Author's Note: I was reading over The Truth when I suddenly realized something; I forgot to say why Widget went off! Now how on earth could that have happened? Sure I could just let you guys make assumptions and theories as to why, but I don't want to mess anyone up so I'm gonna tell you why anyway! ***

Rachel had been gone for a while, having sacrificed her existence in this timeline to help bring Brian back. So she was not able to pick up on the sudden shift in Johanna's room that night.

Moaning softly, Johanna curled up slightly, frowning a bit as she felt a cold wind lightly brush up on her. She felt a gentle pressed on her arm, but she stayed asleep.

SkyElf adjusted her blankets lightly, his tail swaying lazily side to side. His daughter had grown up so beautiful, just like her mother. Smiling, he simply stood there, one hand on her arm, looking at her face.

She was beautiful, but she wasn't haunted by the dreams.

Slowly, SkyElf removed his hand and he adjusted her blankets gently, making her shift a bit again. ***
Widget was sleeping peacefully on Kitty's desk. He had eaten a large amount of junk earlier that day for no apparent reason; he just had a sudden craving.

He opened his eyes half way, sensing a shifting in the air pattern behind him. Snapping his eyes open, he turned around and found himself looking at SkyElf.


"Shh." SkyElf whispered, picking Widget up. "Go back to sleep!"

"Uh uh!" Widget said, starting to click loudly. Seeing that Kitty was starting to stir badly, SkyElf frowned and quickly left the room, going all the way out of the mansion to avoid being seen.

"Widget! Stop it!" he said angrily, his tail lashing back and forth. "I need to put you under Kurt's bed!"


"So that I can activate you in a few weeks." SkyElf explained. "I need you to make sure you open up to my old world."


SkyElf was really starting to get pissed off with Widget. The stupid little machine opened up all those times with the original Excalibur when it wasn't supposed it, and the one time someone actually wanted him to open up, he wouldn't!

"Listen!" he growled. "If you don't open up when and to where I want you to, I'll smash you up so badly that Shadowcat will never be able to fix you!" Widget gasped, making loud clicking and whirring noises.

"Don't think that I won't either! I may be a spirit, but I can still break things!" SkyElf added. Widget slowly stopped making noises and it let out a bit of steam SkyElf guessed was its version of a sigh.

"Fine." Widget finally said. Smiling, SkyElf nodded a bit, tucking the little robot under one arm as he went back into the house and into Kurt's room.

"Much better." He whispered. "Now keep quiet until I have need of you." Slowly, SkyElf bent down and he placed Widget under Kurt's bed, covering him with a forgotten shirt to keep him better hidden.

Straightening up, SkyElf looked at Kurt and he tilted his head to one side, sighing softly. His son had so many questions about his heritage. He understood why StarPryde preferred to wait before telling them though. Most children would not be able to understand about rape, torture, and murder; let alone that their parents were from another world and had come here uninvited at first.

"You'll get your answers soon enough." He whispered, lifting his tail lightly to place it on the bed. "Sooner than you think." ***
SkyElf was standing hidden by Kurt's desk while he was talking to his friend Ty, and he figured that it was time when Kurt started to talk about finding out all of his answers. Closing his eyes, SkyElf concentrated as hard as he could and he started up Widget, who snapped his eyes opened and started to make the portal instantly.

"It's time to get your answers my son." He whispered softly as Kurt was swallowed up. "Good luck. I think you shall need it."