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^^remembering a voice^^


Something terrible has happened. Now Van has the chance to change the events of the future so the one that he loves can live. But will he do it? Even if it means seeing her in the arms of another man.

Chapter 1

The End

A man with a shatter heart stood on top of a building. His face fill with tears. Nothing can ever change what happened. His life was completely destroyed. He couldn't help remembering what had happened.


It was a windy day. Sand blowing everywhere. "I wont let you harm anymore people." Said an angry Van from inside the Blade Liger.

"I only hurt them because of you." Said the man in another zoid.

"What? What the hell are you talking about? I don't even know you!" yelled Van to the other zoid pilot.

"You do and that is why you're going to pay. You took the one person that I truly love." Said the man from the other zoid.

"What are you talking about? I didn't take anything from anyone." Said Van confused. This guy was just accusing him of something he didn't do.

"We would of been happy if you wouldn't of gotten in our way. I know she didn't love me, but I knew that I would of gain her love." Said the man his voice breaking.

"Look I don't know who you are talking about." Said Van.

"It doesn't matter anymore. I made you pay and that is all that matters." Said the man with a small smile even though Van couldn't see him.

"What do you mean?" Asked a confused Van.

"I took away the person you love the most." Said the man laughing like mad now.

"What?" Asked Van. He was now panicking. Had something happened to… he didn't even want to think about it.

End of Flashback

More tears fell from Van's eyes. Just remembering what had happened next broke more his heart.


Van quickly ran inside his house. The lights had gone out so it was really hard to see.

"Fiona!" yelled Van hoping she could hear him. Unlucky for him no one answered. "Fiona are you here?"

Still there was no answer. Van was getting scared. That man was crazy and blamed him for something he had no clue about. He just hoped that it wasn't true what he said.

^^It doesn't matter anymore. I made you pay and that is all that matters.^^

Those words couldn't get out of his mine. /No that guy wouldn't do anything Fiona. He can't./ Thought Van. He kept searching the house, but couldn't find her.

He then went upstairs. Van stood in front of his bedroom. For some reason he didn't want to go in. He had a terrible feeling. Finally he gather some courage and walked in.

Van stood there in complete shock. He couldn't move. The scene that was in front of him was too shocking.

^^I took away the person you love the most.^^

He quickly ran towards the bed. There laid Fiona. He body cover with blood. She had bruises and scars everywhere. She had her eyes closed and her hair loose. He couldn't even touch her to see if she was alive.

Van fell into his knees and started to cry. "This can't be happening!" Scream Van to no one. He didn't know how, but he got the phone and called an ambulance.

End of Flashback

Van couldn't admit the situation that was happening. This was really too much for him. Especially what happened next.


Fiona was rushed into the emergency room. The doctors wouldn't let Van go in so he had to stay outside.  Van just walked around the waiting room. He just hope the Fiona was still alive.

It seem like hours for the doctors would come out and tell him what was going on. The people that came out were the nurses. All that they would say was "We don't know yet."

This was driving Van crazy. He needed to know how Fiona was. He needed to know if she was ok.

Out of nowhere Moonbay, Irvine, and Thomas came. Once they saw Van they ran towards him.

"Van how is Fiona?" asked a worried Thomas.

"I don't know. The doctors wont tell me anything. No one tells me what's going on." Said Van who was ready to cry.

"Don't worry Van. I'm sure that Fiona is fine." Said Moonbay giving Van some hope.

"And if she isn't I'll make that bastard pay." Said Irvine ready to kill the guy responsible of this.

"How? We don't even know who he is." Said Van who was also angry.

"Actually we do know who he is." Said Thomas who was also angry.

"Who is it?" Asked Van wanting to know who was responsible of this.


"Who are the family members of Fiona Flyheight?" Asked the Doctor.

"I'm her husband." Said Van who ran towards the doctor. "How is she?"

The doctor had a sad look. "I'm sorry sir, but we couldn't save her. She and her child died."

At that moment the whole world was destroyed for Van. Van was too sad, shocked, confused, and angry to say anything. Then something hit him.

"What child are you talking about?" Asked Van since he had no idea.

"The child that your wife was expecting." Said the doctor.

/Fiona was pregnant? She never said anything. That explains the happiness she had this past days./ Van couldn't believe it.  "My wife was pregnant."

Moonbay, Irvine, and Thomas were also shocked. No one had any idea that Fiona was pregnant.

"Mr. Flyheight, the police want to speak with you. From what we could see this was a murder." Said the doctor.

"We will take care of this." Said Thomas since Van was in no condition to handle this.

"I'm really sorry sir." Said the doctor. Then he left them.

"No, this can't be! I can't lose Fiona! She can't be dead!" yelled Van.

"Van please calm down." Said Moonbay trying to calm him down.

"Leave me alone!" Yelled Van. He ran out of that room as quickly as he could.

End of Flashback

Now here he was, on the roof of the hospital. His life was over. The woman he loves is dead and so is their baby. He wasn't needed anymore. Now the only thing he wanted was to rest so he can reunite with his family in the after life.

Van took one more step. "Soon I'll be with you my love." He took another making him fall of the building.

"Please don't leave me Van." Came a voice from far away.


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