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Author's Note: This is a short 89 fic, inspired by 'When I look to the Sky'. (Beware of sap)



When I look to the sky

something tells me you're here with me

And you make everything alright...

Sometimes, after it rained the sky would clear, and after nightfall, he could see straight into heaven.

This was one of those nights. When the stars were diamonds and the sky was the deepest ocean. It was almost like he was looking into its soul. Emerald eyes calmly traced the constellations, recalling the stories that went with each one. He placed his hands behind his head. Right now, life wasn't so bad.

"Yes, Goku?" Hakkai asked to the boy who had crept up behind him.

"How'd you know it was me?" he asked, astonished.

"I guessed."

"Oh..." Goku shuffled his feet, "Uhh... Hakkai? Why are you out here?"

"I'm just looking at the stars," he smiled, "You can join me if you'd like."

"...sure." Goku replied as he reclined against the grass. He left camp to see if Hakkai was okay, that's all. It had rained that morning, and Hakkai had been acting weird. Sanzo too. Goku woke up after Gojyo kicked him in his sleep. He was going to yell at him, but then he saw that Hakkai's sleeping bag was empty. He just wanted to know why they hated the rain. That wasn't too much to ask. He could keep secrets.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" Hakkai's question pulled Goku out of his thoughts.

"Yeah." he glanced at Hakkai before focusing on the stars above, "How many are there?"

"Hmm... a lot more than anyone can count." Hakkai smiled. He watched Goku stare wide-eyed at the night sky, the boy's golden eyes flickering from one bright star to the next.

"What's that one?" The curious monkey pointed.

"That's Polaris, the North star."

Goku yawned and stretched his arms, " It's pretty."

He closed his eyes, his eyelids had grown to heavy to keep open. The grass was soft beneath him and he felt warm lying next to Hakkai. Images of Polaris and the emerald-eyed man alternated in his mind. Who cared if it already had a name? He would give Hakkai that star.

It was getting colder. The youth moved closer to him, resting against his arm. Hakkai wondered briefly at the smile on Goku's face as he fell asleep. If he could, he would take that star from the sky and give it to Goku.

...And when I feel like I'm lost

something tells me you're here with me

And I can always find my way when you are here