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Demonic rights

Naruto POV~

Ahh sweet 16, that's tomorrow, my big day. That's right tomorrow, October 10, I Uzumaki Naruto will be sixteen years old. Maybe this year someone will notice. Alright, so I'm lying, Iruka always remembers my birthday... He brings me cake every time. It's sweet really. But sometimes I really just want someone else to notice me to, you know?

You know what else Kyubi? I have this killer headache, I've never gotten a headache before. Weird huh? Feels like someone is drilling a couple of diabolically huge holes though the inside of my head. Pleasant right?

The wait for Kakashi-sensei did nothing for my headache. Sasuke, of course was himself, as annoying as ever. Not that anyone notices other than me and Kyubi. He just had to be a stuck up prick again... AGAIN!!! God, I don't know how I put up with the bastard anyway. So we did the whole fight routine again. You know the one where he calls me a dobe and I am loud and yah... That one. T

he mission went off without a hitch. Stupid dog found it right a way. The dog was right underneath the bridge too. It stunk so bad that I didn't want to find it, let alone catch it. Then we returned it to the scary fat lady with lots of pets and who always looses them. I have a theory that maybe she's hired to buy and lose pets by the Hokage in order to give us genins "training". Not that anyone believes me on that one.

So I planning to go straight to bed with a glass of water and a aspirin as soon as Kakashi-sensei lets us go. What is he trying to pull? Rescuing a dog does not give reason for a lecture off all things. I didn't do anything wrong! Well not this time anyway... But still! He's boring me to tears and I'm in serious pain. The nerve he has too, after making us wit a record six and a half hours this morning. Ahh, good he's letting us go now. Off to my good sweet bed in my not so comforting apartment.

I really hate my apartment. It's so cold and drab. In downtown no less. It's near impossible to get a good night's sleep. What with the noise from the wayward drunks and everything. Key goes in lock and turns... it isn't much but it is home after all. Passing random ramen cups as I go to the kitchen to get that aspirin. Contrary to popular belief I don't actually like ramen. It's only good points are that it's filling and it's cheap. Checking the aspirin jar/container thing I notice that I'm out. Damn, and right when I need it too. Just my luck. Ohh well, goodnight Kyubi. I'll talk to more in the morning.

Kyubi POV~

Goodnight kitling. There he goes... fast asleep in seconds and he's going to need that sleep too. What a dear... and if anybody ever found out that I said that, namely Kitling himself, they laugh their heads off. Me, a demon, with endearing terms for a human. Gods if any of the demons back home found out.... Ahem, I guess I'm repeating myself.

My cage, do you even realise how many damn times that I have passed by these bars? No? Of course not. Well, I guess it was my own fault that got me here in the first place. Ahh well if I didn't do attack then I wouldn't have met you and you'd wouldn't be you without me I'm sure. But well, quite possibly you'll see what it's like without me anyways. Confused? Or you would be if you were awake and were listening.

But anyways, if only I could bring myself to tell you earlier about tomorrow. Seeing how technically it was my fault after all. Your birthday, the anniversary of the seal, the day that I have come to dread, for tomorrow will bring you much more pain than ever before. Pain that you did nothing to deserve. Tomorrow you will go though what each and every demon at the age of sixteen has gone though. Your body will change to suit you perfectly, it will hurt for days kitling, and you aren't even a demon. Meaning that it is indeed my fault. I am terribly sorry kitling for not warning you sooner. If I had you might have gone to the Hokage and gotten some tranquillisers, you could have slept though the pain.

But I was to much of a coward. Listen to me, I'm getting a guilt trip. Allow me to spare you the rest of it. I am so sorry kitling and goodnight, thanks to me your in for a rough day in the morning. I really hope that tonight I can think of a way to make it up to you, because I know that I won't be getting any sleep tonight, kitling. I am indeed sorry.


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