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Chapter 1: Missing

The first thought that entered her mind as she slowly awoke from the darkness of unconsciousness was oh god my head! To Emma it felt as if she had just been hit by one of her own psionic blasts but knowing that was impossible or at least should be she decided that now would be an appropriate time to actually open her eyes and take an glimpse of her surroundings to see if she could actually remember what had happened for her to end up on a cold muddy floor on what seemed the coldest day as yet this year.

Doing just that see took in the scene surrounding her, there seemed to be several paramedics walking past casually flanked with the odd policeman while the rest of the emergency services seemed to be concentrated around a tent of some kind.

Finally realising that someone was actually speaking to her she turned her head to the side to take in the picture of a young average looking paramedic.

"Are you ok there Miss, you seem to have taken what appears a minor bump to the head" he asked while still casting a critical look over her.

"What? A bump... Oh my god Brennan, the others!" she exclaimed with the big revelation that her memory had seemed to throw at her in one go. She remembered now, entering Naxcon to free Brennan and Shalimar, the confrontation with Eckhart, there escape and more importantly as they attempted to hang on to ground that seemed to be going askew. Her final memory before waking to find herself here was of her terror as she witnessed Adam fall, powerless to stop it and then how her own fragile hold had slowly but surely been lost.

"Miss all survivors who have not yet been transferred to the hospital will be located in the triage tent for now, which is were I suggest we go to now to get you checked in" the young paramedic replied.

A cold dread slowly began to spread throughout her body the implications of his words sinking in. For there to be survivors that implied that there was those who died today. She could sense it now the grief mixed in with the anger and confusion from the surrounding people.

Hesitant at first to cast her mind out to search for those who meant the world to her, afraid of what she would feel from them or worse her lack of ability to link with them signifying the possibility of their death? However her concern overtook, slowly she reached out for Brennan's mind and was instantly assaulted with his anger, concern, shock and grief? Diverting her attention before she probed any deeper, the knowledge that he was alive and breathing being acceptable for now she found Shalimar's in much the same state except the anger was replaced with despair and heartbreak as if all hope had been lost. Emotions centred around Jesse, her farther, Adam and to her shock herself. Refusing to believe in what she felt she quickly tried to locate Jesse and Adam with her mind to no avail. "No, no, no they have to be there, they just have to" she whimpered small sobs escaping from her from her small frame.

"Miss I'm sure your friends that you mentioned must be in the triage area worried about you, how about we go there now hey and see if we can find them" the paramedic cut in slightly unsure of the girl after witnessing her go into some sought of trance for a moment back there. Still he held out his hand for her to take in which she did muscle's protesting upon rising.

The trek to the triage was short and silent but to Emma it gave her the time to bring up other possible scenarios which did not end in the death of her surrogate brother and farther, one being that Adam and Jesse may had simply being taken to hospital for a check over with Brennan and Shalimar remaining behind to search for her.

However as she entered the tent those illusions were quickly shattered with the sight of Brennan a tear streaming down his face supporting the full weight of the blonde feral in his arms while huge sobs racked her entire frame. The grief from her descending upon Emma as if it was a blanket she turned to alert them of her presence with the one thought repeating in her mind "it's bad if Brennan is openly crying, it's bad if Brennan is openly crying"

"EMMA! Ohmygodyourealive"! Shalimar began to rant after flinging herself in Emma's arms.

Emma returning the embrace warmly whispered her most feared question, "Where's Adam and Jesse? I tried to locate them with my powers but I can't get anything, it's as if their not here".

"Adam was taken to the hospital about ten minutes ago" Shalimar answered her voice low pitched "he's in bad condition Emma, real bad condition the paramedics said he may not make it to the hospital".

Swallowing the lump in her throat Emma looked at Brennan for him to continue as Shalimar began to sob quietly again now hanging on to Emma as if her life depended upon, it unusual behaviour for the feral.

"We can't find Jesse anywhere, there's no answer from his comm. link, the ambulance service haven't picked him up and the police have told us the only other explanation could be that his body has swept into the sea during the explosion" Brennan explained rubbing his face to erase the tears.

They stood there for a moment then Shalimar sobbing into Emma's arms, Brennan just blankly staring for answers as if they would appear to him and Emma her arms wrapped around Shalimar as she realised then that Shalimar's farther had been pronounced dead some twenty minutes ago.

"Come on we need to get out of here and back to sanctuary before the police start questioning us" Brennan stated devoid of all emotion now, his emotions pushed to the side so that he could take lead of their situation as best as possible. Grasping both girls hand in his and gently leading them away towards the cloaked Helix he also informed them that he wanted to see if he could get a location from Jesse's comm. ring once back at sanctuary.

"What, you think he may be alive, but how you heard what the police said? Shalimar asked slowly composing herself now that newfound hope had begun to surface.

"Simple, I'll give you one word" Brennan retorted anger now creeping into his voice "Eckhart!"