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CH 7: Broken

Faye let out a soft sigh as she continued to gaze down upon her slumbering counterpart, his face filled with a surprising amount of innocence that only made her choice even harder to make than it already was.

His face; it was just so...angelic. The delicate curve of the end of his nose made him seem more of a child than a bodyguard, so she couldn't but smile while mulling over all of this fantastical nonsense.

Despite all of this, Faye had decided on leaving; Spike was merely a nuisance that kept on getting in her way of returning to her beloved fame and fortune. After all, what did the well-acclaimed pop princess of Mars need with Spike Spiegel? All he ever gave her was an incredible migraine the size of Venus, and yet....last night....


She had to leave.

Gathering up a few personal belongings and stuffing them into a nearby duffel bag, Faye then proceeded over towards the door, only to be stopped short by a smooth, svelte voice that made her shiver on impulse.

"Where are you going?," it demanded warily. "You're not actually thinking of standing me up, are you, Miss Valentine?"

She froze. Turning her body so that she was now only half-way facing him, she returned dryly, "And if I am? What are you going to do about it, Spike? As I recall, I'm in control of you."

He smirked. "This is true, I'll admit, yet you do owe it to me to stay here since I took a lot of woolongs out of my ass to pay for this trip."

"Is that all? Spare me!," Faye scoffed, dropping her bag down to the floor within a moment of absolute incredulity. "If you're so damn worried about the money, why don't you just go ahead and ask me to pay you off, right now?!"

Spike frowned deeply, then squared his jaw, returning in a soft, defeated voice, "Because I don't want you to leave, okay? You could get hurt...Vicious is still looking for you, you know."

"Hmph...like I care. Vicious is nothing but an ignorant prick that thinks he's in control of me and you, but you know something, Spike? He's NOT! I'm not scared of him, so you shouldn't be, either!"

"I'm not," he growled, turning on her in an instant. "I'm just trying to do my flippin' job, for Christ's sake!"

Faye frowned deeply. "Oh, I see....so you don't give a damn about me? If I'm not mistaken, it was my name that you were moaning, last night."

Spike opened his mouth to reply, then immediately closed it, his eyes flashing dangerously as he took an abrupt step forward and seized her by the wrist, grinding out maliciously, "You know what? Fine! Just get the fuck out of here and get yourself killed! Go on! GO!!!"

Completely shocked beyond all words of disbelief at his sudden outburst, Faye somehow managed to hold her head up high, then nodded, returning curtly, "Fine...I'm glad that we've finally reached an agreement. Ciao, Mr. Spiegel...may we never meet again."

Spike didn't even bother to respond, his eyes narrowing considerably as he watched the haughty vixen retrieve her duffel bag from off of the floor and place the strap over her right shoulder, her rotund bottom swinging from side to side like a pendulum as she proudly made her dramatic exit to show him what he'd be missing.

Her point now proven, Faye closed the door and paused, her heart bleeding tears of crimson once she realized that Spike Spiegel was no better than Chris; he didn't love her, either.


"So how do you know Faye?"

"I don't."

Lindsay raised an eyebrow, then shrugged it off, taking a delicate sip of her scotch before trying again, "Surely you do, Shin...why else would you come to her place looking for her bodyguard?"

The young brunette shrugged, his startling green eyes seeming to pierce into her very soul as he returned sarcastically, "Well hmm, let's just stop and think about this, here....perhaps I knew her bodyguard and came to her place to see him?"

"Oh," Lindsay murmured, suddenly quite embarrassed, "I-I suppose that I never thought of that."

Shin nodded. "Obviously. It's also very clear that you don't live by my number one philosophy: 'Those that speak are those that get shot, so shut your damn mouth'."

"You're right...I've never heard that one, before," Lindsay agreed, raising her other eyebrow. "Did you just make that up to piss me off?"

Shin grinned broadly. "I love a woman with brains."

Lindsay couldn't help but laugh at this, despite the mere fact that she had just been terribly insulted, her small, snow-white hand gently slipping over his own as she admitted in a soft, sultry voice barely above a whisper, "You speak what's on your mind....I love that in a man."

"Me, too," Shin agreed, "but only in....um....a woman."

Again, Lindsay laughed, but this time she was interrupted by the shrill ring tone of her tiny silver cell phone, a sheepish look crossing her dainty features as she mumbled a hushed "excuse me" and lifted the small device up to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey...it's me, Faye. Do ya got a minute?"

"Uuh, I'm kind of in the middle of something, right now, but sure," Lindsay agreed, sending Shin an apologetic glance out of the corner of her eye. "Are things not going well over there?"

Faye snorted. "I guess you could say that. I'm on a shuttle craft right now that's scheduled to land on Mars at any moment. You in town?"

"I am," Lindsay acknowledged, making sure to lower her voice, "is Spike there with you?"

"No...please don't ask any more questions. I expect you to be at the local airport as soon as possible so that I can get a ride home. You think you can manage?"

"Well sure, but-"

"Great. See you soon."

Lindsay blinked. "Whoa, wait a minute...Faye, c'mon!"


"Damn...she hung up on me," Lindsay muttered, pocketing her cell phone as she grudgingly rose up from the table to make her leave.

Instantly realizing this, Shin seized her by the wrist, demanding anxiously, "Where are you going? Who were you on the phone with just now?"

"It's Faye.....she just came back from Bermuda and is expecting me, of all people, to come and pick her up," Lindsay explained, pushing back a lock of her fiery tresses in utter exasperation. "Look, sweetheart, I'll make it up to you, okay? We'll have dinner at my place tomorrow at eight."

