When Kurt got home finally, he pulled his mother and sister aside, saying that he wanted to talk to them in private. They went outside to the beach and they found comfortable places to sit, watching as the sun rose in the sky.

"You hid a lot of stuff from us, mother." Kurt said, turning to her slowly. StarPryde nodded a bit, sighing softly.

"How much did you find out?" she asked. Kurt shrugged a bit, his tail curling around his ankles.

"I got too many stories that collided with each other really." He admitted. "Moira said you and him served the Reich."

"We did." StarPryde nodded. "But not by choice you understand."

"Mom told me everything that happened to her and dad." Johanna said. "Dad was really nice." Kurt nodded faintly, looking down at the blades at his side.

"Everyone said that about him." Kurt said. "But I can't believe anything else until you tell me, mother." He said, looking up at her. "Johanna and I are both eighteen now, so you can't hide behind that anymore. Tell me everything I ever wanted to know about you and dad."

Nodding, StarPryde slowly told Kurt everything about his father; from the day they met to the day Hauptmann Englande snapped his neck.

"And that's when I got back home and my mom told me all about my dad for real." Kurt finished, smiling at his friend Ty's astonished face.

"You're serious..." Ty said faintly.

"Yup." Kurt nodded.

"But why did Widget send you there anyway?" Ty asked. "Did they ever figure that out?" Kurt frowned, looking at the ground for a moment.

"Actually, they never found that out." He said. "All they found out was that some kind of alternate force got Widget to open up to that specific world!"

"That's so...weird." Ty said, unable to think of anything more to say.

"I know what you mean." Kurt nodded. "Why did Widget open it to that specific world anyway?" he wondered.

"I wasn't talking about that." Ty said.

"What were you talking about?" Kurt asked. Taking out his laptop, Ty turned it on and started to type furiously on it.

"There's this site out there and it's a fan site to this world's Nightcrawler..." he started.

"There are millions of those." Kurt said. "What makes this one so weird?" Slowly, Ty handed Kurt the laptop and he gasped softly, his eyes growing wide.

"Because I joined that site recently under the name Bamfman." Ty said.

Kurt found himself looking at a site called Nightscrawlers.com, and he could see that the list of members was every single person back on his parent's home world. Looking through the site, he found InterNutter's comic strip, where her son was running around with sunglasses going yo yo yo; just like when he first saw him.

Slowly, Kurt cocked an eyebrow.



"Does SheCat write angst stories with Rogue and Gambit?"