Syaoran is standing out side Sakura's house waiting for her to run out screaming "Sorry I'm late!" He's only been back to Japan for a week and has already fallen in to the routine. Yet he's happy. He's with the one he loves the most what more could he ask for. It's been four years scents he had to say good bye to her to go to Hong Kong and get things in order so he could live in Tomoeda permanently and never have to leave her again. He glances down at his watch. A small smile apears on his lips.
"One, two, three."
"Phwee! I'm sorry I'm late Syaoran!" Sakura yelled as she ran out her house.
"It's okay, you'd think that stuffed animal of yours could wake you up on time." Syaoran said with a laugh. He and Kero would probably would never get along. He was the brat and Kero was the stuffed animal. He did have to admit, though, that Kero's true form was cool.
"I don't under stand why you two fight so much." Sakura said shaking her head.
"Don't worry to much about it." Syaoran caught.
"Okay, but one day your going to tell me why."
"All right." he said taking her hand. The two walked in silence bliss the rest of the way to school.

* * *

Tomoyo saw them holding hands as they came up and quickly got out her camera to capture it on film. After all how could she not capture this cute Li and Sakura moment on film.
"You two make the cutest couple!" she called out. Li and Sakura both blushed making Tomoyo even more happy. "Your just too cute!"
"T-tomoyo?" Sakura pleaded with sweat drops appearing on her head. Tomoyo just laughed and continued to be off in her own little world.
"Sakura did Hiiragizawa and Ms. Mizuki write back yet?" Li asked hoping to get Tomoyo to say something else besides how cute they are.
"Yes they did. Eriol say's they'll visiting some time this month."
"That's great we'll all bet together and can have a Cardcaptor reunion party." Tomoyo put in at this point.
"Yeah, that sounds fun. Don't you think Syaoran?" Sakura asked. Li though a few minutes before answering.
"Yeah that would be okay."
It was at this moment the teacher came in. "Alright every one take you seats."
As they were siting Tomoyo turns to Li and Says" You've changed. I thought you didn't like them."
"I don't, but I can tolerate them." Li told her, but he didn't really see any reason to dislike them now. After all they had helped Sakura catch all the cards and make them her own.

* * *

Later after school. Li and Sakura were walking home hand in hand. Li had agreed to help Sakura with her chores so they could hang out some more.

"I'll get Kero to do the laundry. Then I'll do the vacuuming. Syaoran could you clean the Basement?"

Li was in the basement dusting the books Sakura's father kept. Her father teaches archeology at Towa Univerity. He's also one of the reincarnations of Clow's split soul. Eriol was the other one. As he was dusting he came a cross a book that seemed familiar. Holding it in the light he noticed it looked like the Clow book had, but the colors were reversed. The background was gold and the simbloes were red.
"What is this?" Li asked out loud, just then the lock on the book glowed and released it's self. "What?!" He opened the book and saw there were Clow cards in it, but like the book the colors were reversed. He read the first card. "The storm"
That's when the card glowed and a wind picked up and blew the other cards away. "Shit! I read that out loud!?" Li cursed. The wind stopped and in his hand he still held the storm card. The book chose this time to glow and revile the guardian. Out of the cover of the book came a spotted cat, looking seemlier to a leopard with bat wings. It's eyes were a deep violet and it did not look happy.
"You released the cards!" it cried in an accusing tone.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to read it out loud. "Li told it.
It was at this time Sakura and Kero came rushing down the stairs. "Syaoran, what happened . .. ?" She stopped were she was a stared at the leopard that was glaring Li. "Who's that?"
"I'm Amethyst. Guardian of the Clow cards."

That's it for now please tell me what you think. This is my first fanfic. by the way.