With a ragged scream, StarPryde ran towards SkyElf as Hauptmann Englande ran for the teleporting machine. She fell to her knees and cradled his head in her arms, sobbing as she begged him not to be dead. His head moved to one side, and it was at an angle that no living thing should go to.

Nightcrawler didn't waste anytime on screaming or weeping when he saw SkyElf fall slain at Hauptmann Englande's feet. With pure rage powering him, he teleported and grabbed one of SkyElf's rapiers before he teleported a head of Hauptmann Englande and slashed him across his face, blinding him savagely in a crimson spray. As Hauptmann Englande lay screaming on the ground and clutching at his face, Nightcrawler howled German swears as he beat him with SkyElf's rapier.

Nightcrawler was oblivious to everything and everyone around him. All he saw was his twin's lifeless body laying on the ground, and the son of a bitch who murdered him after they had done what he had told them to do to get him back alive. The rapier's blade was soon covered in blood as he continued to beat him faster and harder with each blow.

It took Rachel in pure Phoenix form to finally pull Nightcrawler away from the bloody and blind Hauptmann Englande, stopping him from killing the poor excuse of a man right there and then.

"Don't kill him, Kurt." She said, holding his trembling body tightly. "I have a better idea that will make sure his world will never come here again!" Slowly, Nightcrawler took a deep breath and he calmed down, dropping the blade to the ground with a clatter.

"What is your idea, Rachel?" he asked, turning to her with teary eyes. ***
Excalibur forced the now blind Hauptmann Englande to clean the entire city with his bare hands. His wife Meggan assisted only because she wished to, saying that it was as much her fault as it was his.

When the city was cleaned up, Nightcrawler wrote a very long letter to Hitler, using many choice words and phrases to explain what he and his world was to the minds and hearts to him and his Germany here on Earth 616. He forced Hauptmann Englande to take the letter and with the help of Widget, Excalibur sent Hauptmann Englande back to his filthy world blinded and without his wife. ***
SkyElf, AKA Nightcrawler of the Lightning Squad for the Third Reich, born Kurt Wagner to the Romani was buried in the tradition of his people in the Bavarian Alps near where Nightcrawler of this world grew up. Nightcrawler was even able to get his old family to help him and perform the ceremony properly with Margali's help.

"I think he likes this a lot, Nightcrawler." StarPryde had once said during the funeral. "When we were back in the other world, he always told me about the ways of the Romani and how he wished he could perform them again with his family. Now, he got his wish."

When Amanda came to pay her respects, StarPryde told her about the stories SkyElf often told her about what he and his foster sister in their world used to do together. It brought tears to Amanda's eyes despite herself and she found herself wishing she had met the man when he was alive and not when he was now dead and being buried.

When the funeral was over and everyone was getting ready to leave, StarPryde walked up to where SkyElf rested and she sat down beside it, resting a hand on the upturned soil. Tilting her head to one side, she let a single tear fall to the ground. Feeling a hand touch her shoulder, she turned her head and found herself looking up at Meggan.

"I'm sorry I couldn't stand up to my husband in time to save him." Meggan said softly, sitting down beside her.

"Don't be. He liked you like a sister." StarPryde said. Meggan tilted her head to one side, smiling faintly at the ground.

"Did he?" she asked. StarPryde laughed softly and nodded, wiping her eyes.

"Oh yes, before we went to sleep he sometimes told me stories about the two of you before I came along. He said that you and he shared a kind of sister brother bond because you healed his wounds when he was first brought to the Lighting Squad." She explained slowly, smiling faintly at the memories.

"He always was funny." Meggan said softly. "Even after he had been raped by Hauptmann Englande, he would tell me what he barely felt anything and that he wondered if Hauptmann Englande was even doing anything to him sometimes."

The two sat like that for a few minutes, talking about Kurt and how he was in the past. When it was time for Excalibur to get going, Lockheed trotted up with Kurt's pack of cigarettes resting gently in his mouth. He carefully laid them down over the grave and he patted them gently with his tail before he turned and followed the others into the jet. *** Some people say that freedom is something free and something everyone has, but to Kurt and Kitty, it was something they had to steal and then fight to maintain. Kurt gave his life for the sake of freedom, and thus he earned another level of freedom entirely.