"This Feels Right"
by Laheara

Summary: Whitelighters are being attacked all over the world. Chris, Leo and the Charmed Ones must work together to stop this new evil organizing the Underworld again. Set before "Sleepy Halliwell" so the girls don't know who Chris really is yet.

Spoilers: For all episodes from "Chris-crossed" on in season 6. The story is set after before Sleepy Halliwell, the girls don't know Chris is family yet.

Disclaimers: Yeah, ok you know the drill. I don't own the WB or Charmed or any of these characters. It's just fun and all that stuff so don't sue me. ***********************

"Look Chris, I know you told us that Wyatt was evil in the future, but what exactly did you mean?"

"What do you mean what did I mean, Phoebe? He's evil, he's the evil that destroyed the world and created a world of darkness and despair. I came here to keep him from turning so he doesn't do that again. He killed people who wouldn't join his cause, enslaved thousands. What more do you need?"

"But when we defeated the Titans shouldn't that have changed things? Meaning that there should be a new big back evil in the future now. Maybe you just didn't see when you went back so briefly." Phoebe questioned but knew Chris was right.

"Wyatt was still evil in the future, he's the big bad thing now. I came here to try and stop, by not letting him turn evil in the first place. How many times do I have to keep saying this?"

"I don't believe you."

Pipers words rang out in Chris's mind. "I'm sorry but it's truth. You don't know how much I wish it wasn't but it is."

The look Piper gave Chris scared him, he knew she was furious and he hated hurting her with this news but it was something they needed to know to him now. Chris orbed out to think and he decided to go to the bridge again; Leo was right it was a great place to think. He looked out at the city letting his brown hair blow in the wind.

Chris had saved Wyatt from The Order and then they realized he didn't raise his shield to Chris anymore. That meant something anyway, Chris has finally gained little Wyatts trust. Chris couldn't help but laugh at the irony. He'd finally gained Wyatt's trust on the same day he'd lost the trust of the sisters.

It had been shocking for them to realize that he was not who he said he was. When Bianca came back to take him home and Piper had tried to freeze them, he'd been forced to tell them he was half witch also. He could tell they were angry and shocked he'd kept secrets and lied to them; but when he was in trouble in the future they still came through for him with the spell under the floorboard. When he came crashing back through the portal and asked if he could stay they had still said yes even when he refused to tell them the truth again.

They had forgiven him then, but learning that Wyatt was evil in the future seemed to be something they couldn't trust him on. Chris smiled sadly, "Well it's not like I've been so open with them in the past."

Then Pipers idea of giving up on love scared him. Not only would that mean that he'd never be born but it wasn't natural or healthy for her to do that. He hoped David had taught her that at least from all of this mess. Chris was lost in thoughts about the sisters and Wyatt and his own time and Bianca and how much he missed her. "Well I still have time to try to save her along with the rest of the world and my brother."

Chris knew he'd never get to see this new world he was trying to create, it would be the world created now in this time, his time would still be the same. Chris also knew that as soon as he went back to his world after saving Wyatt he would die. That scared him but he was sort of glad in a way, all his lying and running would finally be over when Wyatt hit him with that energyball. He just hoped little Chris and Wyatt would grow up to love each other in the new world, he never wanted his other self to feel the pain of knowing the only family you have left wants dead.

Back at the manor the sister were all sitting around the kitchen table. Paige was the first to break the silence, "Do we really want to loose Chris?" Piper and Phoebe both looked at her strangely. "Well I mean Leo was right, Chris has done a lot of good protecting Wyatt even with his secrets. Which if you remember are to protect us as much as the future he said."

Phoebe shakes her head, "And you believe him?"

"Well I don't know much about time travel but he's done it so..."

"I don't mean about the time travel, I mean do you really think Wyatt is this horrible person in the future that kills and took over the world?"

Paige let out a sigh and looked down at her tea. "Honestly... I don't want to, but you saw what just happened yesterday. The Order was able to turn him evil right before our eyes and only Chris could save him and now Wyatt trusts Chris."

"He trusts him because Chris got him back to his mother. That's all, that doesn't mean that whatever Wyatt first felt and didn't trust in him isn't still there." Piper was trying to rationalize her thoughts but they sounded flawed even to her. Wyatt only trusted people who had proven themselves to be safe and trustworthy. If Wyatt trusted Chris now that must mean that Chris really is safe, but if that is true then it also means that her son is this monster in the future that is going to take over the world and kill people.

