Chapter 15: Beginnings

Colonel O'Neill looked with jaundiced eyes out of Persephone's windows, master of all he surveyed. SG-1 had finally been pulled off duty; it had been coming for a while what with their increased commitments in the Sol system and with the failing health of several of the teams members. Oh, sure they would all still pass a medical, but one more knee injury and O'Neill would be handed a pail and bucket and dumped on the beach, and the rest of the team was generally worn down and battered, to the point where infections most humans would shrug off were landing them in the infirmary.

So the higher ups had decided, no more missions off-world unless absolutely necessary. Carter didn't complain too much, she would miss the excitement but was now head of StarGate Commands growing technical and sciences division, Daniel was still head of Anthropology and Archaeology, Teal'c was shocked with the offer of being Hammond's new second in command. He said he was honoured, but didn't feel he could adequately perform that duty. The glares he was giving the piles of paperwork on Hammonds desk convinced Hammond he meant it, and so Teal'c was now head of training.

O'Neill sighed, and what did he get? An entire solar systems worth of paperwork, that's what. Or to be more accurate, command of the joint RSS/SGC expansion into the Alpha Centauri system. Oh, joy.

Persephone set down in Ha'tak bay 2 of the massive Goa'uld construction yard found by the RSS in the Alpha system with barely a tap to mark its landing, making O'Neill turn an approving eye on the helmsman. He then turned and made for the airlocks, knowing that his luggage was already being offloaded by the Persephone's crew. He turned at the airlock and stepped through onto the Goa'uld constructed deck, and glanced around.

He smiled, "Narim! Good to see you! I heard you lot had left for Asgard space"

Narim shrugged, and smiled "Four of our best geneticists survived Tanith's attack. The Asgard were pleased to have them… on loan"

"You stayed?"

"We all did, General" Narim turned and gestured O'Neill ahead, leading him through the corridors to Brigadier General O'Neill's new quarters, "The Nox and Asgard are not human, and while we have no problems with non-humans other than the system lords and Anubis, we would not like to live out our days amongst an alien race. Call it species loyalty"

"Good to have you"

"Thanks to Enerina, and the architects the RSS sent we now have a completed plan for the rebuilding of this facility, I will show it to you when you have settled in"

"Anything interesting?"

Narim laughed, "Oh yes! Very interesting, the universe won't know what's hit it"

That's all folks!

Authors notes:

Once again thanks to JPMwycombe for beta'ing this story.

I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from StarGate SG-1, Highlander, or Chocky's Challenge.