Title: "Cessoare"

Chapter Title: Deficere

Chapter: 1/?
Author: Psycgurl
Email: sikegurl@yahoo.co.uk
Rating: PG-13
Category: Angst/Romance
Summary: Story slightly evolves around Jackie's comment in Reefer Madness, "When Hyde is on the streets he'll have to turn to me and as I care for him and buy him stuff his love for me will grow."
Spoilers: Moon Over Point Place, Reefer Madness
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, but to the people over at Carsey/Warner. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.
Distribution: If you ask me nicely.
Notes (1): This is directly after 'Moon Over Point Place' and Hyde getting busted. It's my take on some missing scenes/feelings in Reefer Madness, but a different AU ending to what happened in the episode. Chapter titles and main story title are all Latin verbs.

(2) Have disappeared from the fanfic scene for a while, so pardon me if this isn't very good, as I haven't had it betaed. And at this moment I don't know where I'm going with this, but enjoy it as it is.
Dedication: To my friends who I bug with my J/H love.

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//Cessoare - to be left alone. //

Chapter 1: "Deficere"- to do less than one might

Ever since Kindergarten and onwards Steven Hyde was known for his bad boy reputation and his characteristic coldness. Teachers, neighbours, family and even friends all expected him to end up in a jail sometime in his future for stealing or vandalism- but nobody expected that the first time Hyde would land in a prison cell was for being chivalrous rather than felonious.


Steven Hyde unhappily put down the receiver of the telephone as his minute of phone time was up and was escorted by a young policeman to a dirty, smelly prison cell, which he was going to share with a huge, tattooed biker named Tank. Hyde sighed as he was pushed into the cell where an enormous man was clearly lacking teeth and hygiene and gave Hyde a toothy grin as the cell door closed behind him.

"Hmm, they gave me a new youngun. What you in here for boy?" The man growled from his corner. Hyde looked up at him.

"Possession." He mumbled as he sat down onto a corner bench.

-Possession. Possession of what?-

Covering his head with his hands Hyde sighed as he recalled the conversation he had just had moments ago with the 'hardest ass' of Point Place and the only father figure in his life, Red Forman. Hyde had been through a lot of shit in his lifetime with parents leaving him, financial troubles and a bad reputation, but no other time had he felt so regretful and upset than in that one-minute call. The Formans were the family that he never had. They were the only ones that cared about him and he had let them down. He had broken any trust they had in him and…he had disappointed them.

"Possession? Hmph, beginner." The biker snickered.

"Wasn't mine." Hyde replied coldly.

"Wasn't yours? Then whose was it, boy?" Tank asked, snorting, as he obviously didn't believe him. Hyde looked up at the ugly guy and produced a small smile on his face.

"A girl's. A girl who I hate." He declared with a smirk. Hyde had to laugh- he was a lover of irony and the irony in the whole situation was not lost on him. The one time he was put in jail was for holding pot for Jackie. The rich, Burkhart girl and his dumbass best friend's ex-girlfriend. The two rarely shared decent words with one another or interests.  They hated each other- and now here he was in a cell because he took the blame for stuff that she bought to impress him. Stuff she bought because she was apparently "in love" with him. Hyde scoffed as he kicked at the scruffy floor.

Heh, love. Yeah right.

"You're takin' the wrap for holding a girl's stuff. Don't think you hate 'er, man. Sounds like you dig the chick."

"I hate her. Believe me. She's a cheerleader." Hyde affirmed in defence. Hyde was berated with questions from Tank for the next few hours and Hyde had to suppress his urges to shoot back comments about the man's teeth to get him off his back. Suddenly the prison door opening interrupted the intimate conversation between the two inmates.

"You. Curly. You're free to go on bail." A policeman called. Hyde looked up at him in confusion, as he was told to quickly move out of the cell. Hyde muttered a 'see ya' to Tank before leaving the cold and dark room behind him.

"Hey, who bailed me out?" He asked the policeman curiously. The man pointed to a brunette walking up to them. Seeing that Hyde was out of the prison cell, the girl ran towards him and wrapped her arms around the seventeen-year-old boy. "Jackie?"

"Steven!" She shrieked as she gripped onto him.

"Oh yeah, I see it now. You hate her." Tank remarked sarcastically from behind the bars as he watched the embrace. Hyde uncomfortably tried to uncoil from the lock Jackie had on him.

"Jackie, get off me!" He yelled, as he finally pried her off and ignored Tank. Jackie then shot him a big smile.

"Oh Steven, you're my hero!" She declared as she held his hand.

"Whatever man."

"Hey boy, if you don't want her. Send the pretty lady over here." A convict in another cell leered. "I'll take her." Hyde glared at the man.

"Let's get out of here." He insisted as he dragged Jackie away from the prison cells, where sex-starved criminals hooted at the sight of the gorgeous cheerleader.

