Nightcrawler had gone outside to see what Big Lockheed had flown over for. When he saw an older Kurt walking towards him with bags he stopped and raised his eyebrows in surprise. When Kurt noticed him, he smiled faintly and raised a hand in greeting.

"Have you come back for good or a visit?" Nightcrawler asked, clasping hands with a smile.

"I'm here for good." Kurt said. "That is, if you'll take me back." He added. Nightcrawler placed an arm around Kurt's shoulders, smiling kindly at him.

"You were always welcomed here." He said. Kurt smiled faintly, his tail curling slightly.

"Do you know where they are?" Kurt asked.

"Your mother is in the training room." Nightcrawler said. "Your father is in the med lab."

"Thanks!" Kurt said before he teleported into his room.

Since he left the lighthouse his room was left unused. Sighing softly, he put his bags down and he closed his eyes, teleporting into the control room of the training room.

Fay looked at him in surprise before she smiled and hugged him tightly.

"You came back!" she said. "Your mother will be so happy!" She reached out to flip the intercom on when Kurt stilled her hand.

"I want to surprise her." He explained, picking up a steel quarterstaff. Smiling, Fay nodded. ***
StarPryde was fighting a few low-level robots armed with sabers. She ran swiftly, her daggers destroying robots swiftly. When one of her daggers got stuck, it slowed her down and two robots were about to take advantage of the situation.

In a purple cloud, Kurt appeared and knocked them away, crouching in front of his mother with a smile.

"Computer! Terminate program!" StarPryde said. When Kurt didn't vanish, her eyes grew wide. Kurt stood up, his tail swishing slowly.

"I've missed you." He said softly. StarPryde rested a hand on his cheek, looking into his eyes.

"It's really you..."

"Yes, it's me, mom." He nodded. The two embraced tightly, Kurt burying her face in his mother's hair.

"I'm so sorry." He said. "I shouldn't have run off like that!" Looking up at Kurt, StarPryde smiled and brushed a strand of hair away from his eyes.

"We were always hoping that you would come back to us!" she said. "And your father!" Kurt's cheeks burned violet.

"I'm almost afraid to see him." He said.

"Nonsense! He's been praying for you to come back! Come on!" ***
SkyElf hated his medication. It tasted like shit and left a chalky texture in his mouth. Plus, Moira forced him to take them everyday. She was a tough Scottish bitch that one.

He was thinking this while she was taking a blood sample. When she was finished, he slid off the table and rubbed his arm a bit, his tail flicking to one side sharply.

"Dinnae glare at me." Moira said. "You did this tae yerself!" Rolling his eyes, SkyElf headed for the door, mumbling a few foul German words.

"You forgot your pills." Moira said, holding them out.

"Danke." He growled, snatching them with his tail. He teleported into his room, fighting the urge to throw his pills away when he reappeared. He placed them on his counter instead before he changed his clothes. He always did after one of his check-ups. He said it was because they smelled like death afterwards.

Sneakily, SkyElf took out a cigarette and a match. He was forced to sneak them now, since everyone yelled at him. He went outside, heading for some boulders to rest on and smoke in peace.

With his eyes closed, SkyElf took a long drag, tilting his head back when he exhaled. He tail thumped the boulder lightly.

"You shouldn't be smoking!"

His eye snapped open.

He knew that voice.

Flicking his cigarette away, SkyElf stood up and he turned around.


Looking at his father, Kurt couldn't help but get upset. He remembered his father as a strong man with good muscles. This man looked weak and his muscles were gone; wasted away by the chemotherapy and stress. When his father smiled at him, he burst into tears.

SkyElf walked up to embrace him and Kurt fell onto his knees, tears falling as his father hugged him.

"It's all right." SkyElf whispered, stroking Kurt's head gently. "Kurt..." SkyElf wiped his son's tears away gently, tilting his head up to meet his eyes.

"I'm sorry..." Kurt whispered. SkyElf smiled slowly, his tail swaying side to side lazily.

"Let us kill the fattest and most prized calf." He said. "And hold a great feast, for my son has come back to me after his long wanderings in the world."

The End (I mean it this time!)