Paige just sat there looking at Piper waiting for the emotions to settle and the truth to set in which she knew it would. When she finally sees in Pipers eyes that she's agreed she speaks, "You know Chris would never hurt us intentionally. He's saved our tails a bunch of times and Wyatts. He may have secrets he believes he has to keep from us but he's on our side."

Piper sighed and looked down, "I know. I just wish he could tell us more about himself and his time. Things that won't change history, we know so little about him and his life. We don't even really know how old he is. He's not a full Whitelighter which means he isn't dead, he's a witch..."

Paige jumps in, "Like me!" Then she realizes where Piper is going with this. "Oh, that means that he may be alive right now, like Wyatt and Bianca. Maybe we could meet little Chris."

Piper looks at her sister, "Oh and how would you convince his parents to let us near him. Excuse me, could I hold your son, I know a him when he's grown up since he came back into our time from the future to protect my nephew."

Paige looks at Piper with a scowl, "Ok, so we can't tell them how we know Chris but it would be fun to see if he's as adorable now as his future self is."

Phoebe and Piper both smiled at the idea of a little boy as secretive and annoying as the Chris they knew. Piper said, "But he's from 20 years in the future, how do we even know his family lives here in the city now or if they move here later."

Phoebe looked at Piper and nodded, "That's true."

Paige took a deep breath and said quietly not knowing how her sisters will react to her suggestion; "Well first of all, don't you think we should apologize to Chris for being kind of mean to him just now? I mean he was just doing what we've wanted him to do since he arrived. He told us something about the future. It might not have been something we wanted to hear but he told us."

Phoebe frowned, "She's right, we were kind of rude to him. Maybe we should call him back and say we're sorry."

Piper exhaled a long breath and sighed, "You're right. Chris! Chris please come back we want to talk to you."

Paige yells, "It's important Chris and we're not gonna yell at you this time."

Nothing happens and they all look at each other. Paige shrugs, "Maybe he's busy... like with a demon or something?"

"Or maybe he's ignoring us because we were rude to him?" Phoebe said.

"Well whatever it is he'll be back, he always comes back to get us to hunt a new demon down. Just give it time." Piper said as she stood and went to the fridge, "I'll get dinner started."

Paige and Phoebe looked at each other and just shrugged. Paige looked at Piper and asked, "Need any help?"

Piper smiled at her sister and shook her head, "Nah, just go watch some TV or something. I'll call you guys when it's ready."

Her sisters smiled and nodded went into the living room. They sat down and turned on the TV. They weren't watching long before a new bulletin came across the channel.

"This is MSNBC correspondent Michael Langill reporting from just below the Golden Gate Bridge. As has been reported for the last few minutes all traffic heading to the bridge is being diverted back into the city due to the strange happenings going on atop it's tallest support tower. There is a big light show going on up there. Police believe that perhaps some teenagers climbed up and are setting off some fireworks. Our news chopper is on it way up to take a look and should arrive in a few minutes with fresh pictures for you. Wait... it seems to have stopped... oh my god! Someone is falling from the bridge down towards the water... oh my god!"

The camera zoomed in on the falling body and the girls recognized it as a Darklighter that had attacked them a few days ago but got away. By this time Piper had come in from the kitchen and was sitting on the arm of the couch watching the news with her sisters.

Paige looked at her sisters, "Why would a Darklighter be on top of the Golden Gate Bridge?"

Phoebe asked also, "And what was that about the light show up there?"

Just then a flash of blue and white orbs materialized in the conservatory. The sisters stood and walked in to see Chris on the floor. He had burns from at least two fireballs and an arrow in his chest.

Paige ran to him first and her hand moved to the arrow but Chris used the last of his strength to push it away and whispered, "No..."

Phoebe grabbed her dazed sister and pulled her back from the arrow. "Paige what were you thinking! You're part Whitelighter you can't touch that."

Piper sank down beside her sisters and looked at Chris, "Well I guess we know now what that light show was about. I'm thinking the reason we saw a body falling from the bridge was the Darklighter wasn't stupid enough to let a new camera catching shimmering so he likely went out just before he hit the water."

Paige looked at how pale Chris was, "How could all this have happened to him so quickly? He's only be gone maybe 20 minutes."

