Mokuba walked into his brother's study, marveled at how neat everything was. Everything was organized; nothing was out of place.

Except for a single sheet of paper, sitting on his desk.

Curious, Mokuba walked over and picked it up.

"A poem?" he asked himself aloud. He'd never known Seto to write poetry.


I shed my tears when you were lost to me,

But am content because you're with me now.

I shed my blood when you were gone from me,

But am healed with you beside me now.

Contented peace runs through my heart,

As I look up to the sky.

You're holding my hand and helping me on,

And I no longer need to cry.


Without you near I chose to give up.

I lost the game before I could begin.

But now that I see your trusting face,

I'll rise again and fight to win.

Now that you are back with me,

I no longer feel so blind.

I can see the path I'm walking on,

The whole world is mine to find.


It pains me to think I never told you before,

That I'm grateful for all that you do for me.

When you were gone I wandered on,

In an endless night of misery.

Believe in me now, my dear beacon of light,

Listen closely when I say:

I love you with all my heart and soul,

And I love you more each day.


"Huh," Mokuba murmured, setting the paper down and walking back toward the door. "Wonder who he's talking about..."


Whoa...holy jeez...I'm done? Hey. I actually finished a story! That's just plain crazy...well, what did you think? Good? Bad? Okay? Sequel, maybe? Or leave it as it is? Help me out, you guys. And thanks to all of you who've stayed with me for so long. Hope you found the journey worthwhile.