Robin's Surprise Birthday Present

Chapter 1

Robin, for the moment, was deeply asleep. The H.I.V.E had made a ton of trouble the night before and he was completely wiped. It was a good thing that Cyborg had come just when they'd needed some major butt-saving, or they would have been toast. Who knew that Cyborg would actually have a date on the one night that the H.I.V.E decided to have a little fun downtown?
Since he was so tired he failed to hear his friends sneaking past his room and into the living area and kitchen. He didn't even wake up when Beast Boy's Super-Pressure-Cooker-Birthday-Breakfast exploded in the kitchen. No, he didn't wake up until an hour later after that, when someone knocked on his door.
"Whassamatter?" he demanded, falling out of bed. "Whadizit?"
"Breakfast is ready, Robin," Starfire called through the closed door. "It will be cold soon, and Beast Boy has worked very hard."
"A'righ', I'm up," he muttered as he reached for a clean uniform and his shower things. After a five-minute shower he ambled into the kitchen, only a little more awake than he had been when Starfire had woken him.
"SURPRISE!" his friends shouted, scaring him halfway out of his wits. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
What Robin managed to say was not very bright or original. "Huh?"
"Happy birthday, dude!" Beast Boy shouted, grabbing his hands and leading him to the table to make him sit down. "It took me all morning, but your super-special birthday breakfast is ready! Eat up, buddy!"
"Wow, thanks," Robin said, still a little shell-shocked from the surprise greeting. "How did you guys learn about my birthday? I never said a thing!" He stopped only long enough to dig into his breakfast, and smiled at the taste. Cyborg may not like Beast Boy's tofu creations, but there were times, like today, when they were actually pretty good.
"We got a letter a week ago about it," Raven explained, pouring herself some tea. "It wasn't signed, it just showed up on the computer. How come you never told us?"
"I didn't think that it was important," Robin said, shrugging. "I mean, we've got a lot of stuff that goes on every day, we just can't take a day off to celebrate, you know."
"Who says?" Cyborg demanded. "We are gonna have some fun today whether you like it or not, got it? You been workin' too hard."
"Yes, we must do the hanging out!" Starfire said as she jumped up and down, "and we must do the cake, and we've already gotten the presents! We must have a proper Earth birthday celebration; I have never seen one! Oh, please, Robin!"
"It looks like you guys have already decided," Robin said, his ears turning bright pink with happiness.
"Yaaaaaay!" Starfire celebrated as she swooped around the room in happiness.
Robin laughed as he watched Starfire burn off her excess joy. He couldn't help but wonder why anyone back at the Batcave would bother sending the Titans a heads-up about his birthday. Somehow, it didn't seem quite like Batman's style. Perhaps Alfred had done it? That seemed far more likely. He missed everybody in Gotham, but Jump City had been in some real need so Robin had run the idea of the Titans past Batman and so a team had been born.
By now Robin had finished his breakfast, and all the Titans wanted to go to the park for some soccer and as Starfire had said, the "hanging out." Robin went along, happy to be with his friends.

The Titans reached the Tower near twilight, exhausted but happy. They had had a picnic lunch in the park and had spent practically all the other time playing soccer and watching Beast Boy do his animal impressions. After the fifth repetition of a dizzy anteater they had called it a day and headed home, picking up a cake on the way. It was in a white box and they weren't allowing Robin to see it until it was served after dinner.
"You go chill, man, while I put the cake away," Beast Boy said, shooing Robin into the living room.
"That's only because you don't want me to see it," Robin complained, teasing his friends about all of the secrecy. "C'mon, lemme see it, huh?"
"NO!" Beast Boy said as he hurriedly stashed the box in the fridge. "Not until after dinner, dude!
"Oh, all right," Robin sighed, capitulating as they went into the living room. He started to say something else but was cut off by Starfire's scream.
"Who are you?" she demanded of a tall, pointy-eared shadow as she called up her green power bolts.
"Batman?" Robin said in disbelief.
"Hello, Robin," Batman said as he came into the light. "Happy Birthday."

Chapter 2
"Batman?" Beast Boy said in disbelief. "This guy's Batman?"
"What did you expect?" Batman asked.