Melody of a Secret Garden
Secret Window Fan Fiction
By Scarlett Burns

See chapter one for disclaimer and story information.

Chapter 3 - The Forgotten

Mort stood staring intently at the mirror image of himself. Yet this version had a cocky air, a confidence and knowledge that he felt he himself did not possess. He looked at his mirror image with a mixture of fear and déjà vu. It all seemed so eerily familiar.

'I feel like I'm suffering from both amnesia and déjà vu…' Mort thought to himself before finishing the thought out loud. "I feel as if I've forgotten this before."

His other self chuckled and took a step closer to him.

'I think you're finally starting to get it.'

'Why do you think you've planted all this corn? Why do you think you've felt so free the last month? And why, pray tell, do you think that the Sheriff asked you not to come into town anymore? Can you answer me that?'

Mort opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out, and he abruptly shut it, only to snap it open again as he roughly popped his jaw in one quick circular motion.

'You can't hide it forever.'

"I'm not hiding anything," Mort replied forcefully, and he surprised himself with the sureness that his own voice held, because really he wasn't sure at all. He had forgotten something, and the scary thing was he had no idea what.

'You can't lie to me. I am you.'

"You're not me."

'Believe what you have to believe, ol' boy, but you can't forget forever, and when you remember I'll be back.'

Mort said nothing in reply, as his mirror self stared at him expectantly. Memories attempted to break through his consciousness, memories he was sure he'd rather not recall. Mort shifted his gaze to the cool, soft ground below his bare feet.

"I'm not crazy… I'm not," he whispered to himself, and it came out almost as a plea.

'But why can't I remember all those things?'

Wind swept through the stalks around him, the leaves rustling in its wake, and they no longer held the melody they had before. Mort involuntarily shuddered as he stared at the patch of earth he stood atop. It was the same spot his eyes had been attracted to when he was looking out his window… his secret window… earlier in the evening.

'I'm outside at 4 am, humming in my garden and talking to a mirror image of myself.'

Mort thought abruptly, the realization of his bizarre actions striking him all at once.

"What's happened to me?" He spoke quietly, asking his other self, or perhaps just himself, still looking at the ground below.

"I wasn't always like this. What happened? What have I done? What have I become?" he continued to ask softly, finally looking up after being answered with nothing but silence, only to find himself truly alone. The other one had gone.

Mort sighed and rubbed his stiff jaw. He was exhausted now; having already been on his way to bed before he had found his way outside, Mort felt the sudden urge to crash on the couch.

As he walked out of his garden and back to the cabin, he stopped only once, to briefly glance back at the spot he'd just vacated. It stood there, silently now, as if to say 'I'll always be here to remind you'.

Mort had the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that his beautiful, melodic, secret garden wasn't lying.