Title: Change My World

Author: Shinigami Liliz Black

Summary: Darren is a vampire prince. He suddenly finds himself into the charge of a fifteen year old girl but little does he knows the girl is more than a human...

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: The Darren Shan saga belongs to the one and only Darren Shan!

Status: BETAED

Notes: I'm going to answer this question to Ahlam

Ahlam- I had read six books (the only ones that had arrived) besides this is just an idea, I'm not implying he can have a child. It just came out...

Phyrehawk- Ok, I don't know who this Evanna character is, I only read book one to six. The reason the Princes are out of Character is because, well I can't recall their attitude, I mean I read the books six months ago and I also tend to read many fics and other books. I'm a fan of Darren Shan but I don't take it as much as Harry Potter. I only can remember Darren, Larten and Harkat. And if once the characters are out of place is because I'm known for it; AU and OOC things; I like playing with them in very weird ways people never seen. Besides I wanted Darren to be rebel... My errors are because I'm not a native English speaker and I'm getting some help from Sarah, my beta.

Jeez, you all making it sound like you aren't liking this fic. Should I continue or not? Is not that I can't continue but I just need you people's opinion...

Chapter Five: A new breed in the family.

"I married a witch. We conceived a daughter by potion making"

Murmurs erupted everywhere; Darren had never seen the vampires this shocked before. What is wrong with what Larten said?

Paris's eyes darkened as his hands turned into fists. "WHAT?!"

"You heard me Paris," he said arrogantly. "I have a daughter." Then he pushed Alice closer to him, "THIS is my daughter and those who want to slaughter her will have to challenge me first."

"Are you aware of the rules you have broken Larten?" Mika asked.

"Of course I am!" he growled, "Yet I did it!"

"BOTH!" Paris yelled, pointing a shaking finger at them, enraged, "TO THE HALL OF DEATH!"

The Hall burst into gasps and protests and Darren was amongst them. "Wait a minute? What wrong with protecting a child of your blood?"

"Is not that easy Darren-"

"I'm a bloody Prince too! I demand an explanation NOW!" The Hall stopped moving; hell, even stopped gasping as Darren bellowed at Mika.

"There is nothing else-" Paris tried to say.

"Paris, he's right," Mika said, "He's also a Prince and he need to be informed." Paris rolled his eyes irritated and sat down arrogantly on his chair. Arrow sighed as Mika smiled sadly.

"There is a code that says no Vampire is allowed to have an heir, unless he had it before becoming a vampire. I doubt Alice would have lived three hundred years and still look as younger as a teenager."

"Also, there's another code that says no vampire is allow to mate with those outside his clan, therefore, this woman was not accepted by the Princes."

"The last code says Witchcraft and vampirism does not mix and therefore it is prohibiting by nature."

"Who made all these codes?" Darren asked.

"Vampires; all of us." Darren snorted and crossed his arms.

"Clearly you people hadn't been under the power of politics, nor have been aware what codes and laws were meant for."

"To follow them!" Shango yelled, "That's bloody obvious."

Darren rolled his eyes. "How thick can you people be? Laws and codes are meant to be broken! To create terror and challenges amongst the people! Why the vampaneze are what they are?"

Nobody answered.

"Because they have the guts to challenge codes! They are showing you they're not afraid of what will come!"

Mika slowly looked at Arrow, who was looking startled at Darren. He drifted his gaze to the Old vampire Paris suddenly looking thoughtful. Darren was right...

Darren drifted his gaze to Paris. "Are you going to kill them? Let the vampaneze know you stick to codes? Nothing, I mean nothing in war is fair."

"Now that I think things clearly, Vampaneze might be searching for Alice because she's the result of a code breaker; the mixture of two different races; a key to power."

Paris looked tired, massaging his temple as he thought this entire situation. "But the girl needs to prove-"

"Fuck the codes!" Darren yelled angrily, "Fuck the bloody trial! You made many exceptions for me! Why not the daughter of Larten Crespley? Had you suddenly lost respect for the vampire?"

"What is he trying to do?" Alice whispered to Larten.

"Acceptance," he whispered back looking at Darren respectfully.

"I may be young and half breed but there are lots of things I can see that you people don't. And if you accepted me, you accepted everything from me, even my outburst and my ideals."

Mika chuckled. "You sure are a hell of a vampire Darren. If Larten blooded you, then he knew you would make a change."

"What do you say, Paris?" Arrow asked. "Mika and I reached an accord, it's up to you."

Paris just sank lower into his chair. "I am too old for these things. I've been depending on the codes for to long."

He sighed and finally said, "It's time for a change." He stood up and looked at the red haired vampire. "Larten Crespley you are forgiven and as for Alice Crespley, we trust you would make a good vampire."

Larten bowed slightly. "I am grateful."

Alice on the other hand stepped forward and kneeled in front the old vampire. "Magic runs through my veins and so does the hunger of a vampire. I am willing, to do as what Darren Shan commands me; as long is not crossing the limits."

Paris looked at the blue eyes of the young girl and sighed. "A witch, in the family."

Darren couldn't help but grin...