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To I am the master: You asked what "Feh" and "Ne" means. Feh is something Inuyasha says in the anime series, translated. In the Japanese version he says, "Keh". In the Japanese (offical) manga, he says "Bah." Its just an expression used, so is "ne". Ne is like saying, "You agree, dont cha'?" Something like that. Sorry if I didn't help.. ^^;;

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Curiosity killed the cat, Kagome.

She couldn't make it out, but there was someone struggling to get out of the plane as quick as possible. They finally were getting up to the top of the line, and were shoved out of the crowd onto the side. She didn't catch a glimpse of them, but she really couldn't care less, about that anyway.

Now, she could care when she was suddenly thrown to the ground, and picked up. And then, dragged across the terminal to the parking lot which was for some reason, heated. She looked up, and looked the stranger in the eye who had taken her, and was about to get killed, badly.

Brown...clashed with amber...



It Takes Two To Do The Tango

Order Thirteen

It Takes Two To Do The Tango

On my way up north up on the ventura,
I pulled back the hood, and I was talking to you.
And I knew then it would be, a life long thing.
But I didn't know that we, we could break a silver lining.

And I'm so sad like a good book.
I can't put this day back, a sorta fairytale.
With you, a sorta fairytale, with you.

Things you said that day up on the 101,
the girl had come undone.
I tried to downplay it with a bet about us.
You said that you'd take it, as long as I could.
I could not erase it

-A Sorta Fairy-tale
Tori Amos


Brown...clashed with amber...


Amber.. those golden eyes, which held so much emotion within them. Sadness, hurt, betrayal.. and anger. Anger fueled those burning orbs of hate. Of love. Of passion.

"KAGOME! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?!" Kagome couldn't hear him at all, she was frozen in her place, entranced in his gaze. It was different, like he actually cared. Then, that reminded her of why she was here, and she broke out of her trance and slapped him.

"Why do you follow me? So you can hurt me MORE?" She said, her voice rising at each syllable. Now, it was Inuyasha's turn to freeze, looking at her glare. It was so pained, and full of unleashed emotions. He could tell something was definitely wrong with her, one way or another.

"Why do I follow you? That's a stupid question, Kagome!" He said, with utmost truth. He knew she knew that he loved her. He loved her with all his heart, and never wanted to be alone again. Only with Kagome. Only. "Kagome.. you know why I followed you.." He said, his voice getting softer, and more gentle.

"No, no I don't." She said stubbornly, then continued, "You hate me. The only reason you would WANT to follow me is to hurt me more than you already have Inuyasha. But it's not possible. I'm broken, Inuyasha. You can't put me back together this time." She said, so sure of herself.

Who knew that things in fairy-tales come true?

"Kagome.. I need to explain to you what that was about.. I-" He was cut off by Kagome's sob and sudden outburst.

"EXPLAIN?! EXPLAIN WHAT? THERE IS NOTHING TO EXPLAIN! YOU HATE ME! BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, EVEN THOUGH ALL THIS SHIT HAPPENED!" She screamed, her scream echoing in the parking lot. She then ran away from him, but he caught up with her. He grabbed her around her waist and held her close to him.

Kagome, thought it was raining. So, she looked up, and saw that there was a ceiling above her, and no cracks. She gasped and turned her gaze to Inuyasha. He was crying, silently. "Kagome.. please.." He held her tighter to his body, and she ceased to move.

"I know, this is very odd of me, but Kagome, I'm capable of this also.." He said, talking about tears and emotions. "Kagome.. let me explain, please.. I beg of you."

She couldn't help but nod in his embrace. He continued, and nuzzled his face into her raven hair while doing so, "Kagome, before we got together, I had made a bet with Miroku. You see, I knew about that bet you made with Sango, that's why I was so rude to you. Miroku told me to break your heart in the end, because he wanted me to get revenge. Also, so you could get refused for once. Sango wasn't in this." He said, taking a deep breath and then continuing.

"So, I agreed. And if I lost, he would do all this stuff that had to do with Kikyou to me, so, I couldn't refuse. Then, it came time to tell you. Now, here we are." He finished, still enjoying the embrace of Kagome.

