Chapter 9

"Just Let Me Be!"

Meanwhile back in the hospital, Arinia was sleeping peacefully. The door to her room opened and a disguised Maxie entered and he looked at the sleeping Arinia.

"How easy this'll be, taking a sleeping child, who desperately needs medical care……." Maxie thought to himself as he prepared to do what he had come there for.

Arinia groaned slightly in her sleep and shifted a bit. Maxie put a hand on Arinia's chest like he had done before.

Arinia jerked awake, "Huh!? What?!"

"Hello, my dear….. You're coming with me!" Maxie taunted.

"You again! Stay away from me! Help!" Arinia cried.

"He he" Maxie pulled a gag out of his pocket and used it to gag Arinia.

Arinia struggled and tried to break free so Maxie said, "There's no escape."

Arinia still struggled, a few tears forming.

"When I get you back to base, I'm gonna finish the job I started!!" Maxie told Arinia evilly.

Arinia struggled more and started crying as Maxie took out a shot. When Arinia saw the shot, she struggled even harder to get away. Maxie took Arinia's arm and got ready to give her the shot while Arinia was still struggling to get away.

Mark burst into the room, "Maxie, you coward! How dare you hurt an innocent girl!!!!"

Arinia looked relieved and tried to say his name but can't because of the gag. Mark wrestled the shot out of Maxie's hand.

"You've annoyed me for the last time boy!" Maxie growled.

Arinia reached over and hit the button for a nurse to come since they were ignoring her at the moment.

"Maxie! You will regret what you did to her!" Mark cried.

"I doubt that!" Maxie replied smugly.

"You'll believe it when I punch your face in!" Mark growled.

"The brat deserved what she got." Maxie replied.

"Take that back!!!!!!!!" Mark cried.

"I will not!" Maxie replied.

"GRRRR!!! Mark raised his fist.

A nurse burst in, "What's going on…….. AH! She ran from the room to go call the police.

"Grrr!! You've gotten in my way for the last time!" Maxie growled.

"MMPPHH!!!!" Arinia said trying to say something.

"Who wants to be first? I think I'll start with Arinia!" Maxie said evilly.

"If you want to hurt Arinia, you'll have to get through me!" Mark exclaimed.

The door opened and the police burst into the room, "Everyone freeze!!"

The three do so.

"Now, what's going on here, and why is Arinia gagged?" Officer Jenny asked.

"That's Maxie, the leader of Team Magma, and he was trying to kidnap her!" Mark cried.

"Maxie, you're under arrest for kidnap, attempted murder, and aggravated kidnapping." Officer Jenny replied.

Maxie glared at her in what could have been interpreted as a death glare. Two male police officers now grabbed Maxie and hauled him out of the room to take him to jail.

"Arinia! Are you okay!?" Mark pulled off the gag.

Arinia started to cry.

"Arinia!" Mark hugged her trying to comfort her.

"Mark, Maxie said that he was going to kill me……"

"I won't let him! He's gone now, you're safe." Mark hugged her tighter.

"Don't worry, he'll get what's coming to him. You can be sure of that, Arinia, I won't let him get away with it!" Officer Jenny said with fire in her eyes.

"Thank you for all your help, officer." Mark replied.

"Now see to your girl, I've gotta go book Maxie into jail." Officer Jenny said.

Mark smiled, "Yes ma'am."

"Good, hope you get well soon, Arinia. By the way, if Maxie goes to court, we'll need Arinia to testify; as will you Mark." Officer Jenny said.

"I will, Officer Jenny…. Will you be up to it Arinia?" Mark asked her.

"If it gets him what he deserves, then yes….." Arinia replied.

"You seem better already." Mark replied.

Arinia smiled at Mark as Officer Jenny left the room.

"Do you need anything Arinia? Anything at all?" Mark inquired.

"Just hold me……." Arinia replied.

"Okay." Mark hugged her again.

Arinia's bear fell off the bed.

"Here." Mark picked it up and handed it to her.

"That thing never wants to stay put!" Arinia exclaimed.

"That thing had a mind of its own like someone else I know." Mark replied.

Arinia blushed, "What do you mean by that, Mark?"

Mark smiled, "You're both very special."

"I think the bear's you, only furrier." Arinia replied laughing softly.

"Hehehe, I guess that's good, and you're laughing again and that's even better." Mark replied.

Arinia buried her head since she thought she had offended Mark.

"What's wrong Arinia?" Mark asked.

"I thought that bear comment didn't go over well you……" Arinia replied.

"I don't mind….. That much, I just want to see you smile." Mark replied.

"I never should've mentioned the bear……"

"Arinia, don't feel bad about it." Mark replied.

Arinia thought Mark hated her and she buried her head again.

"Arinia, look at me." Mark said.

Arinia looked at Mark with a couple of tears in her eyes.

"I don't care about the comment. Really. I love you." Mark told Arinia smiling.

"Really?" Arinia asked.

"Absolutely." Mark replied.

A shooting pain shot through Arinia's shoulder, "OW!!"

"What is it!? Are you okay!?" Mark exclaimed clearly concerned.

"My shoulder still hurts…….." Arinia replied.

"Should I call a nurse?" Mark questioned.

"Probably……. It really hurts….." Arinia replied grimacing in pain.