"Awww, look Steven. Some of these people are so nice. They're smiling at me." Jackie exclaimed to Hyde. "They shouldn't be inside prison." Hyde rolled his eyes and couldn't help but smile at Jackie's lack of perception.

"They wanna get in your pants, Jackie." He explained.

"Oh. Oh. Ewww… Bad criminals. They should be inside prison." She proclaimed. "Unlike you." She added as she clung onto his arm.

"Jackie, just because you bailed me out of prison does not mean I like you now, 'kay?" Hyde groaned. "I still don't like you."

"Oh Steven, I know you like me." She smiled.

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"Ah, whatever man." Hyde finally exclaimed as he walked off ahead of her.

"Oooh you didn't say you don't!  You really do like me!" Jackie yelped, as she ran up to him and Hyde groaned.

"God, put me back in prison."  


"So Hyde's in jail. I bet he'll have to use his hair and a stick as a toothbrush. Or maybe he'll just use his husband's." Fez cracked.

"Yeah! Hyde's gonna be someone's bitch!" Michael Kelso exclaimed at the thought. "You think they'll make him wear a dress?"

"C'mon Kelso, of course they will. With his curly hair and those eyes- he's got to be the prettiest convict." Fez replied. Eric Forman shot him a weird look.

"Guys, I don't think you're realising how serious this is. Hyde's in prison." Donna Pinciotti declared annoyed at the prison jokes that had emerged from their best friend's arrest.

"Y'know Red's thinking about not bailing him out. Hyde might have to stay in prison overnight until Mom convinces him." Eric informed the group.

"Why isn't he gonna bail him out?"

"Red's really pissed off. He's actually turning red. He's not only mad at Hyde for the arrest, but also because he thinks Hyde's been a bad influence on us. He thinks it was a mistake letting him stay here."

"That is mean of Red." Fez said solemnly.

"God, but I really can't believe Hyde got busted for holding." Donna repeated for the fifth time in awe. "How could he do something so stupid?"

"Hey guys, look what I found while searching through Hyde's room." Kelso announced as he walked out of Hyde's room holding a brown, paper bag. "Look's like he wasn't holding all of it." He continued with a smirk, as Fez and Eric grinned.

"Hyde's in jail for possession and you're all gonna smoke his dope?" A shocked Donna questioned.



"Why not?" The three chorused simultaneously.

"You guys are such dillholes." She groaned as she left the basement and the guy's sat down in their 'circle'.


Hyde sat down in what was known as 'his chair' wondering whether he should go upstairs and talk to the Formans, while both Kelso and Fez stared at their friend in awe. They had all been surprised at his sudden appearance during their usual circle rambles and they had all been eager to hear about Hyde's jail experience.

"Did you kiss a guy?"

"Did you have to wear a prison uniform?" Kelso and Fez asked excitedly.

"Will you two stop." Hyde bit out tersely. "I was only in there for a few hours."

"Hey, man I think you should stay down here for a while. Red is having some homicidal thoughts." Eric declared as he ran down the stairs into the basement. Hyde looked up at him, as Eric continued. "I told him that you got out and you've got probation- he started going on about tortures and punishments and about how he's going to put a stop to all this before things get bad."


"He also asked me if I did it." Eric added.

"Did what?" Fez asked curiously. "I thought Red knew you had sex ages ago."

"Not that. Marijuana." Hyde explained.

"What did you say?" Kelso asked.

"I told Red that I did pot." Eric answered rolling his eyes.

"Really?" Kelso asked excitedly.

"No, you dumbass! Do you think I want to get my ass-kicked?" He asked.

"What ass?" Fez remarked and started laughing, as the other guys smiled.

"So, is that all Red said?" Hyde asked, casually twisting a blond curl with his fingers as he leaned back in 'his chair'.

"Well, Red was asking me all these questions about whether you pressured me into using the stuff." He said to Hyde and added quietly, "I don't think he's ready to see you right now, man."

"Yeah. Guess there's no point in me staying here then." Hyde said covering the guilt and sadness he felt at the fact that Red was not willing to look at him right then by storming out of the basement.


Hyde found himself arriving at the Hub, in desperate need of some alone time, time to reflect on the events that had happened that night. Getting arrested, jailed, bailed, finding out Jackie loved him and being blackballed by the people he called 'family'- it had all occurred over the course of the past few hours. It was like a mini soap drama, but instead of a dashing tall, dark and handsome young man it starred a troubled, messy, government-hating kid.

Hyde grabbed a soda and sat down on a single table, sipping the chilled fluid occasionally, but mostly swirling the soft drink around and around in the bottle and watching the gas bubbles mixed with the dark liquid. Steven examined the drink, wondering whether life could be like the bottle of soda. Not matter how many spins it takes, the peculiar ones like the gas bubbles still manage to blend in with the normal people.

Hyde groaned- that wasn't how he felt at all though. He felt like the lone gas bubble, isolated from the others on the cap of the bottle, aching to fall in with the rest of them. He was the bubble that no one paid attention to or cared about, the one that was ignored, because it was different.

