Winnie Foster Tuck: Everlasting

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Winnie Foster stood before her door, hand poised on the handle. She took a deep shuddering breath, and dashed into the main house, shouted a quick, "I'll be back in 15 minutes!" to her family, and ran outside. This display of tomboy-ish-ness shocked her mother and grandmother, who were still set on the ladylike way of doing things.
Winnie nearly tripped over her toad, whom she had met 7 summers ago, when she first met the Tucks. One of whom she was about to risk her death for.
The Tucks couldn't die. And she was about to make the decision to not die either. For Jesse.
Jesse Tuck. Who she hadn't seen in 7 years. Who she missed terribly.
Winnie bent down and lifted up the toad. He stared up at her with large, black eyes. He croaked lethargically. Winnie stroked his back, and then put him down safely out of the road. She ran into the forest and paused in front of the spring that would change her life in an instant. She thought hard about if she wanted to do this. The last time she had seen Jesse she had been 10 years old. Did she still care about him enough to stay in life forever and ever and ever? What would happen to her if she couldn't die?
Winnie sat down and rested her head on the tree. She groaned. Why did this decision have to be so difficult? You would think choosing to be immortal would be easy. She fell into a deep sleep, brought on by the heat (She had chosen the first week of August to drink the spring water that would make her immortal. It seemed rather symbolic; as that was the week she met the Tucks.) and the severity of the decision she was soon to make.
Winnie awoke to the sounds of boys talking to each other, all too loudly for comfort. She recognized one of them as William Johohn, who took every chance he got to tease some aspect of her. And he did it spectacularly. And ruthlessly. Once she was put on restriction for fighting when she lost her temper.
She got up quickly. "Get away from here!" she shouted to William and his crew.
"Look, it's Foster!" shouted the boy right back. "What'll you do if we don't get away from here, huh, Foster?"
"I'll tell my father!"
"Oooo, we're gonna go and tell Daddy now, are we? Aww, that's so sweet! Well, what's he gonna do about it?"
"He owns these woods. Which means he can kick you out of here before you can blink an eye! So there!"
"Well guess what, Foster? Your Daddy isn't here, so he can't kick me out before I can blink an eye. You're the only person against me that I see here, and you don't seem able to do anything to make me get away from here. So there!" he mocked her with his last statement.
"What makes you think I'm not able to do anything to make you get away from here?" Winnie was getting really angry now.
"Well, you don't seem to be able to do anything but call for Daddy- dearest."
"I said what makes you think I can't do anything to make you get out of here? Myself. Without my 'Daddy-dearest.'"
"Well, it's sort of the fact that you're you, isn't it? I mean, you are 'Winnie-I'll-just-sit-around-my-yard-moping-because-I'm-too-perfect-and- delicate-to-do-anything-else-Foster,'aren't you?"
Winnie clenched her fists. "I am not and you know it, Willy-Billy- boy." Winnie called him the nickname she heard his mother calling him in town the other day through clenched teeth.
"You did not just call me that, Foster."
"I did, Willy-Billy-boy. Don't make me do anything either of us will regret. I am not afraid to punch you again. Or kick you. I do believe it was just 2 weeks ago that I punched you because you were teasing me not unlike how you are today. And if I am not mistaken, you started bawling like a baby, and ran home."
"I...I didn't start bawling, Foster." William was getting nervous. "I- my eyes just get watery if...if there's pollen around. Allergies. mother was calling me. That's why I had to run home."
"Uh-huh." Winnie's voice was dripping with sarcasm. "But if you're eyes get watery when there's pollen around, how come we were in the bakery, where the baker goes hysterical if anyone brings in so much as a sprig of mint to flavor the cakes or cookies with? He would be the one bawling if someone brought a flower in, 'disturbing the perfect environment,' as he puts it. And as for running home because your mother called you, your house is 5 miles away from town, destroying any chance of you hearing your mother calling, as she was at your house. My mother was over visiting with her."
"Foster-you had better shut your fat trap now, Foster!"
"Aww, is the widdle baby scareded now?" asked Winnie, teasing him with baby talk.
"Shut up, Foster!" shouted William, and in a flash he had cleared the distance between them and smacked Winnie hard against her face.
Winnie grabbed her face, wincing from the pain. She bit her lip. She would not cry in front of that idiot.
"Aww, is widdle baby Winnie hurted?" William used baby talk against Winnie now.
"No," Winnie growled, "Widdle baby Winnie is going to make you hurted, though!" And with that, she launched an attack on William. She bit him, clawed him, kicked him, and punched him until his cronies pulled her off him. It took 3 of them to hold her back, and the remaining one ran over to William to help him up.
Winnie studied her handiwork. She thought she had done pretty well. The boy had a black eye, and both his arms were red from clawing and biting. He also walked with a little limp, which Winnie suspected was from when she had kicked him hard in his right shin.
"You'll regret this, Foster!" he choked out.
"Oh really?" said a voice from the trees. Then emerged a body. Winnie drew in her breath as she realized the body was Jesse Tuck. She felt instantly assured that everything would be all right.
"Who are you?" demanded William rudely.
"Jus' so happens that I'm Jesse Tuck. And who are you?"
"None of your business!"
"It's William Johohn, Jesse." interjected Winnie.
"And why might this William Johohn be troubling my friend Ms. Foster here?" asked Jesse.
"No reason. He's just an incompetent moron who likes to tease girls that are too perfect, in his sight." Winnie decided now would be a good time to pair up with Jesse against William.
"That is not the reason I tease you, Foster, and you know it."
"Then what is the reason, Willy?"
"You're right, you are too perfect. So I want you to not be perfect."
"Oh, and you think teasing me is making me not perfect? Well, I'm already not perfect, so you should stop trying to make me even less perfect than I'm already not."
"Foster, are you trying to confuse me or something?"
"Is it working?"
"Not on your life." William gritted his teeth.
"All right, folks. I think William, and all of his friends, should shut their fat pie holes. I also think that Winnie's the one who's right here, you are just picking on her for no apparent reason. Now, would you kindly leave?" Jesse stopped both of them from talking before he made his little speech.
"In other words William, you should take your sorry friends and get your sorry self out of here." Winnie said.
"Fine. You are the most annoying person ever, Foster. Ever." with that, William took his friends and left.
Now the conversation towards Winnie and Jesse turned to a more personal note.
"Thanks, Jesse." breathed Winnie.
"No problem." answered Jesse. "You really did all the talking, I just helped him along with his way out."
"Well, still...thanks."
"Yeah...Winnie, I'm sorry is this is uncomfortable for you to answer, but were you about to drink the water from the spring?" asked Jesse.
" don't know, Jesse! I'm having trouble trying to decide." Winnie was distraught.
"All right. You want me to come back in a little?" Jesse asked gently.
"Yes, please. I'll be here for about ten minutes. I told my parents I'd be home in fifteen minutes, and I left probably about an hour ago. So I'll run home, then come back. Okay?"
"Yeah, that's fine, Winnie. I'll be here!" and with that, Jesse walked off into the woods, whistling.
Winnie thought for a minute, and then scooped some water from the spring with trembling hands. Her hands shook so much that she spilt a little of the water on herself, but managed to take a small sip of the water that would change her life-forever.

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