The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

Chapter One: You are Clam and Reposed

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            A happy couple held hands and walked to the ice cream shop. The sun smiled down on them and small white clouds floated on the bright blue sky above. Yukino blushed happily at Arima while they entered the small store.

"I love the ice cream here. It's absolutely delicious!" she stated. Arima led her to a booth where they sat on opposite sides. He squeezed her hands over the table.

"So do I. This is the best store in the city."

            A young waiter their age took their orders. His eyes gave Yukino the up and the down while her face reddened. On the other hand, Arima's face darkened. The familiar feeling of jealousy surged through his veins. A million reasons to hate the boy raced through the depths of Arima's mind.

            He was unbearably handsome. Yukino could easily fall in love with the creep's perfectly spiked dark brown hair and get lost in his starry forest eyes. This was the kind of beauty Arima couldn't rival.

            The waiter was horribly polite and respectful, aside from his habit of checking Yukino out every time he got near her. The little brat even added a thousand more toppings than what she originally asked for on her ice cream sundae. Yukino smiled bashfully and returned her attention to Arima, who was busy throwing mental darts at the waiter's retreating back.

            "Arima? Arima!" called Yukino. He turned to look at her.


            "How do you like your ice cream?" she asked with a cheerful grin.

            Arima looked at the dessert with distaste. "I'm not hungry anymore."

            "Oh." Yukino, sensing Arima's change in moods, bent her head towards the sundae. An awkward silence filled their booth. Ten minutes passed, and neither had opened their mouths. Arima was picturing the waiter staring deeply into Yukino's eyes before finally melting her mouth into his. A great force of protectiveness slipped through the cavities of his gray heart. Would Yukino really cheat on him?

            Yes. A chilling voice whispered in the back of Arima's mind. His lips took the shape of a scowl. No matter how hard he wanted to trust in Yukino's faith, Arima couldn't. There was just too much of a risk.

            Arima asked for the bill and paid it. He stood up and mumbled, "I have to go. Bye." Soon he was out the door. Yukino jumped out of her chair and ran to catch up with her boyfriend.

            "Arima!!" shouted Yukino. He stopped but didn't turn to face her. "Why are acting like this?!" she demanded to know.

            "Why don't you ask your new boyfriend?"

            "C'mon, Arima! Don't say things like that! I would never cheat on you." Tears formed in the corners of Yukino's cinnamon eyes.

            Arima was silent. Could he really believe her?


            "I love you so much, but you can't see that, can you? Arima, if you can't trust me, then…I don't think this relationship is going to work…. Goodbye, Arima…." Yukino wiped a stray tear from her cheek and walked away. Arima stood and contemplated Yukino's previous words.


            A strange smile played on his face. "No, Yukino. You are still mine."

            The only thing Arima could hold on to for love and support let go of his hand and ran away, but she was about to discover that Arima could run just as fast as her.


            The next morning at school, Yukino couldn't help but feel as if someone was following her. During lunch, a bouquet of dead and brown cherry blossoms graced her seat at her table. She looked behind her shoulder to see an empty space.

            My break up with Arima is making me paranoid, she thought hesitantly. I'm just a little jumpy. Besides, who would want to stalk me? A list of all her former admirers ran through her mind and she rethought her last statement. A hand squeezed her shoulder, causing Yukino to shriek.

            "What's got you so wired?" asked Asaba. Yukino sighed, glad that it was Asaba and not a stalker. "Have you seen Arima? I haven't seen him all day."

            Yukino shook her head and looked into Asaba's eyes. He understood the silent message and patted Yukino's shoulder comfortingly.

            "I'm sorry."

            "It's not your fault, but thanks."

            "Are you going to be okay?"

            "Yeah…. No."

            Asaba wondered briefly if Arima was all right. He shook a frightening image of what Arima could do when deprived of his only love from his thoughts.


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