Oh why, God, why? Would You care enough about me to reveal why you did this? Why have You, with Your almighty power of understanding and grace, made me fall in love with this man in particular? What have I, Mazaki Anzu, done to You, God?

Haven't I prayed enough?

Among all hundreds and thousands of men on earth I had to feel anything for that one in particular, the one I should stay away no matter what. Why have You decided I should stay with that horrible man? Isn't it enough I have no other special attributes besides my looks and unconditional faithfulness to friends and friendship itself?

I wonder if I haven't prayed enough.

I'm not someone important. I'm a mortal with no other purpose of being alive besides supporting my friends when they need. And, frankly, they haven't needed my support anymore. They have grown. Yugi has grown. I play no major role in this story anymore. Yet, You still finds necessary to turn my miserable and unimportant world upside down?

I wonder, again, if I haven't prayed enough.

You have decided that from all other man on Earth I should love him with all my heart. I had to give my heart to him, who has none to give back. The one I have despised since the second I laid my eyes upon him. And even though I've been a good girl since I was born, the greedy despicable C.E.O. of Kaiba Corp., the one and only Kaiba Seto, is the one You have chosen for me.

I still wonder if I haven't prayed enough.

Because he is the only one I can love. When he kisses me is like if I had nothing else in my mind but him and that moment. When his rough and humid lips touch mine it feels like my whole body surrendered to his touch. I hate him so much, God! However it's an extremely ironic feeling, for all my hate has turned into love.

Haven't I prayed enough?

I have barely woken up and I already crave him. I crave his blue eyes staring at me with an empty look, I crave his pale and long fingers running down my hair, I crave his beautiful working suits that look so fine on him, I crave the indescribable sent he exhales, I crave him. Oddly enough for such a cold man, he craves me with just as much intensity.

I haven't prayed enough.

We need each other now. Even if I begged you to break me free from this curse that is love, I still would need him. Seto Kaiba is above all powers, mortals or immortals. He's not human and he has taken away my very own humanity with his seductive spell. This might sound so horribly lustful or even dumb, but You must understand, God, that Seto Kaiba is way over comprehension. Neither you nor me can figure out his true nature. All I know is that we are both under a spell. I can't break free, and he can't either. We have been bonded together for eternity.

I definitely haven't prayed enough.

For the Devil has come down to Earth and he put a spell on me. A love spell.

Just felt like letting you know, God.


~*~*~*~*~ Riiiight... anyone cares to explain to me just what IS this? Because I have no clue what this is. I felt like writing and this happened. *points* WHAT IS THAT?

All I know is that it turned out good. : )