Author's Note: This is for Kladyelf, who kept putting the idea in my head. LS Kurt isn't done yet!

*** "Drop down your weapons!" Hauptmann Englande ordered. "Turn off the Phoenix and throw the rapiers and daggers over here!" They did so swiftly, the blades gliding over. Looking down at the weapons, Hauptmann Englande smiled up at Excalibur.

"Now let him go!" Nightcrawler said.

"All right." Hauptmann Englande nodded.

Before anyone could stop him, he snapped SkyElf's neck and SkyElf's body crumpled at his feet.

Or at least, he wanted that to happen.

Instead, Hauptmann Englande found himself holding nothing but a cloud of purple brimstone. Turning around he saw a flash of SkyElf before he slashed him across the face, blinding him forever.

Screaming, Hauptmann Englande stumbled backwards, his hands over his bleeding face. Laughing, SkyElf kicked him in the stomach, knocking him to the ground.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you!" he said, his rapiers in hand and ready.

"SkyElf, lower your weapons." Nightcrawler said, walking up slowly. SkyElf looked over at Nightcrawler and he frowned a bit, flicking his tail at Hauptmann Englande.

"Why shouldn't I kill him? After all of the problems he has caused us?" he asked.

"Because killing him won't change anything in the past." Nightcrawler said calmly. "If we send him back like this, I think it will send a louder message than a dead body." SkyElf frowned, looking away.

"What do Meggan and StarPryde say?" he asked, looking up at the two.

"I think sending him back crippled with hurt more than dead." StarPryde said. "Because it leaves the Reich with the idea that we can cripple anything they send at us!"

"Yes, but he has to clean up your city first." Meggan of the Reich world added. "I'll help him because it's also my fault it's so messed up." Sighing, SkyElf sheathed his rapiers and he nodded a bit, poking Hauptmann Englande with his tail lightly.

"You're lucky I listen to my comrades, Hauptmann Englande." He said. "I would rather have you hanging upside down with your guts dangling out of your body!" ***
Hauptmann Englande and Meggan cleaned up the city, but Hauptmann Englande was sent back alone with a note written by the three former members of the Lightning Squad; telling the Reich and Reichminister Moira that they were never going to go back and they would kill any others that they dared to send to Earth 616.

"I still can't believe he tried that." SkyElf once said as they ate dinner a week after the attack. "I think he forgot I could teleport! Or perhaps he thought that I had the same problem you used to have, Nightcrawler, and that I could only teleport once a day without any strains!"

"It doesn't matter anymore." StarPryde said, looking at him with sparkling eyes. "We're finally free completely of Hauptmann Englande and the Reich." Looking over at her, SkyElf smiled and he placed an arm around her shoulders, hugging her tightly and kissing her on her brow lightly.

"Yes," he agreed. "We're finally free!"