The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

Chapter Seven: You are so Fragile and Thin

Disclaimer: Really. Why would I write "Disclaimer" if I owned Kare Kano and Brand New?

Mountain Rain: I choked. Yukino isn't going to die in this alternate ending. But she is going to be scared half to death. (What happens when someone if scared half to death twice?) Enjoy.



            Yukino shivered. That wasn't Arima's voice. Something was definitely wrong. She looked up into his eyes and noticed his usual sparkle was missing.

            "Come with me," he growled, grabbing her arm and pulling her to her feet. At first their feet moved slowly, as if they were afraid to move faster. Yukino followed him loyally. She stared at the back of his head and began to hope he was only kidding.

            Walking wasn't fast enough for the voice. It wanted the deed to be done as soon as possible.

            Faster. You must go faster.

            Arima's legs started to move faster. His hold on Yukino's arm tightened after she tried to squirm out of it. She kept trying to keep up with him, but Arima was faster than she could handle.

            "Where are we going?" she breathed.

            "Quiet," said the voice, taking Arima's voice.

            Leaves fell through Yukino's hair as they hurried through the wooden area of the old park. Night had fallen, so Yukino relied on moonlight to help her weak eyes determine their location. A sharp branch scraped Yukino's arm and caused a drop of blood to run down her pale white skin. She bit her lip to suppress a yelp. The amazing show of stars in the dark sky was no comfort to Yukino.

            Arima, with his free hand, searched in his pocket for the item he had brought. It was essential that he had it; how else could he finish what the voice had started? His pocket was empty.

            ARIMA! How could you forget to bring it?!

            "I-I don't know…."

            You DON'T know?! How could you not know?!

            "I don't know!" He was started to lose his calm. What could he do now?

            You idiot!

            That voice was starting to sound familiar….

            "Father…" gasped Arima. In that moment, everything the voice told Arima was thrown down the drain. He reformed back to his old state of mind. Hurting, or even scaring Yukino was now out of the question.

            His father's voice, however, was still stuck in the past.

Yukino sensed Arima's lost composure. She decided it was the perfect time to escape, and the sooner, the better. His grip on her arm was getting sweaty, giving her the best possible method of escape. Yukino twisted his arm up his back and then ran the opposite way. Arima cried out in pain and chased after her.

You deserve that. An idiot like you should've gotten a kick in the crotch, too.

"Shut up! I've got to get her back! I can't believe I let you take control of me!" he thought. "How could I do that to her!?"

            In the meantime, Yukino wondered why she hadn't tried that move before. Blinded by fright, Yukino didn't see that she was running into a ditch. The ground below her disappeared and she fell into the deep trench. Yukino's first instinct was to scream, but she decided against it so as not to be found by Arima. Of course, a ditch in the middle of a park is a very hard object to miss, especially when one is running towards it.

            Arima was blinded by regret. The fact that his father's voice was tormenting him inside was no help, either. He still ran, despite his inability to see and think clearly. There was no trace of Yukino ahead of him. He couldn't hear her feet pounding the dirt, either. Arima knew that since his legs were longer and he was in better shape than Yukino, he should have caught up to her. A chilling thought crossed his mind: What if something had happened? She would never know that he still loved her and that he was so sorry.

            Good. Our work will be done for us if something happened to her.

            "Shut up!! I don't care! It's not my work, it's yours!!"

            But don't you want to make me proud? You would be the son I always wanted if you got rid of Yukino….


            Yes. I would burst with pride.

            "I hope you do burst! There is no way I would ever hurt Yukino."

            You weren't thinking that half an hour ago.


            Through his struggle to take back control of his mind, Arima didn't see the ditch. He fell face flat into the slightly damp dirt. Even with dirt in his ear, he could hear Yukino's shriek.

            "Arima…. Don't try anything. Please!" Small tears made their way down her dusty cheeks.

            "No…" groaned Arima. He turned over and sat down to face Yukino. His handsome face was splattered with soil, slightly lowering her fear. She almost laughed when he rubbed his head and sneezed dirt. Through his dizziness, he could see her cowering in a corner, suppressing her laughter.


            Joy immediately morphed into fear. "Don't hurt me. I'm warning you…."

            "I don't want to hurt you…. I was just really upset over the breakup," he began. "I see now…. I love you too much to hurt you."

            Yukino was too stunned to speak. What should she do? Should she take him back or kick him to the curb? She determined to do the first suggestion.

            "Arima…if I take you back, you've got to promise to trust me, no matter what."

            "I promise."

            Yukino smiled at him. She moved towards him. She slowly tilted her head and kissed him on the lips. With that kiss, Arima's father's "voice" disappeared. Love can conquer all, even the painful memories of the distressed.


Mountain Rain: That ending wasn't so great, but it was definitely better that ending # 1. I know it sounds like Arima's been possessed by his father, but he hasn't. Nope. That was the work of a psychotic episode. Yep, the trauma he faced as a child came back to ruin his life. Well, ja ne. I hope you enjoyed my out of character character-driven story. Review, please!