Forever Willing


Name: Arinia Avalon 
Appearance:  Black hair, blue eyes, wears a short denim skirt with a yellow rhinestone studded shirt.  Wears white and yellow running shoes, wears a yellow girl's belt that looks like a girdle, and wears a light blue poke gear around her neck that her boyfriend gave her for her birthday since he wanted to always be able to contact her.
Personality:  Playful and energetic, takes after her sister in ways, doesn't 
like Team Magma, likes Team Aqua since her boyfriend is in that team, likes to explore, 
have fun, and her older sister is her role model.
Passion: Hopes to be a Gym Leader one day.  Doesn't necessarily want to be the best trainer, but wants to be known as a fairly good one.  
Age: 15
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Blue
Electabuzz (level 35) nickname  Bayley
Jolteon (level 35) nickname Sakura
Lanturn (level 35) nickname Mystic
Raichu (level 35) nickname Casey
Ampharos (level 35) nickname Sparkle

Manectric (level 35) nickname Katie


Chapter 1 "Dreams and Expectations"

It was a normal day at the Mauville City, and Arinia was in a heated battle with an aspiring trainer, who wanted to battle Wattson for the badge, but to do so he had to get through Arinia first.  The boy she was battling was named Adam and he was a relatively short boy with blonde hair and green eyes, and he wore a black shirt with a red and yellow striped vest over it; along with blue jeans and white running shoes.  Arinia and her Jolteon, Sakura, were dominating the battle, Arinia was still on her first pokemon while Adam was on his fifth, and Adam had yet to faint one of her pokemon, Adam had his Combusken out facing Sakura.

"Sakura, use Thunderbolt!"  Arinia ordered excitedly as this battle was getting intense.

"Dodge it, Combusken!"  Adam cried.

Combusken tried to move out of the way, but was a second too slow and got hit by it, knocking it to the ground thus bringing it down to a mere sliver of it's HP.

"Gah!  Combusken, use Double Team!"  Adam said, clearly starting to get annoyed at the way this battle was going.

Combusken now disappeared and 6 identical images spread out across the field, but Arinia appeared unfazed.

"Sakura, use Shock Wave!"  Arinia cried.

Shock Wave hit Combusken despite how well it was hidden, and the images fell away revealing a beaten chick-like creature that had several feathers that were crisply on edge.

"Not again!  Combusken return!  Go, Spoink!"  Adam cried, releasing the pokemon that contained his pig-like creature.

"Get ready, Sakura, here we go again!"  Arinia said, resuming her battle pose.

"Spoink, use Psychic!"  Adam cried.

"Agility, Sakura!"  Arinia countered.

Spoink let off a psychic blast, but it couldn't catch Sakura since she was moving at a high rate of speed.

"Argh!  Spoink use Secret Power!"  Adam ordered.

"Sakura, use Pin Missile!"  Arinia cried.

Sakura's attack got in first, firing off pointed pins from its body which hit Spoink and sent it toppling to the ground, and this time unlike Combusken it didn't get up.

"Aw, man!  I lost…….."  Adam moaned.  "Dang it!  You're too strong!  This isn't fair!  I wanted to fight the Gym Leader not a gym trainer!"

Wattson walked into the room and overheard the boy's moaning, "That's the rules in place here; you have to beat the top gym trainer to get to battle the gym leader, in that case that would be me.  You need to train more, and you will be able to win.  Arinia isn't invincible, she's strong but her pokemon do have weak points.  You just need to figure out how to exploit them."

"Okay…….  I'll remember that……"  Adam said disappointed as he left the gym to go train some more.

Once the boy had left, Wattson turned to Arinia and said, "Arinia, you're doing exceptionally well, I have decided that when I step down the ownership of the gym will fall to you.  Though that's a ways off at the moment, since I've still got some fight left in me."

"And I still have things to learn."  Arinia admitted with total honesty.

Wattson nodded, "True, but you almost know about as much about how to handle and care for electric pokemon as I do.  So you are very close to assuming the position of Gym Leader, I'll step down when I'm sure you're ready to handle the responsibilities that come along with the position, and don't worry I'll always be able to help you if you get stuck on what to do.  Now if I'm not mistaken your boyfriend wanted you to meet him on the beach east of Mauville, so you should go meet him, Arinia.  Young love is a sweet thing, so don't keep him waiting, go on, I can handle the rest of the trainers that come today as not many will come since it's late in the afternoon.  So you should take the afternoon off and go meet your boyfriend, have fun, Arinia."  Wattson now walked back into the Gym Leader's room, and Arinia walked out of the gym and went to meet her boyfriend on the beach like she had told him she would.