Aloysius was going to die. He knew that as soon as the head of his officer entered with a grim look in his eyes as S.S. officers followed him with rifles loaded and ready. ***
Leaping over a box cart, Aloysius smashed into an abandoned building and started to charge up the stairs. ***
He had hidden in the locker room, listening as they asked where Aloysius Wagner was. When someone said the locker room, he turned and ran for it, going out the back way as he heard someone shooting after him. ***
Panting, Aloysius reached the top of the stairs just as soldiers entered shouting angrily in the building. ***
He had been found out after five years of helping the Brotherhood sabotage plans and perform raids on "secret" missions. Now his life was forfeit and useless to the Reich.

They had been running him ragged as they chased him through the streets of the city, shooting round after round at him. One shot had clipped him in the shoulder lightly, grazing him a bit. ***
This was his last chance to make a last stand against the soldiers. He wasn't going to give up so that they could torture and gas him, and he wasn't going to be weak and shoot himself either.

Angrily, he kicked open a door and he cursed loudly as he found that it was windowless. Entering the room, he turned around and faced the door, taking out some bullets and loading both of his handguns as calmly as he could with his trembling fingers.

This was going to be his last stand, and god dammit; he was going to take down as many men as he could before he died!

The first soldiers who showed up were killed instantly with bullets in their heads. After this, it started to get difficult for him. Bullets started to fly everywhere, and Aloysius dodged as many as he could, screaming angrily in German as his guns blazed, burning his fingers from the hot metal.

He started to move forward, making his way out of the room and down the hall, screaming his challenge as his fingers flew, loading his guns and firing them in a flash.

What Aloysius didn't see was the man calmly loading his double- barreled shotgun behind him. The man was Captain Braddock of the S.S. and he slowly leveled his gun at Aloysius' back, waiting for a moment before he pulled the trigger, tearing through his back and out of his stomach. ***
They left the body in the building for the bugs and rats to deal with. Mystique found him a few hours after he was slain, his guns still in his hands.

"Oh Aloysius..." she whispered, slowly sitting down beside the body. She turned him over and cradled him in her arms, rocking him slowly.

"You should have run to the forest! We would have been able to help!" she whispered, hot tears falling down her cheeks. "What am I going to do along and pregnant?" she asked.

As her tears started to fall down more freely, she buried her face against his chest, alone for the rest of the night.