My name is Kurt Wagner, but to those who resist the Third Reich or are stupid enough to still be Jewish, I am Nightcrawler; a member of the Lightning Squad. To Hauptmann Englande, I am a piece of meat to be used when he is tired of Meggan or the Jew Kitty. To myself, I am just Kurt.

Sometimes, I think back to the time when I first "joined" the Lightning Squad and a shiver runs through me. Once when I was thinking back, Kitty was cleaning the claws on my feet. When the shiver came, she stopped and looked at me with eyes of understand. I may treat her harshly when we are in view of others, but when we are out of sight; we are very close friends, Kitty and I.

I was captured with the rest of my Romani tribe, one of us was a rat it seemed and had told the Lightning Squad at the time where we would be going to camp next.

They took one look at me and decided not to send me to the showers or the crematorium. Instead, I was brought to a different room and stripped of my clothes. They left me alone for a while, letting the coldness of the room sink into my fur before Hauptmann Englande came in.

He asked me where I had been born, and when I answered in German, he hit me so hard in the mouth that my head rocked back and I hit the floor.

In fact, I still think I have a scar from that under my fur. Let me see...Oh yes, it's there all right.

He then started shouting at me, saying that Gypsy filth are not permitted to speak the tongue of the Higher Race. I told him I had been born in Bavaria, making me a citizen of Germany.

In response, he kicked me in the stomach.

I don't feel like boring you with the details really, basically this went on for an hour or so, him saying I was not German, and me saying I was.

Finally, he stopped and asked if I wanted to serve my country. I responded with a simple reply of, "Go screw a goat long and hard for an hour."

Well, he didn't screw a goat long and hard for an hour. He raped me for a good two hours savagely.

I gave in of course; I'm not that stupid.

Well, I guess you could argue that point, but don't be an asshole and let me finish.

I don't enjoy my work, I'll tell you that right now and with a straight and serious face. I hate when they make me kill a Jew or a colored person, sometimes I even have an urge to help them escape.

I did that once, a woman named Ororo who could control the weather. I helped her get away, and as punishment, Hauptmann Englande gave me to four men to be dealt with as they saw fit.

I don't help people anymore.

My failure concerning the other Excalibur was not good at all. I should have been able to best my other version, but he tricked me and beat me with the sword.

When we got back to our world, Hauptmann Englande suddenly turned on Kitty and was ready to beat and rape her, going to the old saying, "Something goes wrong, blamed the Jew!"

I stepped in and stopped him, saying that it was my fault that we had failed in besting them.

He agreed, and I was beaten so bad that I was bedridden for two weeks. Kitty tended to me for that time, and I think our friendship has grown stronger.

Really, I'm not happy with this life, but it is the only one I have. Some people would argue that I do, that I can fight and help the rebels, but they don't understand the pain of being beaten and raped.

I'd never say this out loud, but I really admired the Nightcrawler from Earth 616, he seemed like a good man, and I think the Germany there is proud of him.

The Germany here, well, how proud can you be of a misfit?