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Since they were glaring at each other neither off them noticed the wave of sand that was about to come crashing down on them. The wave came crashing down on there heads and they were berried. As they tried to dig them selves out Amey had enough never to shout at Li.
"This is entirely your fault!"
"Is not! You're the one who stared a staring contest!"
"I did not!"
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
It was it this time Sand sent another wave on them. Li and Amey were berried deeply in sand now. The situation was looking very hopeless and pathetic.
"Would you just capture the card already!?" Amey asked.
"Alright, all ready!" Li yelled. He took out the Storm card and called. "Storm, become a cold tornado! Storm!" He then took out one of his script papers and called. "I summon the water dragon!"
The two combined, the storm gathered the sand and with the water it began to freeze. Li then took his sword and stabbed it at the frozen sand sculpture. And called, "Return to the form you were destined to be! Clow Card!"
The Frozen sand swirled to the point of the sword and transformed into a card. Then the card went and floated to Li's hand along with the Storm card.
"It was so your fault." Li said with a smile.
"It was not!" Amey said. How can some one with so much talent be such a pain? "It's your fault I have sand in my ears. You could have captured that sooner you know."
"Oh and how was I when I don't have any more then the one card?" Li asked. "I did have to think of a way to combine my own magic with the card you know."
"I know, but you'll have to think faster." Amey said then started to fly home. "Are you coming? Oh and don't forget to sign the card."
"Yeah, yeah." Li said with a frown and started after the flying cat. "Stuffed animals. I'm surrounded by bossy stuffed animals."


"Kero, I don't understand. Why wouldn't you let me help Li?" Sakura asked from her spot on tree over looking the baseball field. The two had seen the whole thing.
"You know why. Your Father told you, you couldn't over help him. You two have in away switched places. You can only give him advice and an occasional helping hand. Nothing more. We don't want you to accidental catch another set of Clow cards."
"I know, but still, he was berried by sand!" Sakura yelled at Kero. "He could have died. If you expect me to just watch something like that happen again you're out of your mind."
"Sakura please listen to me. I know you love him and worry about him, but Li has got to learn how to capture the cards by himself. Also he's a direct descendent of Clow Reed. He's had magical training all his life. I'm sure he can take care of himself." Kero told her rationally. He may not understand why his master loved the brat, but he respected the fact he wouldn't be able to change it.
"Thank you Kero. Your right, but you know I'm still going to worry anyway."
"I would expect nothing less."

The next day at school during lunch. Tomoyo was telling Li he should have told her about the new cards and how she wished she could have captured it all on film. Not to mention the fact she wanted to get his and Sakura's measurements for new battle costumes.
"Why do you want my measurements?" Li asked. He was also trying to figure out how she already knew about the new cards. "And how do you know about the cards anyway?"
"Kero told me and I want your measurements so you and Sakura can have matching outfits." Tomoyo said getting a gleam in her eye just thinking of the possibilities.
"Don't you think that's a bit much Tomoyo?" Sakura asked tentatively.
"Of course not." Li and Sakura both sweat dropped at this. "You two are going to come over today right? You can both bring Kero and Amey, was it?"
"Yes, it's Amey." Li said with a sigh. Amey had bored him last night with how important it was for him to catch the cards quickly. Like I didn't know that already. Li thought to himself.
"That's a cute name I can't wait to meet her." Tomoyo smiled.
"Why am I not surprised?" Li said with a role of his eyes.
"Syaoran be nice." Sakura said with a giggle. "Tomoyo, Kero and Amey don't get along that well."
"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." Tomoyo said The bell rang for class. "I'll see you guys at my house after school,"

Later at Tomoyo's mansion Sakura was trying on a new Costume that Tomoyo already made and was going to alter to fit her now that ahe had the correct measurements. Li was being measured by one of the few male workers in Tomoyo's home. He was hating and glaring at the poor man every chance he got. Soon he started to yell.
"Leave me alone! We're done! No more of this torture!"Li then ran out of the guest room and bursted into Tomoyo room and dove for the closet. Sakura and Tomoyo both bursted out laughing the the butler guy came in and addressed calmly.
"If young master Li is here please tell him we are not done and he must return to the guset room for the rest of his fitting session." with that said he walked away.
"Li it's safe to come out now." Sakura said with a laugh.
"Are you sure?" asked poking his head out of the closet.
"Fine but if he comes back I'm leaving."
"What's the matter kid? Afraid of a tape measure?" Kero laughed.
"Oh, shut-up, I had to put up with that all the time in China and I've always hated it, so leave me alone." Li defended himself.
"I don't want to ware this." Amey said tugging at the bow aroud he neck. "It's bother some."
"And you call your self a garden. You too have no style." Kero said to Li and Amey.
"Um... yeah Kero we have no style so we're just going to go now, right Amey?"
"Oh, yes let's go."
"Oh, your both leaving now?" Tomoyo asked and Sakura looked shocked.
"Yes, if that's alright." Li said he looked at Sakura and gave her a pleading look. She smiled and noded.
"I guess see you tomorrow at school then." Tomoyo replied.
Sakura got up and gave him a hug, "Yes, see you at school, oh and call me if a card shows up."
"Oh, you have to call me too." Tomoyo chimed in.
"Bye." Li and Amey said at the same time then glared at each other.
"Bye." the others said.

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