Hey everyone, this is the first part of my story. Please read it and tell me how it is so that I'll know whether to continue it or not. For those wondering, when Yuki left for NY, Shuichi didn't follow him. They have not seen or heard from each other in 3 years. This story takes off from there.

Author: Harsha Romance/Angst slightly OOC characters and the story is a little AU. The Whispers of Time Part 1

The tall man placed his suitcase on the ground and took a deep breath. " I'm finally back home. It's been four years since I've set foot on Japanese ground". He flagged a cab and told the driver to take him to a posh apartment in the Tokyo. As he paid the cabdriver and stepped out of the cab, his golden hair gleamed under the lamplights. Yuki Eiri walked up to the gate of his new apartment with his new set of keys in hand. He was back and he was going to write his latest novel, which would be based on New York.

His apartment was on the 10th floor and that suited him just fine. There were only two flats on each floor and the highest floor was usually the most secluded. His thoughts drifted to the time when he used to live in secluded apartment, but somehow never attained peace. That could have been due to the genki pink-haired brat he had lived with. He wondered how the boy was doing now, but not liking his train of thoughts, he occupied his mind with getting his things unpacked. He dumped his clothes in his closet and threw himself on his bed to get some sleep. The last thought he had was, "thank god this apartment is fully furnished."

Shuichi was tired; no actually make that exhausted. He had just finished a huge concert, and while he had been on a high, now that it was over, he was on the verge of collapsing. He fumbled into the lift to take him up to his apartment. His silky strawberry blonde hair hung in his face and caused him to walk right into a wall. He stumbled his way into the lift and leaned against the mirror. When the doors opened, he practically crawled his way to his apartment and opened his door. He collapsed on to his bed and his last thought was that he had seen a pair of shoes outside the neighboring apartment, which probably meant that someone had moved in.

The sound of an alarm clock woke Shuichi from his deep slumber. The boy groaned in despair at having to wake up but still dragged himself out of bed and into the showers. He had a lot of work to do today. In ten minutes he was ready and he quickly stepped out of his apartment, only to bump into Hiro who was waiting for him outside his door. "Hiro, what are you doing here? I have a car you know, I can drive to work." The longhaired man smiled and replied, "I know you can drive, but you would probably fall asleep at the wheel and have an accident. I don't want to risk that happening, so I'm driving you to work today." Shuichi smiled wryly and nodded his acceptance. Both boys set off downstairs to get to work. They had an album to produce.