"Be still!" Kurt hissed, grabbing the colored woman's wrists tightly to stop her from clawing his eyes out. "How do you expect me to get you out of here if you attack me like this!"

"Prove it!" the woman hissed, narrowing her white eyes.

Sighing, Kurt looked away and he tried to think of what he could possibly do or say to make her trust him.


The Lightning Squad had been sent out on another raid, and they found a group of colored people who were trying to get smuggled out of Europe to try and reach the Deadlands in Australia. This one im particular had turned out to be a mutant, controlling the elements her specialty.

She had put up a good fight, and Kurt and Meggan practically expected her to get away, but Hauptmann Englande had ordered Meggan to control the elements the woman was sending out, and she was swiftly subdued when a bolt of lightning struck her in the chest.

Hauptmann Englande had ordered all of the people shot, saving the white haired woman to be skinned a live afterwards.

That was when he got an urgent call from the Fuhrer, and he left the woman with Kurt while he and Meggan went to go and answer the call.

Kurt wasn't going to just stand around and wait to watch the woman get skinned and have her wounds covered in salt. He had grabbed her and teleported as far from the area as he could.


Which is where they were now, with the woman trying to claw his eyes out because she was wearing a power-stopping collar.

"I am friends with Piotr Rasputin." He said finally, turning back to face her. "Surely you know who he is?" The woman stopped fighting and she looked at Kurt with raised eyebrows.

"Of course I do! He works for the underground and smuggles people to the Deadlands all the time!" she said. "Do you really know him?"

"He has a little sister named Illyana. Even though she is small, she can wield a large blue sword as if it were another one of her toys." Kurt said in answer. The woman smiled, trusting Kurt completely now.

"My name is Ororo Munroe." She said.

"I am Kurt Wagner, but that is not important right now." Kurt said. "When and where was he supposed to pick you up?"

"Over by the river at three." Ororo said. Kurt checked his watch and cursed softly.

"You only have twenty minutes to get there." He said, removing her collar. "You had better start moving fast, woman!"

"Why are you helping me?" Ororo asked. Kurt growled impatiently.

"Why do you think?" he asked. "Please, don't ask questions and just go before they return!" Nodding, Ororo made the winds surround her and in a flash she was flying with the winds current to where she was to meet with Piotr.

As he watched her fly off, Kurt raised the collar up and smashed it against his head, trying to knock himself out before Hauptmann Englande got back.


"What the hell happened?!" Hauptmann Englande screamed, shaking Kurt into the real world savagely, ignoring the bloody gashes on the side of his head.

"The woman..." Kurt moaned, not even faking it. "She surprised me..." He cried out when Hauptmann Englande punched him.

"You fool! I leave you with a simple mission and you can't even do it!" he snarled. "Do you know what happens to people when they don't do what they're told to?"

Sadly, Meggan clapped her hands over her eyes and she shook her head.


With his hands bound behind his back, Kurt was brought to the top of a staircase and then shoved harshly from behind, sending him toppling down them. When he finally hit the stone floor, he moaned and slowly got to his knees, finding himself looking up at four evil looking men.

"Do with him whatever you want to!" Hauptmann Englande shouted down at them "Just make sure he's alive and still able to work!"

Seeing the look in the men's eyes, Kurt whimpered and closed his eyes tightly, trying to shut everything out as the first man grabbed him.