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One sunny vacation

A girl with long blue hair that was tied up in a ponytail was walking along the beach in her blue bikini. Little did she know that she was being followed. She kept walking until two hands grabbed her and lifted her into the sky. Then next moment she found the watery bed of the ocean.

"Oh yeah! I win." Yusuke started to dance.

"Yusuke!" She said angrily and pretended to cry. "Why did you do that?" Yusuke said he was sorry and walked into the water.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"No I am." Botan smiled and dragged him into the water and held him under. "Ha! The great Yusuke Urameshi." She mocked and got out of the water to tan with Yukina and Kayko.

"Ha," Kuwabara laughed. "I can't believe you fell for that," he said

Kurama was laughing as well. "Indeed, what possessed you?"

"Shut up." He said bitterly and walked off mumbling about a plan for revenge.

"Where is Hiei?" Kayko asked

"He's too good for us remember." Botan said.

"That's not true." Yukina defended her brother. (She knows)

Later on that day when the moon was over the waves of the silvery ocean Kayko was conversing with Yusuke about his new "job".

"I'm on vacation. I don't want to talk about my job." He said 'pacifier breath, is not exactly who I want to be thinking about.' He thought.

"Okay Yusuke." She said and put her head on his shoulders.

"Okay. I'm going to get some drinks." Botan said. Then seeing that Yukina and Kuwabara were growing more comfortable, "Kurama would you be a dear and help me carry them?"

"Oh. Sure." He said seeing where she was going with it.

Kurama and Botan walked in silence as they left the happy couples. "So, Kurama."

"Umm?" was all he said.

"How is your vacation going?" Botan asked.

"Fine. And yours?"

"Oh well, it's okay. I just wish..."

"Wish?" he pressed

"That we could always have fun moments like this. We always have to fight something, you know?"

"I see what you mean." Kurama said. "Don't worry about it, we will have more times like this."

"It's just that when you are death you don't get many friends." She said

"Friends. Or siblings." Kurama hugged her. She was like a sister to him. They would always talk about whatever they felt like. Neither judging the other. She saw him as her older brother. Botan knew what I was like to be in Yukina's shoes. Kurama was protective of her.

"Come my sister. Cheer up. Let's get some ice cream." Kurama said,

"I love ice cream." She said. She loved it when Kurama called her sister because she had never had a family, and if she did she could not remember them.

"Well, Botan." Kurama said after the ice cream was gone, "I should be going. Tomorrow it's back to school. "He said,

"Okay brother." She said

"Don't stay up too late." he said as he left her.

When Botan went back to the beach she looked for her friends but they were gone. Botan grew worried because they just left their things on the beach. And there were signs of a struggle. She ran back to find Kurama but all she found was his Rose. Then she was frantic...

Das Ende

Sorry about the cliffhanger. So what now? What happened to the others? Is Botan alone? What about School? (What the, how did that question get in there?) Throws it out what will happen if the Urameshi team is not around anymore?