The Story of Jennifer Rainey

By: Chibi Hermione

A/N: I know Mort and Amy were married for ten years, but to make this story possible, I'm making it longer.  If anyone has a problem with this, please don't read further.


Chapter One: The Dreaded Telephone Call

Jennifer Elisabeth Rainey was twenty six years old.  After a fight with her parents, Mort and Amy Rainey, ten years ago, she ran away to a small college town called Sunshine Bay, just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota.  She had never contacted her parents, or gave them her address, and almost completely forgot about life in Riverdale, Maine.

Ring, ring, ri-

"Hello?" Jennifer asked, pushing her blue framed glasses on her nose again.

"Is this Jennifer Elisabeth Rainey?"

"Yes, it is," she said, "who's this?"

"I'm the sheriff of Tashmore Lake, and I have to tell you that your mother, Amy, is dead.  We sent your father, Mort, up to St. Lucius Asylum last week in Riverdale," the old sheriff said, "I hope you have a good day."

The line went dead.

 Jennifer sat stunned in a chair.  This all happened so fast, she didn't know what to think or how to feel.

"What's up, Jen?" asked Kaycee Jones, her roommate.

"I just found out that my mother's dead, and my father's bouncing off of padded walls," Jennifer said in an emotionless voice, putting her glasses on top of her unruly wavy head.

"Bummer," commented Kaycee, "are you going home?"

"Yeah, I think I will," replied Jennifer in a surprised voice.


A/N: Well, that's all for chapter one. Please r/r. I'm sorry it's so short, I'll try and make chapter two longer.