Summary (Full): AU. Kagome is the school's playgirl, and is said to have been with every guy she has set her eye's on. Her best friend Sango, makes a bet that she can't get with the school's hottie, Inuyasha, within a week. She only did this, because Kagome's ego has been getting bigger and bigger on her body, and of course, who she can do the 'tango' with. It was time for Kagome Higurashi, to be refused. The problem with the bet Kagome has to face, is that they hate each other. They always have. But, this is just a bet, so, no feelings can come out of the blue, and sneak up on you... right?

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It Takes Two To Do The Tango

Order One:

The Bet

"It's not her fault that she's so irresistible, but all the damage she's caused is unfixable.

Every twenty seconds you repeat her name, but when it comes to me you don't care.

If I'm alive or dead, so..."

Kagome Higurashi stood on top of the lunch table, dancing around in a tight red halter top, and a tight black mini skirt with chains on it. She put her hands above her head, and forcing her hips into the air just so the guy's could catch a glimpse of what was up there. She trailed her hands down her hips, moving them slowly down, and as she bent down, she made sure her skirt went up, winking at the people behind her.

The whole lunch room was practically watching now, and hooting at the girl. The guy's anyway. The thing is, no one ever stopped her, because the principal was a man, and he actually enjoyed watching her. He was a pervert, but she wasn't complaining! She was in high school, baby. It was her last years to party before she had to run off to college, and she wouldn't be wasting it!

Now, while the guy's were watching her, the girl's were scattered all around the lunch room, sending jealous glares to her. They all wished they had a body like hers, accented in places where they would love to have. Only one man, was immune to her. In the whole entire school, Inuyasha.

They had been enemies ever since they met. They played pranks on each other, fought with each other, screamed at each other.. it was not a healthy thing. They met when they were at the tender age of nine, and we will get on with how later on. But, the sad thing about that was, when they met, the moved to different middle school's, so they haven't talked to eachother since. But, when Kagome went to the same highschool as him, then it was when big pranks started. But as I said, we'll get into that later. Because, right now, the main concern was a girl dancing on top of a lunch table, with a boom box on the table nearest to her.

"Objection, I don't want to be the exception, to get a bit of your attention.

Love is for free and, I'm not your mother, but you don't even bother.

Objection, I'm tired of this triangle. Got dizzy dancing tango.

I'm falling apart in your hands again. No way, I've got to get away!"

'Like I even need to beg for someone's attention.. I can grab any guy in this whole school. They would be falling hands and knees to me if I were to ask them to be my slave..' She smiled, swiftly at her thoughts. She continued her dancing. Somewhere along that verse, she had grabbed up a random guy and started doing the tango with him.

That was her trademark, The tango. Whenever you mentioned it, it would automatically bring up the subject of Kagome. You know, dancers and playgirl's always have their nicknames, her's had anything possible to do with the tango. Her famous saying you ask? "It takes two to do the tango." If you heard Kagome Higurashi say that to you, it would mean, you were about to have the night of your life, honey. Or, she was giving you a death with if she added something on after that.

Or, that's how the story goes. She has never officially spoken about getting to the last base, but guessing guy's expression and thoughts the next day, they thought their hunches were right. So, along came the story, of the best playgirl alive, Kagome.

Yeah, she had friends. Real friends that is. Not guy some random drunk guy you pick up in a bar or the street to have a good time. Miroku, her lecherous friend, always going after the girls. Even Kagome, but he doesn't do it often, only because they have been friends for ages now. Sango, her best friend in the whole wide world. They have been there for each other for as long as they could remember, but Kagome would have never thought that she was planning something, that would result in good consequences later on. Quote me on that there.

Sango sat at the lunch table, thinking. 'Kagome has gotten out of hand lately.. I can't take it anymore. Its time, time for Kagome Higurashi, to be refused.' She stated firmly in her mind. Usually, it helped to look around at her surroundings to get a good idea, and it worked most of the time.

Her eye's landed on Inuyasha, the school's hottie.

Sango grinned. 'This.. is going to be good..' Sango went up and grabbed Kagome off the table.