Shin smirked. "Ritzy."

"Shut up."


"Your report?"

"She's back," Shin acknowledged, bowing his head slightly forward with utmost reverence for his master. "I'm dating her best friend, so it was just by chance that Faye called during our date at the Blue Cod."

Vicious grunted. "You don't need a woman, Shin....they tie you down and change everything you stand for. Believe me when I say that you're better off alone."

"Don't worry, sir...I don't care about her," Shin insisted, not quite sure as to whether he was telling the whole truth or not. "Our relationship will never go beyond just friends, and of that I am positive since I need to focus all of my energy on serving you."

Vicious frowned deeply. "No one likes a kiss-ass, Shin. Just ready my weapons and tell the men that you and I will be leaving within the hour."

He bowed. "Yes, Vicious-sama."

Watching his young pupil exit his office, Vicious couldn't help but smirk, his adrenaline rushing wildly within his veins as he envisioned the rivulets of scarlet that would soon be shed.


"Wow, girl, that really sucks; guess you were right when you said that Spike was an asshole. I just can't believe that he'd kick you out of your hotel room, like that," Lindsay muttered as she continued to help herself to a PBJ sandwich within Faye's spotless kitchen. "I mean, sheesh...at least you two didn't fuck, or anything, cuz then I'd really have to go AWOL on his ass."

Faye choked. "Lindsay! I'm eating!," she reprimanded sharply, memories of her and Spike interlocked within the throes of passion immediately resurfacing within her mind and leaving her with a sick and guilty feeling within the pit of her stomach.

Instantly noticing this, Lindsay went wide-eyed, then shook her head, exclaiming in utter disgust, "Oh, my God, you did do him, didn't you?! Jesus, Faye! At least wait for the frickin' honeymoon! Now he probably thinks that you're some easy tramp!"

"And who's to say I'm not?!," Faye demanded shrilly, hot tears streaming down along her cheeks like melted candle wax as she took her empty shot glass and slammed it down on top of the counter with a loud, reverberating 'thud'. "I-I mean, just look at me, Lindsay! All every man ever sees in me is some toy to be played with! I have yet to meet a man that will look me right in the eyes and tell me that he loves me....that it's alright that I'm broken and most likely won't be able to function, again. All I want, Lindsay, is for someone to actually give a damn, and I feel as if I just let the one man that actually came close go, today."

Lindsay reached out and took her sobbing friend within the recesses of her arms, asking softly, "You mean Spike? What made him so different from all the others, if I'm not being so bold?"

Faye sniffled, then buried her face deep within her best friend's shoulder, returning sorrowfully, "He made me feel alive, Lindsay. When he wasn't concerned with being an insensitive prick, he was actually the biggest sweetheart there is. So much so, in fact, that I actually worked up the courage to tell him all about Chris."

Lindsay gasped. "Oh, God, you didn't!"

"I did," Faye insisted, slowly pulling away from the comfort of her friend's embrace, "and when I told him......oh, you should've seen his face, Lindsay. He actually looked like he cared...and when we were done talking, he tried to hold me, but me, being the stubborn bitch that I am, refused his comfort and left him there to sit alone in the shadows of his past. I am such a fool, Lindsay.....maybe Spike really loved me, after all."

Lindsay immediately shook her head. "Don't get your hopes up, sweetie...men play these sort of games all the time. I'm guessing that shortly after this little talk of yours you two did the adult version of the hokey pokey, so it was probably just a trump card to get into your pants."

"No," Faye denied harshly, immediately shaking her head, "you're wrong, Lindsay. After we made love, he discovered the scars on my back and asked if they were made by Chris, and when I told him yes, he-"

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Lindsay snorted. "Well who the heck visits people at this time of night? It's nearly eleven 'O clock!"

"Let them in," Faye urged, filled with a sudden beam of hope. "Maybe it's Spike!"

"Oh, please....romance doesn't really work that way, sugar," Lindsay insisted, immediately taking the wind out of her best friend's sails. Winking, she then entered the foyer, calling cheerily, "Hang on for just a sec! I'm coming!"

Faye hurriedly followed suit, only to see Lindsay open the door up to reveal....

"Vicious," she gasped, feeling faint, "what are you-"


Cringing, Faye prepared herself for the treacherous onslaught of bullets, only to feel.....nothing?


Immediately opening her eyes, she then witnessed a young man garbed completely in black kneeling down at her best friend's side, a thick puddle of oozing scarlet rapidly forming about her small, petite body.

"Oh, my God," Faye gasped, suddenly feeling even woozier than before, "oh, my God..."

"Shin," Lindsay wheezed, giving the young man above her a tearful, bewildered look, "how could you do this to me?"

He choked. "I didn't know....I mean...."

"Silence, Shin," Vicious ordered coldly, his baritone icier than ever as he shot him an accusatory look. "I thought you told me that you didn't love her."

"Well no, but I-"


"Betrayers shall be prosecuted," he announced coldly within the deathly silent night air, his icy blue eyes sliding away from the his smoking gun and the two dying individuals at his feet before going over towards Faye's cowering figure in the doorway. He smirked. "Hello, Miss Valentine....it's so very nice to see you, again."

Faye, however, could not answer him, her legs suddenly giving out beneath her as she collapsed heavily upon the hardwood floor and allowed herself to be painted out within a caliginous sea of black, Spike Spiegel the very last thing on her troubled mind before she entered the frightening darkness of the unknown.

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