Kurt was worried for more than just one reason. It had started small once they had been sent back to their own world after having been beaten by Excalibur of Earth 616. Hauptmann Englande had been harassing the scientists to work on a machine that could send them back to that world. When the Fuhrer asked why he was so intent on this world, he had described the fresh resources available and soon the project had the Fuhrer's support and that was the only thing the scientists were working on.

Kurt and Kitty shared the same worry; if they were successful in making such a machine, the Fuhrer would be able to send his entire army their to conquer that world and not even Excalibur would be able to fight with the deadly technology the Nazi scientists had thought up.

So one night, Kurt and Kitty made a pact together that they would do all they could to sabotage the machine whenever they could, even if it meant facing the wrath of the Fuhrer if they were found out. They just couldn't stand the risk of Earth 616 and its people falling under the shadow of the Fuhrer when they had been able to stop it the first time.

"There's only one problem." Kitty had pointed out that night. "What if the scientists still get it ready and working? What shall we do then?" Kurt had fallen silent, thinking of many ways to handle it.

"And if you think simply smashing it will work, it won't. They'll just make another one and we'll both be gassed before you can teleport us out of there!" Kitty added sharply. Kurt had agreed reluctantly, wracking his brain wildly. When he finally had it, he clapped his hands together and smiled at her.

"I will pay off one of the scientists!" he said.

"What good will that do us?" Kurt had smiled and hugged her with his tail, kissing her brow.

"Remember what we talked about that night when I first woke after my beating? About going there and staying there to be allies and fight for good?" he had asked. When Kitty thought back and remembered, a smile broke out across her face and she hugged Kurt tightly around the neck.

"We shall have the scientist send us there! Then, he will break the machine and get rid of the maps and data for us! That way, Hauptmann Englande shall not find us out!" Kurt finished.

"What about Meggan? Shouldn't we take her too?"

"I'm sorry, but we can't take her too. She would let it slip to her husband, even if she did not mean to. You know how she is, Kitty. It shall just be us two, and we shall be free of this hell hole for good!" Laughing happily, Kitty kissed Kurt on the lips lightly and rested her head over his heart.

"I can hardly wait!" she had whispered before falling asleep in his arms.

Kurt's plan worked perfectly. He was able to bribe a young scientist with some cigarettes he had kept from Earth 616 and the deal was done. All he and Kitty had to do was perform some "accidents" to slow down the procedure.

Kurt's tail became quite erratic and often shattered important bulbs and dials, whereas Kitty was having problems with her phasing, and was often destroying or erasing computer files concerning the machine. They took their beatings and sometimes rapes in stride, knowing that they would win in the end either way!

As Kitty had predicted, their "accidents" only delayed the machine a few months. In no time the machine was up and ready to be used for things heavier than a watermelon. The Fuhrer planned on sending his Lightning Squad to Earth 616 first thing in the morning; giving Kurt and Kitty that night to leave them in the dust!

Kurt had limited their belongings to one bag each, saying that they shouldn't press their luck with any more in case the machine was wrong. He took all of the things he still had as a Romani, including the vest Jimaine had given to him for his eighteenth birthday. Kitty packed up all of her clothes and the golden Star of David necklace Kurt had rescued the day she had been taken.

When they were all finished, Kurt teleported them to the room where the machine and scientist waited.

"We shall have to be fast about this." The scientist said. "Who knows when the guards will stop by on their daily visit to make sure it is safe!" Kurt nodded and gave him the last of the cigarettes, along with a few marks for all of the trouble he was going through.

The machine was a tall structure, looking kind of like a carriage with a door on either side. They stepped inside and sat down, buckling their seatbelts and holding their bags tightly. Kurt looked in Kitty's eyes and he slowly smiled and she in turn gave him a smile of her own as the machine started to glow.

The scientist worked swiftly, pushing buttons and turning dials as he whispered prayer after prayer that this would work. Finally, the room started to fill with a bright white light. Wincing, he placed an arm over his eyes and he pulled down on a lever, making the light grow more intense.

There was a sound like a cork flying from a bottle, and the light was gone.

Lowering his arm, the scientist laughed softly as he started to smash the machines and destroy the files on how to make it.

The carriage and its passengers were gone!