I was young, maybe eleven or twelve. My mother was still alive. She was teaching me the finer points of sorcery. Her favorite was turning men into swine. Anyway, this King Lysander suddenly appeared shipwrecked on our shore.

I had been out hunting with the golden bow Artemis had gifted to me when I was but a babe in my mother's arm. I am aware that hunting is not something considered to be done by women, but on an island with no men, I had little choice.

I was going towards the shore, to wash the blood off my bow. I had managed to bring down a rather large boar, which, from my mother's hobby, had once been a man. This used to bother me, this hunting of animals that were once men, but I had gotten used to it.

I was rinsing off the bow when I saw a small speck floating in the ocean. Recognizing it as a ship, I rushed to hide. Before long, the ship was on shore.

It was a very fancy ship, much more so than others that had anchored on our island. It was large, and on the bow was a carved image of a siren, painted with deep greens, reds and gold. Right behind the carving stood a man.

I was young, and had not yet started to be interested in men. However, you could say this one was rather attractive. He had dirty blonde hair, which hung a little long, just below his ears. He was very fit, his calves and thighs finely chiseled with muscle.

He made a motion with his arms, and men came pouring out of the ship. They began scavenging around, picking up dried bits of rush and twigs. Our shores were not very wooded, though the area around our palace was thick with tall, sturdy trees.

One man began shouting, in a language I could not understand. My mother and I spoke only the language of the gods. My mother was fluent in Greek, but I was still learning. If the words had not been so muffled by the steady winds, perhaps I could have understood what he said. But I couldn't.

The blonde man nodded, and the one who shouted began running towards my hiding place. I shrunk down as low as possible, and he did not notice me. He kept running, straight towards the palace. I knew that was trouble.

Swiftly, I began following him. Being a young goddess, and it being my home land, I could easily stay out of sight, and stay silent. He continued until the palace. Then he stopped, and stood in awe.

I ran around the palace, and entered through a door only my mother and I knew was there. My mother was in her bedchamber, being dressed by two of her dark skinned maids.

My mother's bedchamber is something a man can see only once in his lifetime. It had high vaulted ceilings, and gold trim around all the edges. The bed stood in the center of the room, and curtains hung around it. My mother stood in front of a full length, gold and silver rimmed mirror, admiring her image.

My mother was an imposing figure. She had a perfect hourglass shape, which was enhanced by the way the golden robes fell over her hips and breast. One shoulder hung low, revealing glimpses of golden breast. She was a very imposing, sexual woman.

I quickly told her there was a man standing out front. She shook her head and dismissed her maids. Making her way smoothly across the marble floors, she reached the great doors. I peered out the window, and found there were now several men outside the palace, the blonde leading the pack.

Gradually the doors opened, and my mother stepped out. The reactions among the men were expected, and quite comical. One even fell to her feet and began kissing the hem of her robe. Shaking her curly auburn head, she took him by the hand and drew him up. Then she invited them in.

I ran to get the honeyed wine and grapes. The honeyed wine was my mother's secret weapon, which she used to turn the men into swine, usually saving one man to enjoy before turning him into a pig.

The men fell like a pack wolves of the food and wine I had brought out. All except the blonde, who stood flattering my mother first. She turned to me, and told me to bring out a separate tray for him, and I knew he was the one she would savor first. As expected, the rest of the men stumbled into the corners, and fell fast asleep. I smiled to myself, knowing when they woke, they would no longer be men, and then quickly retrieved the tray.

I later discovered the blonde's name was Lysander, and he was the King of Crete. The title had no affect on me, but I could see it definitely affected my mother. Lysander ended up sharing my mother's bed for several weeks, with out her growing tired of him. She even turned the men back into men.

One night, I was given the job of serving a trio of drunken men. The rest had fallen asleep, and one had passed out completely. As I was handing out the jugs of wine, one of the men pinched my butt. Shocked, I quickly turned around. I handed out the wine as fast as possible, and then quickly slipped away.

I could not stay away long, before my mother noticed the lack of serving. She ordered me over, and reprimanded me. Nodding, I rushed to obey her, knowing her wrath would be far worse than anything these men could do to me. I was very wrong.