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Betrayal, or so He Thinks

Summary: Legolas visits Rivendell, and leaves with Aragorn to go on a hunting trip. When they run into orcs, they become overwhelmed by the number, and Legolas soon feels grief for what he has done to his friend. I suck at summaries.

Chapter one

Legolas stood on the balcony of his room. A soft breeze blew his loose hair around. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. He allowed all his fears, sorrows, and anger leave him for the time being. He reopened his eyes, thinking about the argument he had just had with his father.


"Ada, may I speak with you?" Legolas asked, walking into his fathers study.

"Yes, what is it my son?" Thranduil asked, looking up from his papers.

"I was coming to tell you that I am leaving soon, so you would know where I was if you needed something." Legolas replied.

"Where will you be?" Thranduil asked. He trusted his son, but even though he was fully-grown, he still cared for his only child. He wouldn't know what to do if he lost his only son.

"Imladris, to visit my friends their." Legolas answered.

"Why, so you could visit that human friend of yours again? Legolas, I don't trust him." Thranduil said, looking at Legolas in the eyes.

"Why, ada? What has he ever done to you, or me?" Legolas asked, knowing the answer he would receive.

"Because, I do not trust humans, you know that. I haven't even met him." Thransuil said, trying to reason with his son.

"Ada, you know him. I told you of him once. His name is Strider. He's a Ranger from the North." Legolas said, growing angry.

"No. That is the final straw. You will stay here until I meet him." Thranduil said, looking back down at his work.

"Ada! Why can you not trust me?! I am old enough to befriend whom I want. I trust him! Shouldn't that matter?" Legolas practically shouted.

"I said no! If you do not like my judgment, you will have to get used to it. I am the boss around here! And you are still my son; you will do as I say! Do I make myself clear?" The elder elf snapped back.

"Yes, clear that you are selfish! You do not care about me! You only care that I live long enough to take the throne when you leave or die! You can trust me ada! Have I ever made you mistrust me?!" Legolas yelled angrily.

"No! But I trust you to make friends of your own kind! I do not know why Elrond even adopted that stupid human! It is not the Elven way to me! And how dare you call me selfish! You are the selfish one. Stubborn as well! I don't know how you could befriend a human, but I forbid you to ever see him again! Are you listening to me?!" Thrnauild yelled angrily, glaring down at his son.

"Yes, but all I hear are words of a fool. I thought you were a great ruler! Are rulers not supposed to give everyone a chance? Including humans?" Legolas asked, becoming agitated by his father's words. "You know what, I don't need your permission to let me go and visit my friends in Imladris. I'm leaving! I hope you feel good about yourself, because I despise you right now! Goodbye, my lord!" With that said, Legolas stormed out the door, slamming it behind him.

Thranduil leaned back in his chair, shocked by the last words his son had just said.

"I am your ada, not your lord..." He whispered, anger leaving him and replaced by grief. "Maybe I should give humans a chance. Maybe they are not all as bad as I think they are."

End flashback*

Legolas let out a sigh. He hated arguing with his father, but he had no right to tell him whom he could and could not befriend. At that moment, a soft knock was heard from the door.

"Go away." Legolas replied, not wishing to talk to anyone at the moment.

The door opened anyway. Legolas rolled his eyes and turned around.

"I said, go... oh, it's you. What do you want? Have you come to forbid me to even set foot out of the palace, in case some human might abduct me." Legolas asked grudgingly. He received a smack across the face. His head flew to the side of the sudden impact. He had not expected his father to hit him.

"I will not tolerate that kind of talk from you. You hear me?" Thranduil said, pointing his finger at him. Legolas nodded, tears welling up in his eyes. Thrandul took his son into his arms. "Listen, I thought about what you said. Maybe you are right. I should give humans a chance."

"Really?" Legolas asked, looking up at his father. He held the pink hand mark that formed on his fair face. Thranduil smiled and nodded.

"You may go to Imladris at first light, tomorrow morning." Thrandul replied, happy to see that his son was no longer angry at him.

"Thank you, ada." Legolas said softly, before falling asleep in his fathers embrace. Thranduil smiled at his son.

"Goodnight." He said and laid his son on his bed. Pulling the covers over him, he lovingly kissed his sons forehead before leaving the room.

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