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Chapter 3

Fiona fixed her hair in her usual ponytail, only this time she made it more curely in the ends. Her face had a dreamy look as she kept remembering what happened yesterday. The kiss that Van had given her had brought her so much joy that she couldn't help smiling.

Her mirror reflected a young beautiful woman, all though her face still had touch of innoncence. Her crimsom eyes reflected happines, it was as if she had stars in her eyes. And everytime she thought about Van a faint pink blush would over come her cheeks making her beauty come out more.

She softly humed a song she had heard on the radio a while ago while she finished dressing herself. Fiona grabbed the bottle of pefume and sprayed some on herself. Roses, one of her favorite scents especially since its the flower of love. With that she smiled once more before she left her room.

Fiona wanted to see Van before she started her daily work. Yet she secretly hoped that yesterdays kiss would repeat today. Once she arrived to the medical section, she searched for Van's room. She shyly knocked on the door and waited for Van's answer.

"Come in." She heard Van say.

"Hey Van." Fiona softly said. She didn't know why but she suddenly couldn't speak, all she managed was that greeting.

Van's face lit up as he saw the woman of his dreams enter the room. He had missed her so much. The young soldier was afraid that yesterday had been a dream and that she truly was gone.

He noticed that Fiona stayed by the door which surprised him because she usually would be by his side now.

"Come Fiona, sit next to me." Van said as he streached out his hand to her.

Fiona nodded and went and sat next to him on the bed. She couldn't help blush because Van placed his hand on top of hers. Van noticed this and couldn't help smiled even more.

To him this was normal, after all they had been married and they had done more than holding hands. But to Fiona all of this was new. She had never had a boyfriend before. Sure she had crushes before she had met Van, but she new that this was different. This feeling was stronger than a crush. Even at the slightest contact brought her joy, wasn't that prove of something more?

"How are you feeling Van?" Fiona finally managed to ask. She felt his grip on her hand tighten, not to harm her but to assure her that he was feeling better.

"Much better now that you're here." Van said. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to... but he knew better than anyone that she wasn't ready to do everything at once. As much as he knew her feelings for him, she was still a bit shy when it came to expressing her feeling about him.

With what Van said only made Fiona blush even more. She couldn't help feeling so happy. Who knew that a few words would make her so happy.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Van asked.

"I'm glad you're feeling better." She softly said. Fiona turned to face somewhere else because she was100 percent sure that her face could resemble a tomato. /Why am I blushing so much/

"Fiona look at me." Van softly. Seeing that she wasn't going to move gave Van an idea. With Fiona still looking the other way, Van put his other arm around the waist and brought her onto his lap.

"Yikes!" Was Fiona's response to Van's action. Van only smirked. With his arm he brought her closer to him so that her head rested on his shoulder.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to bite...yet." Van whispered to her ear.

Fiona blused even more. She was happy because she was with Van, but did this mean that they were now a couple? Fiona wanted to ask him but she didn't know how. They had kissed but he never said anything about his feelings. She knew what she felt, but did he truly feel the same?

"What's wrong Fiona? Why are you so quiet?" Van asked. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable with him. Maybe he had been a bit to foward with his last action.

"What are we Van?" Fiona suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?" Van was a bit confused by her question. Didn't she know his feelings for her. /I'm an idiot! I haven't confessed my feelings for her yet! No wonder she's asking. I just kissed her without telling her anything./

"I..." Fiona didn't know what to say.

"Fiona, my fee-"

"Excuse me, Miss Lynette?" A young man asked as he entered the room. Fiona quickly got off Van and stood next to the bed.

"Uh yes." Fiona asked a bit nervous.

"I'm Lutenent Carter." The soldier said. Seeing as Fiona wasn't understanding anything he continued, "I'm the new Guardian Force soldier from yesterday."

"Oh." Fiona said. How could she forgoten the guy? Oh yeah being with Van, her mind had forgoten about the existence of other living beings in the area. Putting a piece of her hair behind her ear she said, "What can I do for you?"

"Uh, you where supose to get me started with the whole issue of the computers of the Ultra Saurus." He stated.

"Oh that's right. I'm sorry for my confusion. I was bit preocupided." Fiona said the last part softly but the lutenent was able to hear.

"Yeah I noticed." He stated, not really caring.