Suddenly Hyde felt warm, tender hands obscure his vision and the shrill voice of the girl who had caused him all his distress, as she lovingly asked him to guess who it was. Hyde, despite being annoyed at her interrupting his 'alone time', fought back the urge to smile at her and her obliviousness. However, he instead decided to shoot back with a few humorous remarks. Jackie gave him a huge smile, one representing the look of a princess in a fairytale, and gripped his hand and bubbled on about how he had done the most romantic thing ever. Hyde raised his eyebrow in surprise at her comments.

Romantic? Being deloused wasn't exactly the most romantic point of his day.

Ignoring her babbling, Hyde looked down and noticed that Jackie had a solid grip on his hand and had managed to grab his other one too without him knowing.

'Why the hell is she holding my hand?' Hyde thought as he tried to make her let go, but ended up struggling with her. Finally he gave in and let her hold his hand when Leo, his boss, joined them and asking him why Hyde got jailed, Jackie instantly replied.

"For loving me." She said with a grin, as Hyde groaned and tried to pry his hand away again, but to no avail. For a short girl she had a pretty strong grip.

"I got busted for possession." Hyde continued his talk with Leo and Jackie stroked his hand with a manicured finger. She let the warmth of his hands blend with hers and smiled at him lovingly, whilst he wasn't looking. Jackie realised that Hyde wasn't struggling to break their hands apart anymore. He had relaxed and barely flinched when she started playing with his fingers, caressing his finger nails against the back of her hand. He wasn't doing anything to make her stop and she was enjoying it.

Suddenly Hyde shifted in his seat and Jackie was prepared for him to remove his hand, but to her surprise- he didn't. He just casually turned his hand over instead and allowed Jackie to play with the back of his hand. Jackie beamed, not expecting Hyde to show any feeling toward her of any kind.

After a few more minutes of chatting with Hyde, Leo decided to leave. With the hippy gone, Hyde focused his attention back on his drink and stared at it in silence. Jackie suddenly felt uncomfortable, as she felt Hyde's hand get moist and his gaze distant.

"Steven, are you okay?" She asked quietly. Hyde looked up at her, surprised at her concern and shrugged.

"Yeah. I'm good, man." He mumbled, glancing back at the drink. His gaze absorbed by the darkness that was present in the glass bottle.

"Steven, what you did for me tonight- it was so noble of you. It was the sweetest thing a guy's ever done for me." Jackie exclaimed. Hyde scoffed slightly at her.

"Well, others don't think it was the best move of my life." He grumbled and almost inaudibly added. "Red won't even talk to me. I'm sure he's thinking of reporting me to social services or kicking me out."

"It'd be wrong of him to do that. He cares about you, Steven."

"This is Red Forman I'm talking about, Jackie.  He rides his own son's ass all the time. Feelings aren't his thing."

"Well, he's like you." Jackie grumbled.

"I heard that." Hyde exclaimed. The two sat in silence for a long moment, before Jackie's eyes twinkled, as she realised that Hyde had been opening up to her.

"Steven, I'm here for you even if Red isn't. And if you want to escape from Red and your problems, even for a moment or a night, I just want you to know that I'll be there for you." Jackie said and then casually stroked his arm.

Hyde looked at her, as she gave him a seductive look. Her hand still stroking his arm, his hands, and his fingers- anything which she could get a hold of. "Whatever, Jackie."

"C'mon, I'll help you through any problem you'll have." Jackie shrieked. "It'll be like Romeo and Juliet- without all the suicide. You can runaway to see me…we'll tell everyone that's against us how much we love each other…" Jackie began, with a dreamy expression on her face. Hyde raised his eyebrow at Jackie's sudden outburst.

"Jackie, I don't love you."

"Oh you know you do. You wouldn't have been my knight in shining armor…oh ooooh, we can be like…" She continued in excitement, before she was interrupted.

"For God's sake Jackie, get over this." Hyde sniped. "We are not a freakin' couple or some insane love story. We're nothing. I don't love you. I don't like you. All this shit has happened because of you, so why don't you do me a favor and leave me alone." He erupted, leaving Jackie stunned. The hostility oozing from Hyde's tone left her slightly trembling. She looked at him before slowly removing her hand from his grip.

"Fine, Steven." She said. "I'll leave you alone, but I'm not being stupid. I know you love me too. You wouldn't have done what you did tonight if you didn't. You just don't realise it yet. But you will, someday."

"Whatever." Hyde said rolling his eyes and not looking at her.

"Steven, one day you will realise that I do care about you and this isn't a game to me." She said, as she got up. "You'll find out that I care and you'll realise that you care too." And with that she left the Hub. Hyde waved his hand at her, without even looking up and continued to stare back at his drink- just as the lone bubble on the top fell into the bottle and disappeared into the sea of darkness.