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Recalling Days of Old
In past days of ancient lore
Before the pillars of time
Nargothrand, beyond its hidden door
Hurin, love of Morwen's patient climb.
Of the Fair Folk, this story tells, of the Firstborn;
Of their kindness and peril, of their potent magic
Of their virile craft and the passing of their ways
For the suffering of Man has inherited these lands.
Of Varda, Lady Elbereth, her stars shining bright
Giving hope to all through sorrow and plight.
Manwe, Lord of Arda, his eagles dwell upon mountains high
Resolute, upon Taniquetil, hearing the Elves cry.

Of the fury of Feanor's fiery oath
Of fair Luthien and her mortal Beren
The Girdle of Melian; Turin's plight
Propelling Earendil to the heights.
Fair Elves fade from sight
Slowly losing their might
Lost and enmeshed in the night.
The history of the Elves
Epic, mystical, yet forgotten
Told in this tale
Of adventure, darkness, valor, and love
Granted from the heavens above.