Title: Darkness of Dol Guldur

Author: Morwen Eledhel


Rating: PG-13

Summary: a visit to Mirkwood, disasters occur

Disclaimer: unfortunately I only own torture methods eg nothing else yet

Chapter 1

The Forest of Mirkwood sent out a foreboding aura to anyone who came within a league of its boundaries. There were very few who dared brave the dark forest, even the more northern parts, where the Wood Elves resided.

Men who did not know the land of Mirkwood believed that nothing but evil rested in the depths of the dark forest, many thought the Elves to also be evil. The people were right in some ways; it seemed to most that only giant spiders, Wargs and Orcs lived beneath the trees, preying on travellers who were daring enough to venture into the heart of darkness itself.

However all knew that in the south of Mirkwood, where things were at their darkest, was the dark tower of Dol Guldur, where people believed the Dark Lord Sauron was hidden. Only very few knew that Sauron had fled the dark tower and returned to Mordor, leaving the Nazgûl, his most fearsome servants in charge.

It was in the dark dungeons of Dol Guldur where a young man lay chained up on the damp, cold stone floor. His top half was completely covered in cuts, welts and bruises, and caked with blood, some dry from old wounds, and still wet fresh blood from newer wounds. His leggings were torn and shredded from whips, a broken arrow still stuck in his left leg from when he had been brought down what now seemed like an age ago.

Fire erupted throughout his being as the dark form of the Witch King entered the tiny cell.

"Wake up," the Nazgûl kicked the prisoner in his already broken ribs, "get up you worthless piece of scum," he delivered several sharp blows to the man's vulnerable body.

The man groaned and lifted his head and his dark blood matted hair parted a little to reveal dark patches of bruising, a dry trail of blood travelled down the side of his face from the huge gash on his right temple, which was constantly prone to being reopened.

"Get up," he repeated, dragging the Human to his feet.

Dizziness overwhelmed him as he was forced to apply pressure to his wounded leg, and he walked. Terror gripped him seeing he was being led into an Orc infested battle arena.