"Your not mad.. about the bet? You still trust me?" She said, wide-eyed. She didn't trust him at all, but he trusted her? Now, this was the start of a big guilt trip. Especially since she had just gone all the way to Kyoto from Tokyo. Now, she was really starting to regret this. She made all them worry, and get upset. Her train of thought's were stopped to a heaving motion, when his words came crashing down on her.

"With all my heart."

She turned around and looked at his golden amber gaze. She gave a warm smile, and when she did, Inuyasha smiled also. A genuine, affectionate, loving, caring, smile. Their faces were now inches apart, when Inuyasha brushed Kagome's hair out of her face. She nuzzled her face into his palm, and looked up at him gently. His eye's gave a twinkle, and he leaned down and kissed her.

By the way, hell just froze over.

It was a gentle, yet passionate kiss. It proved all his love for her within one simple motion. He pulled her closer, and she pulled him closer to her. Their bodies touched fully, and it was perfect symmetry. Inuyasha broke away, and said the truth. The honest, truth.

"I love you, only you." He leaned back into their kiss, when something began to vibrate in his pocket. He broke away, and pulled out his cell phone. "Hello?"

"Did you find her? Did you get her? Inuyasha, I want some answers NOW!" Sango said, over the phone worried.

"Hold on." He handed the phone to Kagome, and she smiled when she began to talk.

"So, did you and Miroku get together yet?" She said, sensing her best friend's smile on the other end.

"KAGOME! YOUR SAFE!" She yelled, and you could hear cheering and soft crying in the background. Kagome smiled, and told Sango all about what happened. Sango also shared a couple secrets with her, and soon they hung up. Kagome handed the phone back to Inuyasha.

"Well, I have no money. I can't get on the plane with you, I'm sorry." She said, looking outside. A big wad of money was placed in front of her face.

"You don't need a ticket, or money. I already booked us flights back, first class." He said, proudly. "Feh." He added on, as a sentence enhancer.

Kagome got Inuyasha's cell phone, and called Mayu. She told her about the situation, and totally understood.

Before they knew it, they were back home.


After hugs, kisses, and prayers, Inuyasha and Kagome were in Inuyasha's secret hide-out. "Your the first human to step in here. Be proud." He said, pulling her close to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder and breathed in the scent around her, deeply. She smiled.

She began singing just a soft tune, and it made Inuyasha's whole body relax,

"And I ride along side, and I rode along side you then, 'till you lost me there in the open road.
And I rode along side, till the honey spread itself so thin for me to break your bread, for me to take your word.
I had to steal it..."

He pulled her closer to him, looking at the now pitch-black sky. She was back, she was happy. This, was the life.

"And I'm so sad, like a good book, I can't put this day back, a sorta fairytale...
With you, a sorta fairytale, with you..."

She finished her quickly done song and looked up to him. He didn't know that she had a little abandoned house she found and fixed up when she was little around here. So, she stood up and grabbed his hand. He stood up along with her, and she lead the way. Inuyasha trusted her as to follow without asking any questions.

They came to a very nicely built house, it was literally the size of a condo. They went in, and everything was still where Kagome had left it. Inuyasha had understood, by seeing pictures of her on the walls. She closed the door, and looked up to him hopefully.

"I'm in a fairy-tale with you Inuyasha.." She said, holding him close to her again, and leading him to her room in the abandoned house.

He followed like a loyal puppy, and as soon as they entered the room, she shut the door and opened up the curtains. It was a wonderful view, and the stars gleamed brightly. She didn't bother to turn on any lights. She looked him in the eye, and said what she had been wanting to say to him ever since she met him.

Ever since she met him, she always had wanted to be with him. Always. And this was a perfect place, it was wonderful here. Maybe this is where they could live, or raise kids. Inuyasha looked at her with a little gleam in his eye, as she spoke what was on his mind. Not in his words exactly, but in Kagome's. She grinned, as did he. He knew what was coming.

"It takes two to do the tango."

Right on time.