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Archivist's Note: This account was accidentally unearthed in the White Tower of Gondor. Close studies have proven that it is authentic. The entries are written by a fine, educated, elegant hand, using Sindarin script and varying between the tongues of the High-Elven and the tongues of Men for she was fluent in many languages. It is written in faded ink, which seems to be some shade of purple on parchment. This document, as a historical one, is invaluable, but also gives us much insight in the life and feelings of the legendary Arwen Umdomial, Elrond's only daughter, beloved to Men and Elves, for hers is a tale much like Luthien's, with great love, sacrifice, and sorrow.

Nienna, daughter of Barahir, Archivist of Gondor, Fourth Age, 4004

Third Age, Midsummer's Day, Minas Tirith, Gondor

I have seen Minas Tirith many a time, even before the Realm of the Dark Lord, but nothing could compare to when I entered it today. Banners hung over the City, the air, fresh and cool, and as I rode alongside my father, I saw true happiness in the eyes of the people, as I have not for many long years. My grandmother Galadriel, Lady of Light, entered the city before me and when her white steed set foot into the City, under a banner of silver, the people cried out in joy, for the beauty of the morning* could not be denied. With shimmering white gems embedded in their fair hair, gray cloaks, and renowned elegance, the Elves of Lothlorien gracefully followed. When my father entered, carrying the scepter of Annuminas, the people bowed to show their reverence and Gandalf came down to welcome him. Everywhere, I saw a friendly, joyful face, but the one that I most yearned to look upon was nowhere to be found. Finally, as we were descending from our horses, I heard a familiar, loving voice greet my father. Then, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder, and quiet words whispered into my ears. "tye telwa" * I smiled to myself knowing who it was. I whispered back teasingly, "Inye yassen legovanan."* I then turned and drank in what I saw. There he was, after so many long years of separation, since that day he left Rivendell. The years were not many, in number, especially to the children of the Eldar*, yet the time without him was unbearable and seemed like the unmarked ages of Valinor*. He had aged and looked tired, but the valour and the triumph of his labours were more than enough to compensate. He smiled when I faced him and embraced me with the tender warmth I longed for. I fingered the Evenstar* I had given him many years ago, still hanging faithful and undimmed on his neck. He led me onto the platform and greeted his other guests. Galadriel was smiling mysteriously at me and her eyes were hinting something, but I was in too much bliss to take much heed to it. My father handed over the Sceptre of Annuminas and then reluctantly took my hand, and placed it in Aragorn's. I looked at my father who, though he would not meet my gaze, looked grim and reluctant, but seemed to have acknowledged my decision. I looked back into Aragorn's loving eyes and under the stars of Otselen and Valacirca* we wedded. He pledged, "Inye vanda vorima verno*," and I returned the troth. Then in the City of Kings, on Midsummer's Day, under the stars but the golden sun had not yet set, Aragorn and I kissed and officially became husband and wife. My dreams had finally true. A cheer went out from the people watching and yet, my father's eyes were mournful and full of grief as he witnessed in his eyes, the final seal of my Fate. Like I have told him before, I do not regret my decision and am duly prepared to meet the consequences of it. A cheer rang out from the people. "Hail King Elessar! Hail Queen Arwen!" Elessar, I am not accustomed to that name yet. I still prefer Aragorn, or even Estel, the name my father bestowed upon him. We feasted and celebrated late into the night. I reunited with the members of the Fellowship. I saw first the four adorable hobbits. Frodo looked weary with much toil, but made an effort to be merry and joyous and actually looked relaxed and seemed to be enjoying the feast. Sam ate as if he hadn't even caught a glimpse of good food in years, which in this case, he hadn't. I think he has grown sick of lembas*. Merry and Pippin grew several inches, though the reason they would not tell me. Gandalf was as amiable and wise as ever and I had a long discussion with him about my father. I will worry about him later for when he departs from this world*, I must explain to him. Ah, this day is too festive to be worrying about that. I hear Aragorn coming. I shall retire now.

*the beauty of the morning: Galadriel is known for her beauty, as is Arwen but Arwen is the beauty of the evening, hence the name Evenstar. Galadriel is often known as Lady of Light and her beauty is compared to the morning or day.

* "tye telwa": "You're late" in Quenya, the language of the Elves

* "Inye yassen legovanan": I did not know I was welcome

*especially to the children of the Eldar: Elves have the gift or fate of immortality and the Eldar are the original Elves that first came to Middle Earth. Arwen, being the child of Elrond, has the gift of the Eldar unless she chooses to live a mortal life, and she does with Aragorn.

*Valinor: Also known as the Undying Lands. It is over the Sea from Middle Earth and is compared by many to Heaven. The Elves, and a select few of others, have the choice to go there "where all is evergreen, but never more than a memory." In Valinor, since the days are unlimited, they do not count the years.

*Evenstar: Arwen is the Evenstar of her people, or in other words, the symbol of her people. She bears the Evenstar, a jewel, which she gives to Aragorn to protect him.

*Otselen and Valacirca: Elvish for the Big Dipper and other constellations. Also known as the Seven Stars.

*"Inye vanda vorima verno": I promise to be a faithful husband.

*lembas: Elvish waybread gifted to the Fellowship by Galadriel at the Farewell to Lorien.

* when he departs with this world: Elrond will leave Middle Earth forever for Valinor.