"Okay, one moment." Mark called for a nurse.

"Thanks Mark."

"Anything for you." Mark replied.

The door opened and a nurse came in, "What's wrong?"

"Her shoulder is hurting." Mark replied.

"Aw……. I'll make it feel better in no time…….." The nurse said.

"Thank you." Mark replied.

"No problem." The nurse replied.

"Please don't take too long……." Arinia moaned.

"Hang in there, I'll be right back with the medicine." The nurse told her smiling gently.

"Hurry back soon, it really hurts."

"I will, don't worry, sweetheart." The nurse replied. The nurse now left to go get Arinia's medicine.

A few minutes later, the nurse returned with a shot and a couple of pills along with a glass of water. "Here, take these pills." The nurse said holding them out to her.

"Thank you, nurse." Arinia swallowed the pills.

The nurse took Arinia's arm and cleaned a place on it and gently gave her the shot.

"Is that necessary?" Arinia asked once the shot had been given.

"Yes, honey, it'll target the source of the pain and neutralize it so it won't hurt anymore.

"Oh…… Okay….." Arinia replied.

"Arinia had a bad experience with shots since the villain who kidnapped her used them as a source of punishment." Mark told the nurse grimly.

"Oh. I see. I'm sorry…….. I would have done something else if I had known……." The nurse replied.

"It's okay….." Arinia replied softly.

"I'll leave and let you get some rest." The nurse said.

"Okay." Arinia replied.

The nurse left the room.

"Mark……. I'm glad you're here, but I really want my dad too……."

"The doctor called him…….." Mark replied.

The door opened, "Arinia, honey, are you alright?" Steven asked.

"Dad!" Arinia exclaimed.

Steven ran to Arinia, "Oh my baby! I'm so glad we got you back!"

"I'm glad to be back too! I was so scared!" Arinia replied.

"Don't worry, baby, you're safe now." Her dad told her while he tried to comfort her.

"Whatever happened to that madman?" Arinia's dad inquired.

"He came back…… but Mark saved me again." Arinia replied.

"Yeah, he was arrested, Arinia's safe now." Mark confirmed.

"Thank you Mark! I'm so glad we have you to keep an eye on Arinia when we're not around." Arinia's dad said.

"Don't mention it, Arinia is the world to me." Mark replied.

"Good. Arinia are you going to be ready to make sure that he gets what he deserves?" Arinia's dad asked her.

Arinia nodded, "But I'm feeling a bit sleepy right now…….."

Mark handed her, her bear again since she had released it when the nurse had come in with her medicine.

Arinia hugged her bear, "Thank you, Mark."

Steven smiled, "She really loves that bear……. It's a good thing you gave it to her, Mark."

Mark smiled and nodded, "I know."

"Okay, honey, time for you to sleep. Close your eyes, honey….." Arinia's dad said taking charge of the situation.

"Yes, dad……"

"Sleep well, Arinia." Mark told her smiling at her.

Arinia yawned, "Goodnight." Arinia closed her eyes and fell asleep.

"I'll let you rest." Mark headed out of her room.

"Come back in an hour or so, she'll probably be awake then." Arinia's dad told Mark.

"Okay." Mark replied.

"By the way, what did Maxie do to Arinia." Steven asked Mark.

"He drugged her and stabbed her." Mark replied his hands tightening into fists.

"That rotten wretch!!" Steven cried.

"I know!" Mark exclaimed.

"How dare he do that to my baby!" Steven exclaimed looking at Arinia protectively.

"He's a monster!" Mark exclaimed.

"I agree…….." Steven replied his voice trailing off.

"He will get what's coming to him! Mark my words!" Mark said meaning each word.

"He'd better! Or I'll have something to say about it!" Steven growled.

"I'm first!" Mark cried.

"What do you mean?" Steven asked.

"If anyone is going to hurt him, I'll be the first one!" Mark exclaimed.

"Careful, Arinia loves you, you don't want to throw her love away do you?"

"Never!" Mark exclaimed.

"Good. I'd have something to say about it if you would." Steven said.

"I would never hurt Arinia." Mark replied.

"Good. I'm glad you respect her."

"I'm glad you see that." Mark replied.

"I think rescuing her deepened your relationship." Steven said.

"I hope it did." Mark smiled.

Steven looked at his baby, "My precious child……"

"She'll recover."

"She'd better……" Steven growled.

"Try not to think about it too much." Mark told him.

"Did Arinia tell you what Maxie did to her?"

"Other than he threatened her…. No."

Arinia trembled in her sleep.

"Arinia!" Steven cried out running to his child's side.

Arinia woke up crying and screaming.

"Arinia!" Steven and Mark cried out together.

Arinia was still crying but after a minute she said, "I dreamed everything that happened to me all over again……." She started to cry harder.

"It's okay, we're here." Mark put an arm around her.

"Come on, baby, get it off your chest so you can sleep easy." Her dad urged.

Arinia continued to cry.

"Arinia, please tell us!" Her dad said again. "Please."

"Yeah, come on, Arinia, you can do it!" Mark said smiling at her.

"I'm afraid due to what Maxie put me through……" She cried hard.

"We're here now….." Mark hugged her and started to run his fingers through her hair hoping that it would help him to calm her some, but Mark had no idea if that was even helping. The only thing that would know for sure was time.