"Hi Sango, what's up?" Once Kagome was off the table, she turned off the boom box, and the whole crowd went back to their tables, trying to eat after the show. More like they wanted to eat, her.

"Kagome, your pretty confident, are you not?" Sango said, clearly not showing her whole plan yet.

"In what?" She said, tilting her head to the side a little bit.

"Seducing of course. You know, your body." She stated, pointing to her.

"I am very confident. You know that Sango, but why?"

Sango grinned evilly.

All warning bell's went off in Kagome's head. When Sango grinned like that, it only meant trouble in her book, "Sango.. are you okay..?" She said, nervously.

"I want to make a bet with you, Kagome Higurashi." She smiled evilly, more sinister now.

"And what would that be, my friend?" She said, totally un-aware of what Sango was going to put her through this time. The last couple of times it had been terrible, this time, was probably going to be the worst of them all. She gulped.

"Well, this one is going to have a catch, un-like all the others. This time, you have to agree to it, not knowing what it is. I can say it has to do with showing off your body, so, I think you'll enjoy it, just as much as I do." She held out her hand again, and waited for their hands to touch.

They did.

"Kagome, welcome yourself to the hardest bet you ever have to face. Seduce Inuyasha, within a week. Then, I, plus everyone in the school, will consider you, the ultimate playgirl, ever. For he, is your last challenge. He, is the only one, you've never gotten a cat call from. Good luck."

Kagome, did the only thing she thought she could do.

She screamed, and it was as if time froze. Everyone was quiet, and looking over at Kagome. "! NO! I won't do it! I don't care what happens to me, I refuse to be with that.. JERK!" She slammed her fist on the table looking up at her.

"You agreed. Now, we don't have to result with blackmail, do we?"

"And what do you possibly have against me, that I would die from anyone knowing?" She said, folding her arms across her chest, proudly.

"Your a virgin." She smiled. That, was the ultimate.

Kagome's eyes widened. "You... you wouldn't!"

"I would. Do the bet. Starting tomorrow. And, if you loose, you will no longer be the playgirl of the school, your shadow, Kikyou will be." She smiled, and was about to walk away, when Kagome put a hand on her shoulder. You could tell rage was coming from within her.

"But, Sango! I hate Inuyasha. I hate him! I always have. I hate his smile, his attitude, his looks. I hate him for pulling stunts on me. I hate him for burning all my school books. I hate him for spraying whip-cream in hair. I hate him for scaring me to death at 12:00 midnight at my window. I hate him. If I have to do it, I'll do it. But, it'll be pay-back time, Sango. *Kagome* style!"

Kagome stormed away, getting her books from her locker for next class. 'This.. is going to be the hardest challenge of my life.' She sighed, and looked in the mirror that was in the hallway.

"Inuyasha.. why do you haunt my life so, even when your not talking to me?"

"Because, Kagome. I love you of course." Inuyasha grinned from behind her. "Love to play my pranks on you, that is. Your so fun, Kagome." He pushed her into the wall.

"Don't forget to look in your backpack." She eyed him suspiciously, and put her hand into the bag. She cringed when she felt something wet and slimy come in contact with her hand. She squealed, and dropped her backpack.

Attached to her hand, were fifty leeches and slugs. She turned her head slowly to him, and grinned.

"Kagome.. don't you DARE!" Kagome ran up to Inuyasha, and put her hand in his mouth, and all over his hair. He spat out the leeches out of his mouth, and tried to get the slugs out of his hair.

"Kagome, do you know how long it will take for me to get that fuckin' slime off my hair?" He said, face going into a long sigh at the thought.

Inuyasha had long hair actually, it was thick and silver. It was beautiful really, if you ever thought of it. Except for Kagome, she thought it was the spawn of hell, and would do anything to make Inuyasha realize that, she had told him on a couple of occasions actually.

"I guess I'll be seeing you around then, Kagome." He walked off to the boy's bathroom, entering.

"You'll be seeing me more than you think." Kagome smiled.

She walked off to the girl's bathroom to clean up her backpack, and her hands.


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