"Maybe the Darklighter was following him. It would be crazy to attack here again so he waited until Chris was alone and went after him there."

Piper looked at the burns, "But Darklighters don't make fireballs, there had to have been someone else there to ambush him."

"Darklighters working with other demons to kill Whitelighters?" Paige asked.

Phoebe realized what that meant, "Unless it was a special union just to kill the Whitelighter of the Charmed Ones."

Finally Chris spoke, "attacking... all Whitelighters... not first..." He was panting for breath, the arrow must have collapsed a lung. "It's beginning... protect Wyatt...."

Piper got very scared now, "What do you mean Chris? What's beginning? Who's coming after Wyatt?"

Chris tried to say the name but he was in so much pain it was just a whisper but Paige leaned down and put her ear over Chris's face to hear. She leaned back up and said, "Metturinan?"

"Never heard of him. Chris is that the right name?" Phoebe asked and Chris nodded.

Chris's head turned to Paige and she leaned down again, "They caught me... off guard... sorry... I... couldn't warn... you sooner." The last couple of words were so weak Paige nearly didn't hear them.

Paige touched Chris's neck and then jumped and looked at her sisters. "He's dying!"

"But Darklighter poison doesn't kill that fast, it takes a couple of hours. He can't be dying!" Phoebe was getting worried.

Piper looked at Chris and saw the sweat and then noticed a pool of blood they hadn't seen before. "Oh my god." She crawled behind Chris pushed him up a bit and he screamed in pain. His entire lower back was riddled with deep scratches and gouges and most of them followed through unto his stomach as well.

Paige crawled back a step and looked at his stomach. "Oh my gosh, it looks like he was attacked by an animal."

"Whatever did this to him they wanted it to be bad." Phoebe said as she got to her feet and yelled, "LEO! We need you Chris is dying!"

Nothing happened and then Piper tried, "LEO, PLEASE!"

After another second Paige heard an Elder jingle. She frowned and looked at her sisters, "The Elders are jingling me."

"Why?" Phoebe asked.

"I don't know but maybe I get them to send a Whitelighter here to help Chris."

Piper nodded, "Go."

Paige orbed out and Piper's mother instincts kicked in. She tried to make Chris comfortable and whispered to him, "Everything is going to be ok Chris. Paige is getting help for you."

Chris was delirious and his breathing was laboured, "Mom... mom I'm sorry."

Piper and Phoebe were shocked at this. Then Phoebe thought, "He's not thinking straight, he likely thinks he's still in his time. How knows what is going on in his mind right now."

Piper nodded, it was strange that her voice would make Chris think of his mother but Phoebe was right, Chris was hurt and not thinking straight. "Yeah, you're right. Let's make him as comfortable as we can."

Phoebe nodded a few minutes later Paige orbed back in alone. Piper looked at her and asked, "I thought you were going to bring back a Whitelighter to heal Chris?"

Paige shook her head, "I can't."

Piper looked at her sister and saw she was scared. Her hands were shaking and her eyes were full of fear. Phoebe noticed this also and stood up and put her arm around Paige. "What's wrong? What did the Elders tell you?"

Paige looked down at Chris and tears came to her eyes and then she closed them and said, "Whitelighters all over the world are being attacked right now. Dozens of them are dead and others are dying. The Elders don't know what's happening but it was coordinated and well planned. They believe if they can't protect what Whitelighters are left they'll all be dead in a couple of hours."

Piper and Phoebe both went pale. Piper's first thought was Leo, "LEO? Is Leo up there with the Elders?"

Paige cringed and couldn't meet her sisters gaze, "No... he's out trying to save as many as he can with a couple of other Elders."

Piper's hand went to her mouth and her eyes filled with tears. "No... not again."

Phoebe was torn, she didn't want to leave Paige in this stunned state but now Piper was scared and worried too. She reached over Chris and took Piper's hand and squeezed it.

"Piper, listen to me. Leo saved the Elders from the Titans and managed to stay out of trouble. The Titans were very powerful and Leo could stay one step ahead of them he can do it again with whoever is doing this. We just have to trust in him."

Then Phoebe felt Paige pull from her arms and she sank to the floor beside Chris. Her pale white hand went out and stroked Chris's hair. His breathing was shallow now and she could tell his body was going numb. He was dying in front of them and there was nothing they could do for him.

Paige's whispered, "Why couldn't you be a full Whitelighter Chris, then I could channel your powers and heal you."

