"Let's get married."

Blinking in surprise, Kurt turned his head to look at Kitty. The two were lying in bed, and Kitty was looking at him with sparkling eyes.


"Why don't we try to find a way to get married?" Kitty asked, sitting up slowly.

"Liebe, how do you propose we do that?" Kurt asked, rolling onto his stomach lazily. "Go up to Hauptmann Englande and ask for his permission? Ach, that'll be the day!"

"Couldn't we find a way to do it?" Kitty asked hopefully. Sighing, Kurt gently ran his hand down her bare arm.

"I don't think so..." he said. "Unless..."

"Unless what?" Kurt's eyes sparkled as he got up onto his knees.

"How about a Romani wedding?" he asked. "There's no huge thing about it, and we can perform the ceremony tonight in here!" Smiling, Kitty hugged Kurt around the neck and she kissed him on the cheek.

"That's a wonderful idea!" she said. Chuckling softly, Kurt hugged her back, resting his chin on her head.

"Today you must make a loaf of bread." Kurt explained. "Then come up here when the curfew starts!"


That night, Kurt waited for Kitty as he lit candles that he had placed all around his room. He had taken out his best Romani clothes and also a diklo Jimaine had planned to wear after she got married.

It brought back a lot of memories.

When the last candle was lit, Kitty entered the room, holding a loaf of bread under her arm.

"Perfect timing!" Kurt said blowing out the match. "Come, sit down right here." He said, pointing in front of him as he himself sat cross-legged, taking out a dagger. When Kitty was seated, Kurt took the loaf of bread and he cut out two pieces, handing one to Kitty and keeping the other for himself.

"What do we do now?" Kitty asked.

"In my tribe, the bride and groom placed a bit of their blood onto a piece of bread. Then they exchanged pieces and ate them, making their union final." Kurt explained, cutting the palm of his hand. He looked up at Kitty and he smiled when he saw that she wasn't horrified at this.

After he placed a few drops of his blood onto the bread, he passed the dagger to her, and she did the same. The two exchanged pieces, and on the count of three, they ate them at the same time.

"Now we are married." Kurt said with a smile, laughing softly as Kitty made a gagging gesture. Taking out the diklo he gently placed it around her head, tying it under he chin.

"We are one."

Smiling, Kitty hugged Kurt tightly, and in the glow of the candles, the two made love.