Meggan had been right of course. The Fuhrer had indeed ordered another machine to be made, and as soon as it was ready, he sent Hauptmann Englande through with his best troops and weapons.

But it had taken four years for them to make another machine, and in that time Meggan's knowledge of how to make weapons proved very useful. The weapons were made by W.H.O., and all of the soldiers in the army force were skilled in using them in no time.

They had thought that they would be going in and destroying everything; they were dead wrong.

The fighting was mainly on the beach, blood washing into the sea and soaking into the sands from both sides of the conflict. Excalibur fought the hardest of all, wanting revenge for everything that had happened.

StarPryde was focusing on Hauptmann Englande. It was his fault that her family was dead. It was his fault that Kurt's family; both Romani and Raven and Aloysius, was dead. It was him who tortured her and the others for hours on end in their own world, and he had made Kurt suffer before he came to this world and died after only coming to the world a few hours before.

She was going to make the bastard suffer.

When the two fought, her daggers flew with deadly accuracy, but Hauptmann Englande was able to block them, and they were soon fighting hand to hand, StarPryde twisting her body around as she aimed kicks and punches to his face and balls.

Hauptmann Englande laughed, seeing what parts of his body she was focusing on. He started to taunt her, asking her what had happened to her whore of a husband Nightcrawler.

It got the response he wanted.

Screaming, StarPryde tried to kick his head high, and he grabbed her by the ankle and twisted it around, breaking it instantly. He threw her down to the ground and he slammed his foot into her back, making her cry out in pain. He kicked her in the face to make her roll onto her back and he raised up his foot to crush her skull.

That's when he felt something slash across his face, taking out one of his eyes.

Screaming, Hauptmann Englande stumbled back, holding his bleeding face. The slashing occurred again and it lanced down his back, leaving long traces of wounds all over it. He tried to punch around blindly, but he ended up losing his other eye in the process.

Everyone stopped their own fights and they watched in awe and wonder as invisible blades of some sort were slaughtering Hauptmann Englande, cutting him up everywhere. The last blow dealt was a move that left him on his knees, wailing like an animal as he cupped a bloody mass that had once been his manhood. His throat was slit a second later and he fell to the ground dead.

The soldiers gave up instantly, throwing down their weapons and raising up their hands over their heads.

StarPryde stared at Hauptmann Englande's body in confusion, wondering what in the hell had done that to him from out of nowhere.


StarPryde looked up, frowning slightly

[i]Katzchen, turn around[/i], it laughed.

Slowly, StarPryde turned around, and her eyes grew wide in surprise.

Kurt was standing a bit off, smiling at her as he sheathed his bloody rapiers. He was dressed in clothes that she remembered him modeling once to show her what he used to dress like with his Romani family, a golden hoop in one ear and a red bandanna tied around his head, the ends waving in the wind.

Raising up one hand, Kurt smiled at her and the vision faded away.

Shaking her head slowly, StarPryde turned around and she smiled at Fay as she ran over to hug her, laughing at their victory.

It was over. It was finally over.

This was Kurt's final gift to his friends that he considered family back on his world.