AN: And here it is, the FINAL CHAPTER of SSX: Sound of the Snow. I hope you all really enjoyed this different look at Songfics, and I hope you miss it. Even though, I do have an announcment at the end of this chapter. And now, the Final Chapter of SOS.


Chapter 11: ALL RIDERS/ MXPX - Play it Loud

The Banner atop of Peak 1 reads "SSX Boarders Unite", the riders pull up to the starting gate, all of them look eager to win the race... the starting lights begin to start..

[1, 2, 3 GO!]

The riders pull out of the gate, Mac, Jurgen, and Luther take the lead, barreling down the snow as JP takes a long jump over Mac

The scene begins to focus on Zoe, Elise, Mac, Kaori, Moby, and JP

[Asleep at the wheel 40 miles left to go]

The five of them turn hard, taking an offshoot of the mountain, seperating themselves from the pack

[rollin' in on fumes to rock the show]

They all look at eachother, the remaining veterans of the SSX circut, and the align themselves, speeding down the slope like a run away train

[we don't need fortune and we don't need fame,

we don't need bright lights to spell our name,]

The five of them take a long jump, each of them making sure they have enough air

[All we ever wanted was to play]

Im mid-air, each of them jump off of thier board, all five of them free falling, thier boards plummeting after then

[Play it loud, play it loud

raise your voice shout it out]

They all switch boards in mid air, jumping from board to board until they are all on thier respective board, and land. Moby takes a hard turn, shooting snow everywhere

[We weren't the first but were holding our own,

10 long years ago those seeds were sewn,]

Psymon, Seeiah, Brodi, Eddie, Luther, Marty, and Marisol speed down another shoot, the path is covered with ice, Psymon seems to lead them as they speed, Brodi kneeling lower to get more speed

[A song in your heart gets you up when you're down,]

They jump, Psymon taking his board and doing a perfect Guillotine, as Eddie flies over head, doing the worm, Marty handstands on his board as Seeiah and Brodi fly by, Brodi hanging ten. Marisol flips over them, the perfect Spock 720, and Luther plummets to the earth like a rock, riding his board like a bronco.

[like the songs we play we love this sound,

we're just like you straight from the crowd]

Under the, another set of boarders speed, theres only four of them, but they are determined

[Play it loud, play it loud

raise your voice shout it out]

Griff, Nate, Viggo, and Allegra zig and zag through the course, the four of them completely in tune, Griff still dark and moody.

[Play it loud, play it loud

raise your voice shout it out]

The four of them begin to grind down a long log, Allegra stands on her head as Viggo rides down, sitting on his board. Nate flips the board and grinds on the thin edge, Griff is having trouble keeping balance

[Hold fast to your friends]

Griff closes his eyes, trying to concentrate

[Be true to yourself]

Griff closes his eyes tighter, trying not to fall of of the log

[And stop tryin' to be just like somebody else]

Griff's eyes open, and he shoots off of the log, he looks different. He looks like his old self, he performs his Sugar Rush, while flying over all three newbies, all of the riders meet back up again, sliding down the mountain in one long line

[Be your self, play it loud]

Jurgen jumps off of a downed tree, backflipping down to his place in liune

[raise your voice shout it out]

Hiro jumps out of an ice tunnel, spinning up a snow flurry as he takes his spot in line

[Play it loud, play it loud]

All of the riders look up at a Helicopter passing overhead, Atomika and Rahzel wave at the riders, as Powder Pete looks down at them, his axe in the he bumps into yet another mountain, he seems to be good at that

[raise your voice shout it out]

A snow flurry falls on the riders as they all look up, just about to cross the finish line, someone is riding up above them

[Play It Loud]

The rider takes a jump, and rockets into the air, flipping foward and spinning his board above him, like a helicopter propellar

[Play It Loud]

He flips and catches his board between his feet, mounting it and landing just infront of the riders as they cross the finish line

[Play It Loud]

The riders all look at the mysterious rider as he brushes his green and black dreadlocks out of his face, they all smile

Psymon looks around and mouths out "ONE MORE TIME!"

All of the riders not, and take off, taking a long jump down the mountain, going into another race....


AN: And thats IT. I hope you all REALLY like SoS. I just had to write something beacuse I got so tired off how Songfics were nowadays. I really hope this goes down in history or something. Anyway. I was thinking that maybe I should turn the whole "Sounds of the..." thing into a series, I do have alot of ideas for it, for different games and comics. Should I? Reviews and advice are nice.

This is Drum, signing off.