Van study the lutenent while Fiona and he talked. He remembered him. His name was Anthony Carter. His specialty was handiling computers. /I guess he was the one who helped or is going to help Fiona fix the ones of the Ultra Saurus./ Yes it was him. He was a serious guy, didn't smile much.

Van didn't really meet the guy since that wasn't his field. It was Fiona the one who met him the most, but she always said that he was too serious for his own good. Never talked about his life, he only concentrated on what he needed to do at that moment.

"Hey Van. I need to go now, we'll talk later, ok?" Fiona said snapping Van back to reality.

"Yeah, take care." Van said. He wanted to kiss her, but with that guy there he prefer not to.

Irvine walked into the control room. His mind was still on what Van had told him. He knew it was plain crazy, but something told him that Van wasn't lying.


Irvine saw Captain Herman heading his way. He wondered what he wanted since he wasn't an official Guardian Force member, or so he thought.

"What is it?" Irvine asked. He didn't salute or anything because that wasn't his style. He knew that if Thomas were there he would of scolded him for his behavior. /Like I care what he says./ Thought Irvine with a smirk.

"I need you to come with me." Captain Herman said. With that he started walking towards another room. Irvine just followed him so that he could get this over with.

They entered the Herman's office once they were inside Herman locked the door so that no one unexpected would come in.

"So what's going on?" Irvine asked.

"A few hours ago the Guardian Force received a message from Reese." Captain Herman said. Irvine's eyes widen at hearing that. Herman turned the video screen on. Just like he said, Reese's face appeared on the screen.

"Greetings Guardian Force. This message is for Van so make sure he get's it." Reese said, indicating that she didn't truly trust the Guardian Force. "Listen idiot, I want you to stay away from Raven. I need him alive so you better back off. Don't worry about him he wont attack you again. You might be wondering why the hell would I care if Raven is alive or dead. Well I might as tell you so you wont come and bother me. I'm pregnant. As simple as that. As you might have guessed Raven is the father and I for one don't plan on raising this child alone. So this is the deal. I keep Raven away from you and you stay away from Raven." With that the message ended.

Irvine didn't say a thing. His mind was still trying to process that fact that Van had been telling the truth. That what he said that happened truly did happen. /Van isn't going crazy. But does that mean that Fiona is going to die in a few months/

"Irvine, you're one of Van's closets friends. I want you to give him this message, maybe that way he will start focusing on other important things." Captain Herman said not noticing Irvine's shocked face.

"Yes." Irvine softly said. With that he left the room leaving a confused Herman.

Van kept thinking about Fiona and how he was going to tell her about his feelings for her. After all, she needed to know and to be sure that he loves her. All though Van wanted to propose to her this instant and marry her, but he knew that as much as Fiona loves him she would say no. Not because she doubts her feelings for him, but because she wasn't ready. He could still remember when he propose to her.


Van and Fiona had taken some time off work and decided that it was best to go back to the Wind Colony. They wanted to see Maria and everyone esle. Everyone had received them with such joy that made them even more happy that thet decided to come.

Fiona made her way to the ruins where she first met Van. Van had told her to come because he wanted to talk to her about something. She wondered what, and especially why all that way out here.

She saw Van sitting on one of the rocks outside of the ruins. He kept starring at the ground so he didn't noticed when she arrived.

"Hey Van!" Fiona cheerfully said.

It seemed as if she startled Van by the look of his face. He quickly got off the rock and began pacing around. Fiona found this amuzing. Never had she seen him like this. Something important must be bothering him.

"Van, what's wrong?" Fiona asked, this time a bit worried. She leaned against the rock as she kept watching him.

Van suddenly stopped and stared at her. "Fiona I..." but stopped.

"What Van?" Fiona asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

"I... uh how in the world did my dad do this!" He said.

That didn't make sense to Fiona. His dad did what? "Um Van, are you alright?" She asked worried. Fiona walked towards him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Van you can tell me anything, you know that right?"

Van nodded, but still it was hard to say. Fiona suddenly seemed to get an idea of what he was trying to say. Her crimson eyes sadden as she removed her hand from his shoulder.

"Van, I think I know what you want to tell me." Fiona softly said.

"You do?" Van asked. Maybe this would be easier now that she knew.