Phoebe let her hand rest in Paige's hair and her eyes went to Wyatt. He was standing in his playpen watching what was happening. Phoebe could see Piper was watching him too; her eyes were glued to him. If something happened to Leo Wyatt would be all she had left of him.

Paige suddenly went stiff and she looked up too, "WYATT!"

Both Phoebe and Piper were shaken from their trances and looked at Wyatts playpen. He disappeared in a swirl of orbs and appeared in Paiges lap. Phoebe and Piper both sank to the floor again and looked at their sister.

Paige saw them watching her and said, "Wyatt has healing powers. Maybe I can channel his like I did with Leo once."

Piper looked at Phoebe, "Do you think that could work?"

Phoebe thought, "I don't see why not. His healing power comes from Leo, and Paige could use Leo's before, so yeah, it should work."

Chris's body suddenly went into a seizure and the sisters pulled back from a bit. Paige's hand went to his side to show him they were still there and Piper put her hand on his leg and Phoebe grasped one of his hands.

"It's ok Chris, we're gonna help you if we can," Paige said into Chris's ear. In a few seconds the seizure stopped and Chris's body relaxed, his breathing was now barely a whisper, they were loosing him and had to move.

"He's leaving, we have to do this now," Paige said looking at Chris worried.

Piper looked at him and felt sorry for every bad thing she ever said about him. "Do you think he's strong enough for this?"

Phoebe just grasped Piper's hand, "He has to be, honey."

Piper looked at Paige then at Wyatt, "Ok, Wyatt, sweetie, Aunt Paige needs you help to save Chris. We need you to heal him for us, honey."

Wyatt looked down at Chris then back up at Paige. Paige took Wyatts hand and one of hers and then placed both of her hands over Chris. It took a moment but the golden glow came.

Nothing seemed to happen for a second and Phoebe gasped. "He's not breathing!"

Paige lifted Wyatt and sat him right next to Chris's side and put their hands over him again. "NO, Chris you are not leaving us. We haven't had a chance to tell you we're sorry yet."

The golden glow continued and then Chris started breathing again, shallow as before but he was breathing. Phoebe saw the look on Paige's face and asked her, "What's wrong Paige? Why isn't he healing faster?"

"I can feel there is some kind of magic keeping normal healing from helping him that much, but it is working, just slowly."

A few seconds later another mass of orbs appeared in the living room. Piper stood and looked to see Leo orb in with three others. Tears came to her eyes and she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"LEO!" She sobbed for a could of seconds, "I was so worried about you."

Leo held his wife close and rested his face in her hair, "I know I could feel it. I'm ok, really."

Piper squeezed him a second longer and then pulled away, "Good, but Chris isn't, you have to help him. He was attacked by the demons hunting Whitelighters."

Leo looked over and saw Chris, Paige, Wyatt and Phoebe on the floor. Piper took his hand and led him over to them. Phoebe has broken off the arrow and threw it toward the window by now. Leo knelt and put his hands over Chris also and the golden glow increased in intensity. Chris gasped at the new stronger power flowing through him and then his burns healed, followed by the claw marks. But strangely the arrow wound in his chest did not completely heal although it stopped bleeding. Leo lowered his hands nodded for Paige to do the same.

"That's as much as we're going to be able to do for him for now. There is a magic that was added to the arrows that prevents them from being completely healed. And the poison is still in his system but it's moving very slowly. Both of the Whitelighters I just saved were attack. I brought them here hoping you could protect them for me."

Piper looked at him and the two others in the living room. "How can we protect them? We couldn't have help Chris?"

"I'm going to do a similar kind of sanctuary here that I made for the Elders. Something that will mask Whitelighter energy to a certain degree. I can't mask it completely but all demons know that one of the Charmed ones is part Whitelighter; they will think they are sensing Paige and not the people I'm going to bring here. They can stay in the basement, so they aren't bothering you up here."

Chris woke up and looked at Leo as he sat up and listened, "As long as either Paige, Chris or Wyatt are here at all times it will work. But if you both leave they will know something is wrong and attack."

Phoebe asked, "Why can't they just orb up there? Wouldn't that be safer then stay on Earth?"

Leo shook his head, "No, because we're expecting that whoever is doing this will attach them soon too. If everyone went up there they would be killed all at once when this new evil goes after the Elders."

