Part 4 of the Thundersdawn Series, by Chaos_eternus

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from StarGate SG-1, Chocky's Challenge, or Down Periscope.

Timeline: Starts During Part 3: Dauntless

Chapter 1: Briefing

The six members of RSG-1 strode into the briefing room behind Colonel O'Neill, they had been training for off-world missions for a month and now they would finally get their first real mission, even if it was a support mission for SG-1. Colonel Pierce was first, a ten year veteran of the SAS, Pierce had more blank spots or classified notices in her record then anything else. Pierce was followed by Major Williams, an SBS marksman with a laconic nature, Williams didn't say much, but when he did you listened. Major Tobias came next, another SAS veteran, Tobias was the team medic and was often teased about her small size. Captain Pickstock was the brains of the team, a small dark skinned Marine; Pickstock had BSC's in Chemistry and Astrophysics. Captain Brown came fifth, the teams explosives expert, Brown was on special detachment from the 11th EOD (Explosives Ordinance Disposal), and had spent 4 years in Northern Ireland in which he had successfully deactivated 67 terrorist bombs. Finally came Colour Sergeant Jolly "Pirate" Rogerson, Pirate could be trusted 110% in combat, but had never been promoted beyond Colour Sergeant due to his tendency to get caught with the wives of highly ranked officers, and on a least two occasions, their daughters.

RSG-1 sat down quickly, as General Hammond and the rest of SG-1 filed in.

"5 hours ago we received word from the Tok'ra that SG-11 has been captured by a group of hostile Unas on PC-49X, and they are now being held to ransom for guns and ammunition. Your job is to retrieve SG-11, with as few casualties as possible."

"How many Unas are we talking about?" Pirate asked.

"At least 70, all using staff weapons and Zats, all of which appear to be running low on Naquada."

"Any sign of Goa'uld?"

"The Unas are camped in an old temple which appears to bear the markings off Osiris" Daniel replied, "but it doesn't appear to have been maintained in centuries, as far as I can tell from the UAV images"

"Any former HRT on base?" Pickstock spoke, turning to face Hammond.

"Both are off-world, any further questions?" Hammond glanced around at the members of SG-1 and RSG-1, "You have a go, depart 0600"

The two teams walked quickly into the gateroom, RSG-1 already used to the gate from their off-world training missions. This would however be their first real mission, and they were nervous.

"So, ah O'Neill, when you were touched, how long did it take anyone to notice?" Captain Brown asked a teasing glint in his eye.

"Captain Brown" O'Neill started to say but was interrupted by Carter;

"About a week, why?"

"Carter?" O'Neill replied menacingly.

"Of course, we noticed Daniel straight away, the nurses especially keep on close eye" Carter Paused, then added in a rush "on his health, of course"

RSG-1 took one look at the blushing Daniel Jackson, and chuckled.

"Oh, chase the ladies do you Daniel?"

"Is there a lighthouse in here? Oh, sorry that's you DJ."

O'Neill smothered a chuckle, as the gate opened with a whoosh of energy.

"Enough teasing people, Yellow brick roads open, let's go."