"It's ok Van. I understand. I know we have to move on. We can't stay exactly the in this relationship." Fiona softly said. She felt tears threatening to fall but she controled them.

"Exactly." Van said. Good she was understanding. "Thanks Fiona. I'm glad you knew what I wanted to say. We do have to move on."

Fiona wanted to cry. Hearing those words was like a knife cutting her heart into pieces; but she couldn't force Van into staying with her when he didn't want to. She would never do something like that to him.

"Don't worry Van. I'll go back to the base tonight." Fiona softly said as she began to leave.

Van was confuse. Why did she wanted to leave? "Hold on Fiona. What exactly did you understand?" Van asked.

Why was he making this so hard for her? She got what he wanted to say so why now did he insist on making her suffer. "Van I understood what you wanted to say. You want to break up."

Van stared at her for a moment before he broke out laughing. Fiona didn't understand what was so funny. Was he making fun of her?

"Van it's not funny! Maybe it doesn't hurt for you but it does to me?" Fiona said. How could he be doing that to her?

Van stopped laughing. Did she truly think he wanted to end their relationship? "Fiona I'm not making fun of you. It's just that I can't believe you came to this conclusion. You really think I want to break up with you?" Van asked.

Fiona nodded not feeling so sure anymore.

"Fiona. It's true that I want to move on, but when I meant move on I didn't mean breaking up; I meant marrige." There, he finally said.

Fiona's voice was caught on her throat. What did he just say? Marrige?

"Fiona I love you. You should know that. I would never want to be away from you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life." Van said expressing his love for her. She was his first and only love. Van walked closer to her and kneeled before her. He took out a small black ring case. He opened it and revealed a simple golden ring with a diamond shaped as a star.

"Fiona, would you do the honor of marrying me?" Van finally asked. He was handing her his heart in that instant.

Fiona was to shock to even speak. How could she have thought that he wanted to end things? She should of never have doubted him.

Van kept waiting for her answer. /Maybe she doesn't want to get married. Maybe this is too soon./ He was ready to stand up when all of the sudden Fiona threw herself into his arms causing them both to fall on the hot sand of the desert.

"I do I do I do I do." She kept repeating those words while Van kept holding her. Fiona had accepted! She truly did accept!

End of Flashback

That day was one of his happies days of all his life. Right now he needed to get better so that he could repeat that and this time things would be different.

Irvine suddenly marched in without even annuncing himself. Van just starred at him waiting for him to say something.

"I just watch the message that Reese sent to the Guardian Force." Irvine said. Van had an expression that said 'oh'. "What are we going to do?" Irvine asked.

"About what?" Van asked. He was glad that Irvine had seent that message because that meant he believed him.

"About Fiona. You said that she dies. We have to do something to stop that." Irvine said. He sat on a chair that was next to Van's bed.

Van stayed quiet for a moment. He didn't want to remember about Fiona's death, but Irvine was right. They needed to do something in order to change Fiona's future.

"I guess we have to keept a close eye on her. One of us should be with her at all time." Van said. He didn't want to lose her again. He wouldn't be able to bear it this time.

"I don't know Van. I think we have to do more than that." Irvine said. "You said that the man showed up weeks later after you guys got married right?"

"Yeah that's right. Like I said before he blamed me for taking the one he loved." Van said although he didn't want to remember it.

"And because of that he killed Fiona, so that you would feel the same like him." Irvine said. He had an idea but he didn't like it.

"Yeah but... Irvine you're not thinking of me staying away from Fiona, right?" Van asked.

"Van, the only reason that spycho killed her was because she is the one you love. S-"

"But even if I stay away from her she will still be the one I love." Van said. Irvine couldn't be asking this from him.

"Yes, but not everyone will know that. The only people that know about your feeling for Fiona is your friends.And they wouldn't harm her. If that man shows up again he wont know and that way he wont hurt her." Irvine said. He knew this was hard for Van, but Fiona was like his sister and it was his duty like a brother to protect her; even if it meant pushing her away from Van.

Van stayed silent. What Irvine said was true, but being away from her was torturing himself. He couldn't, but if it was the only way to save her?

"I know it's hard for you Van. I should leave you alone so you can think this through." Irvine said. He got up from the chair and walk to the door. Before he opened it he said, "Van, think of Fiona. If you truly love her then you know what to do."

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