Piper looked at Leo, "So you know that it will eventually go after the Elders too?"

"Of course, but we have to try to save as many as we can before it attacks us. They are our responsibility, they look to us for guidance and leadership, we can't just let them die."

Phoebe shook her head, "No we know you can't let them die, of course not. Of course they can stay here. I'm sure the Woogie and the Nexus down there would love some company." She was trying to lighten the mood in the room.

The sister looked at each other and then at the two Whitelighters standing in the living room. They had scared looks on their faces, but were trying to hide them but the normal resolve their kind was supposed to show. Piper nodded, "Ok, they can stay. We'll watch out for them."

Paige looked at Chris and asked him, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm better." He looked at Wyatt and smiled running his hand through Wyatts red hair, "Thanks little guy, I owe you." Then he looked at Paige and Leo. "Thank you."

Paige smiled, "No problem." Then she hugged Chris, Phoebe followed and then Piper. They all hugged him and said they were happy he was back.

Leo nodded at them all and stood the walked back to the other Whitelighters. Chris thought to himself, 'Duty calls as usual.'

When the girls let Chris go they helped him to his feet telling him to watch that wound. Piper took Chris's hand and led him upstairs. They went to the bathroom and she sat him down on the side of the toilet. The pulled some things out of the cabinets and then leaned down in front of him. She unbuttoned his shirt to show the wound and carefully cleaned it then bandaged it.

"Leo said there is some kind of magic keeping this from healing so you'll have to be careful until we can break it let you heal. Which means you have to keep it clean so it doesn't get infected and you also can't move around as much as you normally do."

Chris just sat there and let her work on him. He felt so nice to have his mother look after him again; he hadn't felt this in a long time. Even before she died eight years ago. Piper snapped her fingers in front of his face to bring him back to reality. He blinked and looked at her confused.

"Did you hear a word I just said?"

"Yeah, keep it clean, no big movements, got it."

"Good." She put one last piece of tape on the bandage and then stepped back to look at him. "What were you just thinking about?"

Chris looked down at his chest and fingered the bandage a bit before Piper slapped his fingers away. "I was just thinking, about my mother."

Piper raised and eyebrow, "Really? Do I remind you of her?"

Chris nodded looking at the bandage still, "Yes, very much. You have very gentle hands Piper."

Piper smiled, "Thank you."

Chris smiled and looked at her, "You're welcome. And thanks for letting Paige and Wyatt try to save me before Leo got here. I know we haven't been on the best of terms lately and I'm sorry for that, but there are just certain things I can't tell you, as much as I might want too."

Piper put a hand up to stop him, "I know. I understand that, Chris. It's very frustrating but I understand you're just being careful. I'm just glad that you care enough about Wyatt to want to save him. We know you wouldn't lie to us, I guess just hearing my son is evil hit me a little badly. I'm sorry for how I reacted both the first time you told me a couple weeks ago and again this time."

Chris smiled and nodded, "It's ok, I haven't really been that easy to live with lately either. I know I've pushed you all a lot with this quest I'm on but it is for the best."

"We know that Chris and we trust you to care for Wyatt, and you've even done a half reasonable job helping us from time to time." She said with a smile that let him know she was joking.

Chris smiled and said, "Thanks, I think." Then he laughed, but that wasn't a good idea. He winced in pain as the laugh pulled at the wound in his chest and his hand went back to it again.

Piper knelt and looked more closely to be sure the bandage was still tight and then stood again, "Easy Chris. Take care of that."

"I will and I'm ok."

Piper looked into green eyes and could have sworn she saw something familiar there but shrugged it off. "You have to be really careful, remember you're still the hit list of whoever this new demon is. Which means they may attack you again, you have to stay close to us and the other Whitelighters at all times."

Chris smiled at her and nodded saluting her also, "Yes, mother."

Piper smiled and something in the back of her mind was screaming at her when he said that but her conscious mind was telling her he was just being sarcastic. She smiled at him and ruffled his hair.

"Piper?" Leo called from downstairs.

"Coming!" Piper called back and smiled at Chris before she walked out.

Chris sat a moment longer. He had just called Piper mother. She thought he was just being smart, but it felt so good, then to see her smile at him and ruffle his hand again. It was like he was eight years old again and making cookies in the kitchen with his mother. It just all felt so right, and he loved it. He didn't want to leave this time even though he knew he'd have to eventually.


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