Heaven Sings with a Dulcet Choir

Prologue: Confessions at Amboise

As Henry told Danielle about how his life measured by the trees and his philosophies of caring, he noticed that his beloved was in tears and trying desperately to subdue sobs.

"Nicole? My love, what is the matter? What did you want to tell me?"

Danielle took a deep breath. 'I can tell him! He'll hate me! NO! I have to tell him.'

"Simply that last night was the best night of my life." She turned to leave, but Henry gently pulled her into his loving embrace.

Henry looked at Danielle's pale face and found that her eyes did not meet his gaze. Placing his hand gently on her cheek he turned her face towards his, smiled, and kissed her tenderly. He slowly ended the kiss and yet, pulled her closer. 'God, how I love this woman,' he thought.

Suddenly, Danielle pulled away with a cry of half pain and half misery. 'I have to tell him! He deserves the truth! I can't hurt him that way!'

"Your Highness, I am not who you think I am. My name is really Danielle de Barbarac and I—" Danielle fell to the ground, pale as the white jasmine flowers she laid upon.

"NIC—DANIELLE! Oh my god!" exclaimed Henry, as he ran to her. As he knelt beside her he reached towards her only to discover blood on his hands.

He took hold of Danielle and rolled her to her side as gently as he could. Moving her tawny locks of hair away from her back, he saw the soaked back of her crimson dress.

"Danielle, please forgive me for invading your modesty." Without another thought, Henry opened the back of her dress, and saw her ravaged back. Shocked, he quickly set about finding a means of helping her.

Fiercely rushing through the ruins, he remembered that Calendula plant grew in spades on the outer wall, and its leaves were often used to prevent infection. Upon finding it, he grabbed enough leaves to cover Danielle's back, and scooping up his cloak along the way, hurried back to Danielle.

Henry rubbed and shredded the leaves as best he could to get the oils from them, and carefully covered Danielle's back. Ripping a strip from the bottom of his cloak, he carefully wound it around her torso. When he was done, Henry closed the back of her dress and wrapped her in his cloak.

'Damn! I should have ridden a horse! I can't carry her all the way back to the castle; it will be dark soon.' Indeed, while Henry had been tending to Danielle, it was already late afternoon.


Heylo! I've finally gotten around to revamping and fixing my crappy story! This is now a collaboration with me and my much loved muse and friend Dragonwolf 77! She is helping me and I love her!
Loreli F. S.